Time check: 9.30pm
December 8, 2012…

So last night, I spent my time downloading some STUPID apps off bb app world. You see, my WICKED friend Kemi had this amazing app for bbm where her chats were in this cool bubbly colored format. This Kemi said she couldn’t recall the app despite me telling her how to get it, and so I decided I’ll just do a blanket search on appworld for bbm connected apps. My people had gone for either shiloh or the experience… I wonder now why I didn’t go for experience cos we had VIP passes sef. Ok I know why but that’s story for another day. So I went ‘thumbsy happy’ as the house was quiet and was downloading all sortsa CRAP. Feeling cool. I woke up and continued the downloads ooo. After a while sha I decided that I really didn’t need all those apps jor… Especially as some had similar functions. I deleted even before they had fully installed especially cos I hadn’t even done the suggested ‘restart device’. I just decided I’ll delete em and then do the restart which would ensure full installation and full deletion. You get?
Mehn, I didn’t realise that I was about to lose it all ooo. Na so Eziaha restart device and all I got right after the booting and the O2 welcome logo was a white screen that read
‘App error 204′

I thought twas a minor ish and so I reset. Brethren I reset about 100 times.
Same ol’ message. Oh my!!!

And my sister needed me to help her out with her MBA thesis and all my contacts were on the blackberry gone kaput…
Omo phone no gree on ooo…
Na so we enter car go Saka tinubu. Destination; SLOT…
I might as well add that we dropped by at the ATM. And nope I didn’t step down. Cos the money for the repair wasn’t coming from Eziaha. And the phone wasn’t going to pay for itself.
Three minutes later I was with the technician at slot. When I told him he said without flinching ‘the OS crashed. You gotta re-install. You will lose all your contacts and apps but your pictures and songs will remain.’ I was STUPEFIED… I asked again, any chance my contacts will remain? He said they were already gone from the crash. Heavens know I didn’t care much for the pix. I’m sure you are stunned cos you know I’m a pictur-holic lols. At that point all I could think of were my contacts. My phone is loaded ooo. Contacts from everywhere and hardly any back up of recent add-ons.

*OMG my bros just called Oge OKoye Tonto Dikeh. Hehehe. The dude hates naija movies eh. He’s so clueless. But I’m seeing one which I’ll discus later. And he hates me for making him have to watch it. Ok back to the bb*

Anyways I asked how much and how long it would take to fix . Then started the process. Sis and I did some scouting for other accessories: car chargers, ice cream at Cold stone creamery hehehe. Ok we didn’t buy any today.

Forgot to add that I touched my bb and said a short prayer before dude started the work, that my contacts won’t be lost…
By the time he was done my phone was BRAND NEW. Contacts, SMS and all apps gone. GONE!!! Pictures, music and bbm contacts intact though
Interestingly the major reason Sis fixed the phone with her money and urgently was for my Analyst’s number which was lost too. She felt duped hehehe. I got it later though…
Interestingly I missed a lot ooo. In that period I was off. My girl Wheezy had a party at 1004. I had promised I’ll do a quick driveby. I couldn’t. The phone de-stabilized me for a while. My Love, I’m so sorry. I haven’t even hollered to apologise. I also didn’t feel up to dressing up and making up too. The earlier plan was to pop in before 4 when the party was starting and say hey and bounce. But the crashed phone spoilt it all.
Momma also did me a message to rep her at a party. An xmas party I used to look forward to, thrown by one of her major Clients. I couldn’t make it. Well it didn’t hurt much tho. I didn’t quite feel up to partying. Especially the ‘dress, makeup and heels’ part abeg. Thankfully my bros made it to rep momma and her coy. Momma btw is not around that’s why and I miss her much… 🙁
In the period I was awol though, quite a couple of friends missed me. Cos once I was back, pips were like ‘u have been quiet all day on bbm and stuff’. Like they know I change DP and PM per second (second only to Yurilicious) hehehe…
Now that I have a brand new phone, I’m wondering what to do with it. I miss my old phone. Especially my contacts. Damn!!! It hurts ooo. This morning, a Prof I had somewhat lost his number called to congratulate me and I was happy to have the number back and alas, about 3 hours later, I lost it again.
Funny I don’t like picking strange numbers. Now I gotta pick all calls cos a dighi amama onye n’akpo…
My phone book is empty. Well I have transferred from my other phone but that bb had the most recent contacts. Recently, I met a girl in school who has dreads that locked almost perfectly. We had exchanged numbers and she only recently sent me the number of d dude who locked the hair. Now I’ve lost it all.
I’m fixing my mini lappy someplace. I was to call the dude to settle something over the weekend before monday, now I lost his number and have to wait till monday.
So many stuff jare… And even my SMS. All gone..
And err, allow me to boast some, when you make BEST GRADUATING STUDENT , the congrats keep rolling in. Now as they call, I dunno who and so I have been accused of already deleting their numbers. Hehehe. Very funny. So please when you call ooo, just introduce yourself sharparly. Thankfully though, I have quite some contacts on my Nokia. Esp of VIPs whose names I code hehehe…

Gosh!!! I miss my apps. I can’t get them all just yet cos I can’t even see appworld. I’ve DL’ed it twice. It shows on my applications under options but I don’t see it as a folder on my home screen. Without appworld I can’t get all my apps back.

I miss my vibraconnect… Twas my most amazing app… It vibrates on call connect and call drop. Twas my most indispensable app. I have it on all my phones. I don’t need to keep looking at my screen or keep talking when a call has dropped. I didn’t ever miss when a call had been picked. Now I forget and keep on talking waiting for that ‘vibrateonpick’. Need I mention that I’ve been losing credit cos I got used to the familiarity of the vibrate.
I also miss my daily quotes app. I love it so much. You may have seen some screen shots of it too.
I miss my minute saver. It beeps when I hit the seconds I enter in it. I am so used to it.
I got ubersocial back but I miss twitter for bb. Can’t DL easily without appworld (I think)
I miss my battery watch. It gave me battery level in percentage. And it also had an audio function that worked when plugged in or out. Boohoo
Three apps I started using again recently too- crunch sms, facebook for bb and whatsapp. Facebook for bb I was loving again. Didn’t use it for a long time cos I have over 5000 friends and notifications were not loving my battery. Not battery friendly at all. Crunch sms in the past started misbehaving but this time it was amazing. And Whatsapp didn’t allow my privacy but recently I added ig again cos ppl said I could control privacy. So far I hadn’t seen any way to control o. Strange pips were whatsapping me. Aint downloading again sef.
I miss my theme ‘Rockstar girl and an xmas theme I don’t recall now. Now my phone is bland.
I miss ‘today’s Christian music’ and all the xmas songs it had been churning.
I miss my ‘edit auto text’ additions I had. Now it doesn’t change after I hit the space bar.
I miss my coret text and the strike through text effect.
I friggin miss screen grabber. How can I use a bb without it. How will I capture all the darned things I see on bb lol…
I miss YouVersion. My bible with many translations.
I can’t go on. Gosh I miss so much 🙁
Please how do I get appworld to be damn visible eh. Somebody!! Anybody!!! Help 🙁
Thankfully I could still DL wordpress for bb if not eh, no post ooo.
But I still need appworld.
And no, I would NOT DL that app again even if kemi tells me. Kemi’s media card aint even being recognized again. Guess God is fighting my battles hehehe. I’m kidding ooo people of the world…. 🙂
I’ve heard people talk about their phone crashing. Never thought it would happen to me. I never had many apps (until yesterday that is) Damn!!!
Lest I forget, will I speak over something again like I did over my phone though it still lost my contacts. YES. Very Very YES… It doesn’t change a thing…
And yes, top on my xmas list is an iphone. Bb days are numbered ooo. At least bb like you all know.
Ehen the naija movie I was seeing. Poor acting. Poor costume. Good story though.Patience Ozokwor was there and made hilarity outta the movie even though I couldn’t get over the green and orange suit I saw the guys wearing. Choi….
Meanwhile MANners is today
Whoop whoop
See my ‘fab upcoming events’ segment for details. Can’t wait. Tz ladies only and the guys in my unit have been threatening the females that they won’t stay to help so we are going to DeeJay on our own. I’ll have to gist you properly of my unit in another post and why we are called DeeJays. Please guys stay away. We will do the work jare. And we will do it just right. Now, should I wear a dress or something else? I’m spoilt for choice. Either way, dress is ready. Shoe is ready and heart is soooo ready to receive.
Interestingly my last blogpost was about it. The fascinating woman but I titled it ladies say the darndest things. The feedback I got was awesome. Plenty people said it made them laugh. Seriously I didn’t write it laughing ooo. But thank God you laughed sha. And thank y’all for the very kind words.
Stay fabulous…

No pix today. I’m mourning my contacts, sms and apps. I wanted to put kemi’s pix seeing as she caused it but she’ll cry so… And I’m a nice someborry.
Please anyone who can help me fix app world should help. This phone looks totally strange.

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