Marriage good ooo. Especially when you marry your BEST friend…

Ok not to TMI you, I just wanted to share these videos with y’all… Couldn’t wait to

First is the weddingToast from my bestie Ayomikun nee Akinrimade (whose toast i also did at her wedding) who relocated about two months ago. I mentioned her here https://eziaha.com/2013/09/16/just-incase-i-stop-blogging/


I had to have her do the toast despite being abroad and send it so we project it at the reception because she is about my closest friend who has been VERY involved in my relationship from the start. Plus Aku m adores her. He actually really loves her and loved the vid too.

Enjoy the vid, Plus she was to be one of my bridesmaids but my wedding got postponed indefinitely and she had to relocate with her darling hubby…

She actually blew my mind by wearing the dress. And she looked gorgeous. The toast got me teary eyed…


Loved it. Love you too baby…


Oh then my darling Sapphire who had my phone did a video of the vows (not the joining ooo. It was Rev Albert that did the joining and pronouncment. Nobody else could have done it…)

The point where I start smiling at the post was cos my husband was making faces at me. I was seriously making the vows of consecration and dude was dreaming of honeymoon.


There are more pictures and vids coming…

Till then, Muah



Thanks for all the loving on my last Post. Totally feeling all the loving… I will respond to all the comments later. Hugsssss. Major apologies to those who are upset I didn’t invite them. Let the love you have for me make forgiveness easy I pray you…


I know I said two weeks. But hey, my hubby wants me to sustain the traffic that is happening right now on my blog cos truly my stats have been soaring.


Ditto comments and he has promised me an amazing gift when I hit 100 comments on a Post. Infact eh, I have my hubby’s permission to do this… Infact we are writing this together… And doing other ‘things’ together too. Trust me, nothing is suffering so y’all gotta stop harassing me with every tweet or bbm status I post… And start commenting and spreading word will you…

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  1. You just had to post oh!!! Looool!!!
    Anyway, since you say youhave Bj’s approval, i’ll say weldone!!!
    Ayomikun’s toast was lovely!!! Love that she wore her dress too… Totally Fab!!! 😀
    By the way, I have a lot of pics oh!!! Gonna do a post soon… 😀
    Enjoy dearie!!!

    1. Yes boo do a post abeg. Agnd send me all my pictures sweerie..
      You are a real star darling. Love you mega mega. You rock mega…Muah

  2. I’m a new F.A.B reader… Gone thru ur older posts too and I must say it has been a blessing. Congrats dearie *hugs

  3. Yepppppy!!!!! I’m super happy…. God’s Timing is indeed Perfect. May God Perfect ur marriage. Amen. Love U Much Dear… Ure a great example + inspiration. Muahhhhh:::::

  4. Ah,not interested in the gift sef,let hubby and wifey gift remain btw them.abi nor be so?
    Been trying to dm u on twitter,I wished you congrats on my blog and added some of ur fab pics,excitement nor let me reach u to ask for permission first.I hope tis ok?
    Person compliment u say u be beautiful bride o,so av started my part of d sharing your site for 100comments frm there…

    1. running off to your blog
      Tz absolutely ok sweets
      send me a tweet lemme be sure i am following you. I tink I am. Ok let’s fix that asap

  5. Here’s to a hundred and ten comments..lol…#wemustogetthatgift…
    Congratulations on the blogosphere wedding buzz. I said to ‘Kaego, “If we ever doubted it, its been confirmed, Eziaha is the superstar mehn, without an iota of doubt, I mean, whose wedding has blogposts and counting in their name?”…

    A gazillion hearty cheers to Mr and Mrs Olojo, you remain an indomitable, victorious force, your marriage will be the mirror expression of the one and only, real, unconditional God&the world, Christ&the church kind of love, unstoppable praise will be a lipbalm for you both at the immeasurable resources and success you’ll enjoy. you’ll be marvellously helped by God! fresh evergreen springs of laughter, love and life in its fullest forms will be your unending testimony,
    I could go on and on, but i’m already tearing up, the tears I didnt shed when my mates were doing theirs on Saturday..lol.
    Blessed and very aware are you(as in,you&hubby)! God’ll blow your mind.
    Happy, Happy, F-A-B, Resplendent Married Life!


    1. Amen amen amen.
      Thank God me sef understand big oyinbo.
      God bless you girl. You are just a dream of a friend sister and help.
      I must retaliate jor
      Love you mega

  6. congratulations E’, God bless your home .

    A “not-so” new FABer sha -_-
    Girl, your posts are…….mhen no words to describe, so glad i found your blog!
    God bless you for being a blessing here.

  7. Congrats E, shared your testimony with my family and few of my friends, could not keep such news to myself…its too big!! Love the dress!! You looked Fab, my Fab sister….God bless you Loads and wish you a blissful married life…

    1. Yes na. Peeps had been haranguing me as if by being on twitter I was not performing my conjugal rights well enough.
      Nne thanks for the dress love.

  8. Beautiful E’ congratulobia to you and Aku’m.
    What better post to drag me out of my commenting laziness eh?
    Your truly beautiful and amazing. *plenty hugs girl!*

  9. Aww…Ur smile got me smiling too..was too cute abeg..I pray that Gods blessings continue to abide with you and ur union with d beau..enjoy,u truly deserve it..xo

  10. Congrats on ya wedding.. God bless your home. Very wonderful news after going awol on ya blog…God bless you and Aku’m.

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