​If I was active on Periscope (and yawl were too), this post would have been a perfect ‘scope. Eeeek!!! 

Anyways how yawl doing? Just popping in to update about my life. Praying you get blessed and inspired from something i say here…

1. My YouTube channel is LIVE and the first vlogs will be as CoachE’ yaaay. 

So I’m sharing everything weightloss both from my life and as a Coach. The crazy thing is I have struggled with it because somehow the devil put fear in me. So I will upload, delete, upload, delete, etc. When I finally didn’t delete, I didn’t publicise either. Then yst God checked me and told me FEAR was keeping me. So many ‘what if’s?’ so many ‘who will even watch?’ I just let fear hold down this brilliant idea God gave me. Eeeeeek!!! #FearDontLiveHere #idontdofear #idofaith So here we gooooooo. May record the next one tomorrow Thurday cos I have a wedding and I will be all glammed up and no need to waste all that glam. Haha. But really tho, I’ll vlog CoachE’ weekly for now. And in 2weeks, I have 2 BIG announcements. Whoop!!! Btw if there is something you want me to talk about, holler. Oh and also, I will start vlogging as E’ or FruitfullE’ too. So don’t think my channel would just be weightloss. MBA. 

2. My JULY weightloss SQUAD is live and I wanna share a faith story. So just as I got close to 30ladies which was my original plan, I felt God tell me to pay a tithe in advance for the next 30. It was crazy on every level!!! But there was something Pastor M old me at the start of my business ‘You wil recieve plenty crazy instructions from God but just OBEY!!!’ So I did. But even before I did, I mistakenly paid an over-tithe on monies that had come in and the same day, God gave me the amount I paid an over-tithe on. Sharply, I tithed on the next 30. Guess what? God did it!!! So just to encourage you. If you are a child of God and you are walking in the Spirit, that CRAZY instruction is from God not Satan. Stop casting and binding. Just do it. You never know what’s on the other side of your obedience. Oh btw, I got some really crazy Chicks in this Squad. Haha. I’m all laughed out. Will share some funny stories in next week’s vlog

  3. God is soooo gracious!!! So I have been praying for an accountability partner. I mentioned it here on my blog As I turned 30, there were 5areas of my life God wanted me to up my game on (i’ll vlog about it).

Anyways, I acted on one of it and made this one CRAZY phonecall to the chick God had been laying in my Spirit. Didn’t know what to expect. We had never spoken. I don’t know her life. I just know her as someone who reads my blog. Omo, I can’t even begin to tell you how she checked out all the boxes. Wow!!! Still feels surreal!!! Can’t wait for yawl to meet her but we have our first meeting today and I couldn’t be more excited. Big hint is, she’s also turning 30 sooooooon. Mehn, forget it, if you are still in your 20’s, Hmmmm. Ok lemme not talk but 30 is where it is happening ooooooo. I’m so thankful, so excited and sooooooo pumped!!! God is gracious.
 Ok that’s about all. Excited about my friend’s wedding tomorrow. I hardly attend weddings but this one I have looked forward to for literally YEARS!!!

 Oh one more thing, i am running a Support Growing Biz post this month so if you have a biz you want to promote, your own personal business please, holler and let me help you. My blog market is selling and we need to support each other as women. This is the least I can do for a sister.  So email eziaha@eziaha.com As God leads me, i will choose.

And finally, everything God has told you to do, please do it. Remember, at the end of the day, we all get to stand before God and give account. That should scare you to move. Don’t worry about what people will say or won’t. Forget people approval. Not everyone will agree or approve. God told YOU not THEM!!! So honey, step out and do it AS UNTO THE LORD. He’s the One who promotes not man. He’s the One to whom we will give account and not any man. So cheers to obeying!!! Amen.

 Love yawl big but there’s one who is literally CRAZY about you. 

God. I hope you reciprocate His love. 
Group hug 


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  1. Hugs n kisses dear, this your blog post is so timely, like you know God’s bin dropping some crazy in me since last night/all through the night, kaiii I feel so hyper today!!! Having clear cut directions from Abba is the real Eye-opener

  2. Fear?
    I can relate but there was nothing to fear, streamed the video and haha, your personality shines out, like you are indeed talking to someone.

    The video got cut off though, didn’t finish up completely…

    And last point, everything God has told you to do is sooo on point for me.
    Stuff I even based on this morning too..

    God bless you FrutufulE

  3. M jus seeing the Vlog!wow m very impressed.yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.so excited like say na me get am!many more great things to dooooooooo!watch out for my Eziaha.

  4. Dunno how I was unsubscribed from your blog. I was saying Eziaha hasn’t posted in a while and I decided to just check and Lo and behold I have missed like 2 months worth of inspiration

  5. wow……this is what have always wished you did…I bless God u have started….I can’t wait for that of fabE…..your best is yet to come ma….am glad I found you several months back…..ALL your stories have helped me greatly……I just had to comment

  6. ‘Everything God tells me I will do ‘…..echoing to my self …

    God bless you E.
    I mean He should BLESS you….

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