Gosh! This is eye opening. I never knew Nigeria had the second highest burden of stunted children in the world. Really, I can do better with my children’s health and I will do better. Convenience to the mud. I must take charge of my children’s diet today and going forward. – Jane Nmam-Boms

One things that will happen to you after watching the SAVE OUR CHILDREN documentary is that you’ll see that the GLOBAL HEALTH CRISIS is so alarming and we have to do something about this. Or what do you say about children coming down with type 2 diabetes, Obesity, High cholesterol, Kidney and Liver issues? Alarming is even an understatement.

In this documentary you’ll learn a lot from real STATISTICS and submission from experts. Most importantly you’ll become more resolute about doing right by your children with respect to their diet. Use this link to watch the documentary.

Here are some feedback from the documentary. It has been amazing to say the least. Please watch the full documentary here.

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Meanwhile, did you catch us on the guardian? Read our feature here. The message is the same – SAVE OUR CHILDREN. 

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