Here you go people…
As for the meaning of the Igbo words there, well I leave it to my Igbo Readers to help.
The total cost of this 5page list came to just under N900 000. I saw this list on the evening of my birthday and I cried eh. That was the beginning of what would be many more tears and drama unspeakable.
The list normally should be debatable but being that the people coming were ndi Yoruba made it set in stone.
This list is NOT the proper traditional marriage ooo. That one sef dey. Then transportation and logistics too. And in my tradition, the fact that the suitor takes care of this one doesn’t stop him from shouldering the white wedding too. Clearly guys, you may wanna see the list before you fall in love with an Igbo girl especially from my village lol.
I hear we are even cheap… Choi!!!
I had typed out my thoughts under some items in the list and at the end but I lost that draft so I’ll just let you enjoy the list without interruptions.
I left out my village name and LGA lol.


1.       PRELIMINARY (Before any discussion)
a.       Opening of register             N10,000
b.       1 bottle of wine (original)
c.       1 ctn of maltina
d.       To secretary                                   200
e.       To chairlady                                    300
f.        Removal of road block             2,000 

a.       100 yams
b.       4 pcs hollandis wrapper
c.       4 blouses (lace)     
d.       1 Pair of shoes
e.       1 big box
f.        1 hand bag
g.       2 head ties (2yds each)
h.       1 umbrella
i.         2 bags of rice
j.         2 bags of salt
k.       6 tins of pomade
l.         1 ctn of TIN tomatoes
m.    1 ctn of peak milk
n.       6 rolls of matches
o.       1 ctn of bar soap
p.       1 tin of groundnut oil
q.       1 tin of kerosene
r.        1 ctn of lux soap
s.        1 tray of onions
t.        4 tins of powder
u.       1 big basin
v.       1 lamp (rechargeable)
w.     4 big stock fish
x.       6 tins of big ovaltine
y.       2 rolls of sugar
z.       6 bottles of wine (original)
*We exhaust the alphabet and create new ones… badooo*
aa.    2 crates of stout
bb.   6 CTNS of maltina
cc.    6 crates of minerals
dd.   1set of ear rings
ee.    1 set of necklace
ff.      1 set of bangles
gg.    1 gold  watch
hh.   Cash                                       _            N50,000

ii.        Nkwadaebele                     –                                        5,000
jj.        Mbuliebele                         –                                        5,000 

a.       40 yams
b.       2 pcs hollandis wrapper
c.       2 head ties (2yards)
d.       2 blouses(lace)
e.       1 umbrella
f.        1 set each  ear-ring, necklace and bangle
g.       3 crt maltina
h.       3 crt minerals
i.         2 big tins of  ovaltine
j.         2 big pomade (body lotion)
k.       2 bags of rice

a.       24 tins of milk( peak)
b.       2 tins of powder
c.       2 big stock fish
d.       2 bags of salt
e.       Main money                                 _                       N 20,000 

2.        IHEOMUGWO                                
 a.       20 yam
b.       1 blouse
c.       1 pc of hollandis     
d.       1 head tie
e.       1 roll of lux soap
f.        1 tin of powder
g.       1 big ovaltine 
h.       1 tin of pomade
i.         2 big stock fish   
j.         Maid (nurse)                                  –                                          N2,000 
k.       Mother’s money                           –                                            10,000
 l.         Maidens of the kindred               –                                              5,000                                        

M E RR I M E N T   F O L L O W S          

MARRIAGERIGHTS FOR PROSPECTIVE INLAWS OF UMUWURI – *************                                                          (MEN’S WING)                                                    *********** . (This document is the property of Umuwuri. Theprovisions are subject to change anytime without notice and cannot be queriedby any  non member of the kindred).
*especially not yorubas lol. *
Section 1.                                                                                                                                                           Opening of Register            –                N5,000
a.       10 big yams
b.       5ctns of beer
c.       Two bottles of schnapps (seaman)
d.       2 bottles of whisky (red label)
e.       4 big jars of palm wine
f.        4 heads of tobacco and its salt
g.       8 native kola nuts
h.       Main money                  ­­­_                  N20,000      

Sect. 3 IHE ONUZO 
a.       2 ctns of stout beer
b.  4 ctns of star beer  
c.  2 bottles brandy
d. 5 bottles of whisky ( Johnnie Walker)
e. 4 heads of tobacco and salt
f.  4 big jars of palmwine
g. 8 native kola nuts
h. Main money       _         N20,000

 Sect. 4  IHE AGUGU
a.       10big yams
b.       4ctns of star beer
c.       2bottles of whisky
d.       2bottles of brandy
e.       4big jars of palm wine
f.        4 heads of tobacco and salt
g.       8kola nuts
h.       Mainmoney         ­ —          N20,000  

a.       6big jars of palm wine
b.       6ctns of star beer
c.       3bottles of whisky
d.       3bottles of brandy
e.       1roll of Benson and Hedges cigar 
f.        6  headsof tobacco and salt
g.       8native kola nuts
h.       1bottle of snuff
i.         To the father               _     N30,000
j.            ToUmunna                            10,000
k.        To titled men                          2,000
l.         To chairman and sect           1,000
m.     Nkwada ebele                        z 3,000  

Sect E.  6 IHE EKPERE               
a.  20 big yams              
b.  1 ctn of star
c.  …1 bottle of hot drink (seaman)
d.  2 big jars of palm wine
e.  1 big fowl
f.   killing of fowl   –      N1,000
g.  Main money   –         N10,000                                                                                                                                             \Sect.7 The Youths
a.       2 pkts of cigar
b.       1 ctn of star beer
c.       1 ,ctn of stout beer
d.       Main money      –       N5,000 

*The end, if you made it alive lol*
The end of the list that is, but the start of a bloody war. Lol.
After a long fight (which I assure you was no joke) we got a less than 500k bill thank God (in everything give thanks, no?). I didn’t go to the village with them. I thought I would spit on some people lol. I was mad pissed!!! Funny thing is this kindred people won’t even recognize me ooo yet…
My darling parents were not exactly thrilled at the idea that I was going to yoruba land so (tho they came around cos E’ wasn’t changing her mind. People like Aku m no dey two for this world ooo lol)… But the list is a creation of the kindred and not them sha… Infact long story.
Man was not made to be yoked under tradition ooo. Tradition was made by man. Jesus didn’t die for this.
Our generation needs to think better than this… We can’t be creating all sorts of division just because of tribe and the biafran war ooo. Hian!!!
My husband is a TEN and then some. I can’t stress it enough. He handled this with so much wisdom. We had heard of many people who had broken up as a result of this. Specifically the man walking away… The wahala was just too much. I promise you, words can’t suffice. Some of my inner circle friends were in on it and most wondered how I still managed to hold my life together with all this. Still blogging. Still smiling. That fight no be here ooo lol.
But Aku m stood with me every step of the way and today, all I wanna say is Devil ntoi!!!
Mr. and Mrs. Olojo
That explained why my dance on my wedding day was NO joke.
On a normal day, I am a if-i-was-not-born-again-i-would-be-dancing-in-Afrikan-shrine-for-femi-kuti- kinda dancer but the dance that day was times a hundred billion. It was my ntoi to the devil and ndi uchu ya.

And in the spirit of ntoi-ing the devil, I celebrate my sister and friend Amaka as she weds Femi her own REAL man too.

Another inter-tribal marriage with loads of drama too.
Pastor K introduced us cos we had similar issues (tho hers wasn’t about a List tho) and we always had scaringly similar tales to share and encourage each other. One of the dates postponed was the same day I got married. I really wish we got married same day… The devil would have convulsed lol.
Thank God for the real man in Femi. Took almost 2years and many postponings. But hey, we are burying the devil one testifying marriage after the other… today Amaka weds Femi
Amaka hun, enjoy the marriage of your dreams and a *wink wink* honeymoon. Femi has earned it lol. DCC, PK and PM have taught us well and so we will continue to testify…
Happy Married life darlings!!!

And to my FAB fam…
Love love love and peace

I know I said I would not post this at night but I decided to so that I will keep you awake and angry :p. I have had my nights too. So while I sleep, you fume :p
Or when you wake up Saturday morning and read it, you will have enough time to boil since you are outta work. :p I know how some of my friends used to fume then loooooool. And I didn’t show them ooo. Now see it live and let the fuming be justified…

Thanks to my darling FAB fam… Wow!!! I have almost 10 entries already for my #31F.A.B.Voices…testifying. I love love love the plans I am seeing. We will indeed bury the devil with our big dreams and steps to fulfil them. Testify, we MUST. Some gave me goosebumps. Too wow!!! Please keep sending ooo. Can’t wait for it to go live!!! Whoop!!!
You guys are just the best!!!

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  1. #Chineke Nnagbolus oh!!!! Iheomugwo kwanu? Gini ka ha’ji iheomugwo ne’me? Lwkmd @ ‘merriment follows’. Choi! The devil’s a bastard biko!

    1. Is this my baby girl Viive…
      Biko juo ha ooo
      I replied u on fb. I hope it delivered
      And yup d devil is a bastard.
      Oya go and sleep

  2. lol,..@Igbo list, wow,…ur husband is indeed a gentleman, mere reading it, i’m not smiling atal. Well, I have a friend that went through a similar situation. but like you God put smiles on your faces at the end. It is over now,..i’m happy bout that.Congratulations to your friend too. Gudnyte boo, sleep tym is now for me.

  3. Na sleep i dey before o when message enter from my sweetie say make i read this blog. Quote she says ‘shey u fell in love with an Ibo girl’. My mind 1st tell me say e be like say na threat abi na joke until i see say na list the link they point to. Na smile i first use click d link and e the page no dey. Clearly, d list don dey circulate be dat (so tay traffic dey hol am).
    Abeg, make i speak English now…after i survive reach the end of that list. Thank God i was on my bed because if it was an office setting, the tie could shoke Mr man.
    Moral lesson of the whole list be say (as a Yoruba man) just as we Yoruba say it, “good soup na money kill am”. What can’t a Man do to get a virtueous lady. Reminds me of a certain ‘Jacob’. You can bet Laban was an Ibo guy (#rotfl).
    Anyways, i admire the wisdom and courage of Femi and your Aku’m lol. There’s more where got it and be sure that list might need some reshuffling bcos “I would do anything for you baby mo.”
    Now back to my sleep, make i go remix my dream. The longer the list, the BIGGER THE DREAM! #winks

    1. Bwahahahahahahahahaha
      thank God you were lying down ooo. I imagine how shaken ou would have been. You should do some research tho on your fiancee’s village and their tradition. For some, tz bread and butter really! So when you know, you be prepared for your strategies of ‘war’…
      The analogy of good soup and money doesn’t quite count here cos u really can’t place a price on a woman. Or a person sef. Abi?
      I like the Laban and Jacob analogy tho… Lol. Not wise for today tho… 14years. Looool. No please.
      Yesoooo. The bigger the dream!!!
      Thanks dear and my very best wishes. Come and share how it all goes with us here…

  4. Da very list.. lol… dat list looks like my village list i saw sometime ago just dat mine was a lil shorter…lol. U knw i just look at sometins as being silly… for instance N1,000 for titled men, biko wat do they need d money for? as for d food stuff n household stuff do u knw it will be shared equally even if na in drops to everyfamily… family as per all d wives dat r properly married o…lol, prob part of why mumsy no go too put mouth cos dem go say she has bn eating other pple’s own… lol. they ddnt knw dat u made a 1st class for school, dem for add that one sef… seriously in my place, d higher d educational qualificatn, d more d dowry n tins… my hubby better land b4 i start my Phd o…lol. Pple wey no even knw wen i start school, dem go collect all d fees back n more…lol. Anyways sha i blive if ur dad had stepped in frm d beginning those tins wld v bn reduced. Na only God go help us. Wat abt Burial list, hv u found abt dat 1? babe if u see am… i bet u no go go ur villa again…lol. last yr wen my aunt was buried, u need to see d amt of tins d family spent money on.. i was livid. wen some requests werent met d Umuadas frm her place started chantn war songs n had to b begged wit money of course to come back… i put pictures on fbk then n ranted abt it. they shared egusi, pepper,garri in handfuls amongst themselves…. it was ridiculous! I just attribute all ds to poverty – tho they shld knw better- they still end up bn d same after chown almost or more than ‘200 tubers of yam’.. . It is well o! Payn dowry is very biblical bt doesnt mean it shld b exhorbitant jor…. finally, no offense bt any man dat sees ‘d list’ & chickens out on d relationship isnt d One, my uncle once told me d list is to sift btw d real men n those who r nt, d real men wnt run away, they will kip negotiatn n those village pple r hungry pple, they will eventually give in & respect d guy 200%….. harsh way i think Thank God for all those dat v scaled thru n those dat will scale thru. It will always end in praise.

    1. Nne I know it will be shared ooo. My question is WHY??? Can’t we just come cook eat and celebrate. And if anything should be shared, shouldn’t it be mere symbolic? Not necessarily bank breaking.
      Ah ur hubby had better land sharp sharp ooo. Ph. D no be play ooo. Lol at titled men. Did you see the ovaltine and peak milk? Ndi Village have stepped up big time sha. Lol
      Well, I think the basis for the list is GREED and not sieving the real from the fake. Simply greed. I don’t think the man should walk tho… What I simply think is if he has tried his best and tradition aint accepting what he can afford, then he should skip the traditional rites for later and go ahead and marry the church way (esp if his Pastors are in with him all the way). The tradition can be done after and over time too. Tz not compulsory tz done before. By the time the girl does court and church and comes with children, u will see that the list will reduce sharpaly.
      This shouldn’t be too hard jor.
      Tz well. We will continue to testify.
      And nne I have missed ur comments on my blog oooo!!!

      1. lol..@ ovaltine n peak milk, yes o, they hv so steppped up…haha. Do u knw dat in some parts of Imo state, dnt knw if ur part is among, Once the bride is pregnant, they cant take any of ds tins on d list, the guy will only bring a bottle of wine to say ‘i put ur daughter in a family way n she will b living with me’… its a taboo to take dowry or anytin on d head of a pregnant lady… A family friend dat took his time to pay up his list b4 told me.. he said wen he saw d list, he considered knockn his wife up bt as a correct guy he chose to do d right tin… bt in my own place, if she likes she shld hv 1million children, d guy must do everytin complete if nt they wnt consider her married, they will say she’s on ‘hire purchase’…lol n she wnt hv a say in d village…lol. So d omugwo on d list is for wen u give birth??…looool.. Hahaha… It is well… dats all i hv to say. Intertribal marriage in my opinion is rily one of d tins dat can change dis silly traditions sha.. So i support it 150%

  5. Just thinking,”so so-called educated men sat down to write that list” (its in clean english so I can presume?)
    I am speechless,speechless from anger anyway,now I am justified with a real life issue for hating tribalism in marriages with a passion! The day my roomate mentioned the fact that she’ll only want 2marry a yoruba ehn,I shut her down with no apologies! The tribe thing is BAD in this country.
    Shebi when d man go dem go marry their daughters themselves?
    Or when them eat the yam finish them nor go poop am for tiolet?
    Foolish,stupid things that men do.*fuming and fuming here,loong hisssssss*

    Thank God for Bolaji,thank God he stood by u,plenty gbosas for real men like him,may God continue to reign in ur union.
    But err,the lawyer in me noticed that ‘Eziaha’ in ur cert wasn’t spelt fully,shey its ‘eziahakaego’?,anytin certs or documents should have ur full names so thrz no misrepresentation…abeg nor mind me o,e nor matter,dat certificate shames the devil in a billion ways and merely holding it and looking at it is a testimony,I can imagine.God is awesome!
    Congrats to Amaka and her hubby,one testimony after another.
    And *phew* sorry 4dis long epistle though that was ur intention with bringing this list out to the open but issorite.
    Still have more to say sef but let me leave space 4others to write.

    1. Looooool
      Lemme take you one by one…
      Yup a combo of educated and not-so-educated. Thing is when it comes to tradition, it is not really about education or not. Tradition is sooooo powerful.
      Yes tribalism is terrible. Sadly there are more people like your room mate… As if tribe guarantees anything. I agree having a certain preference for a certain tribe but to be so insistent and counter vehemently when the reverse is the case on the basis of just tribe is just plain evil.
      My boss’s driver said most Imo girls esp those who live in the east who have this issue just relocate and marry jeje. They gast give emself brain na…
      Oh yup Bolaji is a TEN!!!
      Looool at the name. Actually all my certificates have Eziaha. I only use the full name when I wanna show off esp on unofficial documents. Eziaha is the official name.
      Oh feel free to fume. Hopefully we will get a lot of fumers enough to revolutionalize things.
      Muah hun
      I await your entry impatiently lol

  6. This list is long and crazy!although, I haven’t seen dis kinda list before but not suprise becos I av some male ibo friends who complain bitterly about the price of the. Traditional list. Even the male igbos are complaining!chai! But, can’t this be scraped or something? What about the educated ibos?Don’t they have something to say about this ?Thank God you scaled through E’darl and I still salute Bolaji’s courage and enduring heart. Ur hubby is indeed a courageous man!
    Miss u muchos E’darl. Av a fab weekend hun! *kisses*

  7. The list is simply ridiculous!..Removal of which road block biko? Ihe omugwo? Which kin omugwo before marriage?…its just in a bid to “chop and go” and make life difficult for u cos am so sure half of the people don’t even know u facially….I just hope my village doesn’t have a stupid list like dis….in short I shall investigate ASAP…Congrats on ur victory!…and ur story serves as a great encouragement …God bless!!

    1. Road block indeed!!!
      E just taya me.
      Nne investigate oooo. So that you start making plans and negotiating small small. Knowledge is power. I was too ignorant. I tot my list would be all those max 50k list. Lol
      Thanks hun. I see u r a first timer here. Welcome love

  8. The list is simply ridiculous!..Removal of which road block biko? Ihe omugwo? Which kin omugwo before marriage?…its just in a bid to “chop and go” and make life difficult for u cos am so sure half of the people don’t even know u facially….I just hope my village doesn’t have a stupid list like dis….in short I shall investigate ASAP…Congrats on ur victory!…and ur story

  9. I can only laugh at this list!because it is a ridiculous list with a lot of repitition!are you supposed to pay all that before the traditional marriage! seriously!!!
    Saw somthing omugwo there?u gonna pay that now or wait for the lady to even give birth first! Greed ++++,cos I know that he’ll still have to pay for omugwo when the child comes!
    I know one very rich man that was told he had to build a house for the girl’s parents!
    I’m thinkin! Say what!!!!,can’t remember if he agreed sha!
    Tz just plain extortion !then you wonder why the ladies get pregnant b4 marriage(I am absolutely against this!!!tho,premarital sex is wrong)! But biko nu nu!why won’t the guy knock her up quick!
    At least let’s thank God that we have moved from ‘arrangy’ marriage,to bring home ur man or woman!that’s something to be thankful for,
    The custom wil not die,we won’t want our traditions to be extinct,however we ask and demand that it be reasonable,like female circumcision and other EVIL practices!
    Marriage should be merriment!not ways to glean oFf the man hard earned resource!do they stop to think what will remain for ‘their daughters’ upkeep(every body in the village famz wit the bride,calling her names like my daughter,our princess!they have never seen her b4!!!hmmmmmppph!)I can go on n on!so b4 dis leads to pure vexation nd notin sensible I’ll jus stop!!!!

    1. Lmbo… Vee don para goooooooo…
      No repetition sha. Some are for the men, some women and the rest for youth. Surely u don’t expect them to share the same thing…looool
      Serious bride famzing ooooooo!!!
      Loool at build house. I believe it ooo.
      The funny thing is the fact that once the girl is pregnant, that list got disappear cos they would wanna do it sharp sharp.
      My dear na omugwo ooo. Clearly u pay for that BEFORE!!!
      I think tradition is beautiful. Till people try to twist it for their own selfish gain.

  10. Looool Ngozi baby. Whether na hire purchase or sale, what the villagers think is inconsequential. Does that stop her from being married? We attach importance to rubbish!!!
    A wedding is a party!!! Simple. Whether traditional or white. The koko is God’s blessings ooo. QED. A lot of other things are cerere…

  11. I’ll say two things. 1) I have a sneaking suspicion that modernity (and all its vices) have affected the traditional “list” 2) You’re right…Jesus did not die for this.
    Other than that I’m speechless.

  12. Hian!Worrisdis?!!I’v always tot they exaggerate on d list thing and hw expensive it is.*fuming,fuming n more fuming*!!!!come,let no body try dat tn with me o,lemme nt slap smbori’s spirit!seriously,if u don’t comply,then wot?I’m 4rm delta,n I hope ‘d list’ isn’t as ridiculous as this,cos when my parents were paying 4 dis n dat,sendin me 2 d university n law skul,nobody brought shishi!they don’t even knw me facially sef!u hubby did well…God bless ur home.

    1. *hands u a chilled plastic cup of zobo*
      The lawyer don vex.
      Still my advice is find out first before ur fiance enters one chance. With knowledge, u can handle it better. My booski is from Asaba. Her list came to under 100k. Most times, it just depends on the kindred in particular… And the parents.
      Amen ooo. God bless us all…

  13. E’
    I couldn’t do it, my fuel finished before I got to the end of the list
    I just couldn’t
    Dem craze?
    If my parents did not set fire to that list i would have
    Go to registry sign the dotted lines. End the drama and they can talk all they want for decades on – mtcheeew

    Biko how does this make anyone appreciate a community’s tradition? Things like this fuel tribalism they don’t help reduce it
    Nonsense and rubbish Haba!
    So you now push people to live with their lovers, get pregnant or relocate

    E’ – aah fuming is small oh
    Its a good thing you posted this after you married oh

    No spoil my mood…was my bday on the 19th and I refuse to stop my activated rejoicing mode.

  14. I called my husband to come read this and when he saw me scrolling, he asked if that was the list or the budget for Nigeria. I also noticed that they collect money for “killing chicken”, lmho! Whoz biz is it if they kill the chicken? They can as well turn it to a pet.
    My brother is indeed a ten and some more, he came, he saw (braving this scary list that can damage one’s sight just for looking at it) and didn’t leave without his bride.

    1. Loool
      Budget indeed. I doubt ours is as long as this sef. Yes na. U gotta pay for killing d chicken. Imagine if twas a cow. Yes my boo is a TEN and some

  15. Love conquereth all….and the devil is put to shame,thank God for victory. Yoruba men o… mind our old papa them for village,no work again.kai! The list is scary sha

  16. This is some intense list!!!! Some of our traditions are quite intense! Infact all.. lol.. I Give up. Even the educated and christian ones still believe that if these things are not done sth bad will happen to you.
    I’m glad you and hubby came out stronger! Marrying in Naija just can’t be easy. It is even worse if the father of the bride is late. Those wicked uncles and aunties take over. friend if mine is still dealing with wedding list after two kids. They said she wnt hv kids if everything is not given but she has two. As if they are God.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh yes I missed that part. Of how you may not be able to bear children if you don’t do it. Tradition suddenly becomes more important than both education and Christianity.
      Sad. I know some too who are still on it. The list that is.
      Thanks for reading b

  17. My dear, thank God for victory, victory over the devil and his co horts.
    Mine was more than this o, like u , i cried cos my daddy is late.Hmmm those umunna show my Nkem pepper. But my God is faithful , he put everyone of them to shame. my Nkem and i just decided to cut down on d budget of d white wedding. My mum wanted us to complete d requirement for trad marriage, we did it for her and she was so happy. Just thank God.

    1. Same thing we did ooo. We wanted a small wedding from the start but after the traditional, we ended up reducing even more. Another fight. Lol. Thankfully we had a fabulous one cos people surprisingly handled stuff for us. It was really easy. And we could afford an amazing honeymoon.

  18. wow, your hubby went to law school with me… didn’t know he was married… congrats to you two… tell him, Pastors friend and i’ m sure he will remember. I’ m Igbo too but where i’m from our marriage list is a total of say 50 k… oh well

  19. Ok I know this is an old post,but I just came across it and m glad I did because I have just sent my cousin a chat 2 tell me what was on her own list,just so I’m aware of what may be on mine. Hmmmmm…so that if na 2 start now 2 para,I go start o!!! Hiiian,c list. Thank God u r finally married o cos I swear dis list can send a man running 4 dear life! Thanks 4 sharing this o…Jesu!!

    1. Smart mover darling. You should totally. When you are armed with knowledge, you know how best to go into ‘battle’
      I pray it goes way easier than mine. Amen.

  20. Phew. Hey E’, I can’t totally related to dis article cos I just did my trad marriae eek ago and my boo is from Abia. Oh boy, if u see list eh? I even had to pay for the list…………twice! But even tho it wasn’t this bad, I thank god for my mum. She gave those village women a run for dia money. They even brought another list again on d trad wedding day and my mum was so vexed that she practically flung it away. After I did my trad E’ I got thinking cos my younger sis is due for hers too and I have personally decided to inflate the list cos I hear that my part of anambra state collect next to nothing form the suitor. Me I no go gree. Here are some likely inclusions: an iPad, two Blackberry’s, DSTV, water dispenser, a washing machine and compulsory subscription to my blog. *big smile*
    You can catch up with pics and video of my trad wedding as detailed here in my blog……

    1. Hahahahahahaha
      IPad, bb etc
      Owu alakata Ihu, a laws azu
      He he he
      Thank God we survived. Men… This people are som’in oooo
      And your pictures are lovely and esp your wife. Just know you are not married yet oooo

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