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Ah, I am SUPER EXCITED about today’s post as it is something I had to PREACH to myself first and get some sense.Now I am happy to serve it hot hot.

Let me not even spend too much time on preamble, but first, let me say our sixth wedding anniversary was November 30.

The news is that I will be doing a blog post on our marriage journey so far. It is going to be SO REAL and if you want to ask me a specific question before then, I would be happy to reflect that in my post. It goes live on Friday. Yay!!!

Ok on to the gist today.

I love the end of the year and all the activities it brings. For me, I even get more in love with it because I know it is giving way to a whole new year filled with endless possibilities, and this 2019 year end is even more exciting for me because of my planned end of the year retreat and I pray you are planning yours too.

I love something I heard from Heather one year. That all these New Year, New me is just a joke if we are NOT INTENTIONAL about truly become new and better versions of ourselves. A new year does not auto mean a new you; we gotta work this ish out.

Phew. That year, it slapped sense into me.

I think that it can be so easy to get into all the excitement and buzz of year end and a new year, with more time to party here and there, spend time with loved ones, and just generally CHILL, and then we forget that a WHOLE New year means we need to also bring OUR WHOLE NEW GAME to the party or nothing will change.

What I am trying to say is in this season, please GET A GRIP.

Be in touch with your very own reality. Don’t just go with the flow, anywhere it goes. Don’t attend every party. Don’t lose touch with the reality that would be facing you when Monday, January 6 rolls around. Don’t throw away the structures you put in place. Don’t spend money anyhow. Don’t throw caution completely to the wind when it comes to your diet. Don’t lose grip with the things that really matter; the things God told you are non-negotiable. Don’t let your kids completely lose it all too. I mean, I understand that part of the festive season comes with relaxing some of our rules, but don’t completely throw them away.

Above all, don’t lose your relationship with JESUS. Babes, please don’t!!!

It is His birthday after all so carry Him along your parties. Don’t lose your morals and values just because we are on chill mode.Don’t change your speech, please. Don’t put a pause on being a Christian. Don’t neglect prayers and your other spiritual disciplines. Don’t miss the fellowship of the brethren. Still guard your associations while you broaden your social circle making new friends as led by Jesus. 

I say this because sometimes, when the whole holiday is over and we look up, we realize that we lost so much that we cannot get back, and in the grand scheme of things, what we sacrificed pearls for are no longer worth it.

Let’s just GET A GRIP even through the holidays. I know you may probably think my own is too much, but I say because I love. We can enjoy the holiday without losing ourselves and the things that still hold value. I know we can.

All it will just need is you applying a bit of HEALTHY PRESSURE on ourselves. Not enough to break us and make us look like party poopers (though some people will ALWAYS interpret our grip as party pooping but hey) but just enough to keep us in charge and firmly so. And may I add, PROUDLY so.

Like, don’t you wanna look back on the holidays without all the regrets?

I know it will be harder to keep a consistent prayer life between family visits and friends owambe but hey for healthy pressure…? Put enough pressure on yourself to still maintain intimacy with God.

Working out may suddenly look impossible, but with a little pressure, you may be able to still keep up with 3 days a week instead of your usual 5 or 6.

Ok, so the salads may need to be a little more decadent and the treats may increase in frequency, but with a little pressure, you can still have an apple a day and three salad portions a week. It is called BALANCE!!!

Granted, your to-do or priority list may be harder to follow like you always have, but can you still have some level of order to your day? Can you still somehow crush a major goal during these holiday weeks?

Ok, so how can you GET A GRIP and PUT SOME HEALTHY PRESSURE on you?

1. Have a plan. 

I know this may sound stifling, d’uh, but I promise, it is no. Maybe just decide that maybe these TWO or THREE major goals somehow have to be crushed this holiday. I think it was in 2016 I decided I would complete a course during the break and I did. I think my certificate reads December 25, 2016

This year, I have a couple goals I need to crush in the last week of the year especially and I have a plan for them. I want to come into the new work week of the year not frazzled but collected enough to start to fire from all cylinders, while others are trying to find out what day of the year it is. I also have my plans for rest rest rest!!!

2. A second thing may be to have an accountability partner. 

I have a friend I want to have that conversation with so that we can hold each other accountable to XYZ and see to it that we get it done. I use the term ‘may’ because you can also be self-motivated and get it done. For a few of mine, I need the extra help so I will be navigating it with a friend.

And my bonus would be just get comfortable with saying NO when you have to. NO is a complete sentence, you don’t need to expatiate. Choose what your indulgences would be and then don’t push the boundaries of it. When your limit has been reached, say NO with a smile, and proudly too. Don’t forget to be firm too.

That’s how I am rolling in this New Year and decade ooo and how most wise people are too. Yes we will relax a few of our rules, get a lot more R&R, indulge a little more in our diet, but God forbid we lose total control.

God forbid abeg!!! Heaven forbid!!!


Because ‘January’ always comes, and goes by in such a hurry (while also being incredibly slow too when it comes to your needs lol). 2020 is THAT DECADE of a year and you don’t wanna be found sleeping at the very start of the journey. You don’t wanna wake up February 1 and wonder how we are already in the second month.

Praying you GET A GRIP and apply some HEALTHY PRESSURE on you.

Walahi, you deserve it. Your very precious destiny and God-given assignments deserve it.



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