Three days down… wow!!!

This is something… Let’s just get right down to this… You know the drill now… My pictures ist, then yours afterwards… 🙂 Meanwhile i will DEFINITELY do a blogpost about all i have learnt doing this series… Amazing stuff… you don’t wanna miss that one… Yay!!! my birthday is almost here. Yesterday i went almost frantic when i realised that my weave of choice was out of the market… thanks to Social media and all my amazing female friends on social media sites, I got other alternatives… Birthday tins taking shape hehehehe
This back to back blogging is something ooo!!! Especially with all the pictures I have to upload… So many other pictures I wanted to add to this post but I’m tIred already!!! Make that EXHAUSTED!!! Exams beckon!!! Did an allnight study and MTN Fastlink has been taking the piss anytime I’m in the library… But of course I still have enough pictures for your viewing pleasure. Yes I’ll shut up already and let you jump right to it… Right after I have said, THANK U for all the love y’all been showing. I can only imagine how my birthday gan gan will be hehehehe…


Rev Teju Oduwole

The ONLY BISHOP in WAMI Triumphant assembly and Rev Albert’s BABE. The best thing about Rev TJ is that I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t see her and just love her absolutely. I have introduced several of my friends to her and they all have the same testimony. And then she is one of the finest preachers I know… Calm yet loaded.  The other best thing about her is that when her husband starts praising her, which he does EVERYTIME, she has this pout which I suspect she does so she won’t laugh… hehehe. It’s the most adorable pout. Wish I had a picture of same. And another BEST thing about her is that her hands are always open to me. She indulges my every tight huggy HUG and even my lip-gloss staining pecks. When she asks me ‘how are you?’ I see sincerity. She compliments me on my smile, my hair, my dress, all round. She is just plain interested in me and my relationship too. And when I have a problem and I talk to her, she listens, prays with and makes me feel better. And anyone who has ever spoken to her has the same testimony. She is truly a MOMSIE… love you my darling Rev TJ… love you very very much… btw, you know you have the prettiest eyes yeah? And just for emphasis, I LOVE YOU MA…


My very first spiritual mom… You led me to Christ and I am sure you are rejoicing that I am still keeping the faith. I can NEVER forget you. You made me stand for Christ and boldly too no matter where the world is going. Proud Christians you made us, cos you knew it was easier to do bad than to do good so you always said we should be proud. You made us believe that what we have is good enough and so we should NEVER COMPROMISE. I don’t think we hear as much messages like you preached it anymore. I wish you were still alive, but I bow to His will. I am glad and thankful for the privilege of sharing in your life before your call to glory. You can NEVER be replaced but YOU have reproduced. In life and in death my darling  Pastor Bims, I LOVE YOU…

Onyinye Ezike

Oh boy!!! A perfect Lawyer. Don’t even let Onyi take you up… She argues and with points mehn… very intellectual chic… When I need to rub minds with someone on something, she is my go-to chic. And she is also a fellow Chelsea lover… yay!!! Much love girl and keep the lawyer flag flying… muah

Chidinma Ojike

My neighbor neighbor… She was the only girl I had a crush on in high school… in fact I had a crush on her and her sister. Ojike is just mature… And she is also one of my biggest fans… and her baby Chimamanda is my god daughter… Sugar I love you and you are not even allowed to leave my life… And yes keep the sweet words coming ooo.

Eniola Lofindipe


My only ‘Sapphire’. I call her that cos she is very precious to me. Started liking her because she is quite the stunner but later on I realized that she also has a beautiful heart, is fun to be with and has a strong spirit. She also LOVES THE LORD.The kinda girl with whom you can pray and shop. Thanks for being a sweetheart all the years I have known you. YOU ROCK!!! Love you muchest…

Tunde Ajibade and Damola Akinrimade

I had to put both of them together for twoi closely related reasons. With a choice, I would have chosen these two guys to be a part of my family. I would love Damola Bamo as my blood brother… And Tunde I would have married if I was single. Both are few of the good men I know. And I LOVE you both for that…


A sweetheart extraordinaire. With a look reserved for fairies and gods. And the sweetest personality. You love me that I know cos you don’t stop telling me. I don’t know if you know enough but I absolutely totally love you tooooooo Sugar. You are the kinda woman I’ll like to have live down my street. Who knows, impossibility is NOTHING…

Bernice Irabor

I met Bernice off twitter. At that time I needed to do a quick one to Gh and back in 5days. Twas an impromptu and urgent one. And the project that was taking me there was best planned and executed amongst students. Bola, not knowing me from Adam, took me in, accommodated and fed me and even took me round town to meet the Clients I needed to… Oh damn and she was writing exams. Bola definitely struck a ‘kindness’ nerve in me. Meanwhile don’t even be fooled by her calm look, this chic can’t take the piss from ANYBODY… Women don’t come tougher!!! Thanks babes!!! Won’t forget that… Much love sweetie… Meanwhile Bernice is Bola 🙂

Shola Adun

Sweerie… Sugar… My darling and Love… You are such a strong woman… I insist. I am just in awe of just how much God has in store for you and I hope you don’t forget me when they start manifesting ooo. Thanks for being one of the sweetest younger sisters that I have. I love you to the moon and back…

Triumphant Models


HOUSE OF WAMI…. Oh My God!!! What a blessed house… Triumphant Assembly ROCKS!!! My Pastor’s are THE BESTEST… Kai!!! If you are a TA member, You would be a very happy Christian. Happy Pastors, Happy Congregation. My Pastor’s are soooo accessible. Open door policy we run. I can’t imagine being in any other church. It looks like marriage may take me away from the House boo hooooooo. Kai!!! But I have promised myself not to think about it, until then. But I love my church super duper…  and like we say, we enjoy HEAVEN ON EARTH…

I need to pay a special one to TOSIN OROJINMI… Aside from being a special gift to the house, and to Shabach theatre. you are also a gift to me. Very helpful and does it with a smile everytime. Stuff that I should pay heavily for, he would do for me gratis… Tosin darling, God bless you…  I like that I can count on you… God bless you again… Much love…

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  1. Nice one. U must surely av lovely pple around u cos u r such a friendly lady. U r nt a snob and u dnt “form”. Keep it up gal.

  2. I am tempted to change my prayer point for you to be single again..lol. I feel like shouting “THAT’S ME, THAT’S ME, THAT’S ME”, but I’ll just stay calm and remain as cool and collected as I’ve always pretended to be. Eccentricity and excellence aren’t normally found together in large quantities but Eziaha doesn’t just have them in commercial quantities( enough to compete with Naija’s crude oil), she bundles them up with heavenly (or “sinful” according to her) beauty. She’s a phantom.

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