I had a perfectly planned blog post to do today. Or maybe Wednesday, but something just happened that just rocked my world.

Yawl, I am about to CRY no kidding. I got a message from my team, actually a screen shot from a convo one member of my team had with someone. See for yourself…

Ok, the backstory

So, this Chick is someone who applied for TFS. I had a lot of applications, so I even had to add like 2 more Chicks to my initial number. So I had picked this girl, and Jesus knows how I just kept praying that we hadn’t picked a comedian and left out a serious person in the selection process. To even send the YOU WERE NOT PICKED email just shattered my heart. My team member who had to send what I drafted said her hands were shaking as she was sending. So painful.

Anyways, the group went LIVE on Sunday I think (or Saturday) and all they had to do was introduce themselves and send their pix. I didn’t join that their welcome party, but I got in today to just catch up on them. I didn’t even notice that someone left. Until I got the screen shot.

My Mondays are GANGSTA. I literally go FULL ON till I drop off to sleep. I had finished all my spiritual morning disciplines, rounding up with a chapter on FEAR in Steven Furtick’s book CRASH THE CHATTERBOX, and then got into work mode, feeling high and ready to take on the world, only to see this message AND I CRASHED!!! Literally. I was discombobulated. You see, since QUEENS ARISING, the burden I feel for this generation of millenials has been real. I feel like we REALLY need to lose our sense of entitlement, convenience and stupidity. Like, a real burden. I stay off social media because it started to break my heart the stuff my generation consider cool.

I had to ring my best friend to ask if I wasn’t over reacting.

I had to go back and read this Chick’s application in the first place to see why she even made the shortlist in the first place…

She said because of me, she had gotten the JM Everyday life Bible from Laterna, now listens to Joyce Meyer, Christine and Lisa, and raved about how she loved them. My people, this was why I picked her ooo. I thought, WOW!!! The JM Bible must already be doing something great in you haha.

Apparently, as they introduced themselves, and mentioned their age, most between 21 and 25, btw, lil Ms. Arugbo, who didn’t even introduce herself, decides that it is beneath her to LEARN WITH or (God forbid) FROM anyone who is NOT in their 30’s.

And then, even without talking to me, or anybody else to at least share her concerns, Chick is like ‘bye losers’ lol


Why are we so averse to knowledge, stretching and growth?

Where does the Bible teach us to only learn from those older or in the same bracket as us? Didn’t the Bible say from the mouth of babes… (Mathew 21v16). Didn’t Jesus also tell us that unless we become like little children, we cannot enter the kingdom of GOD.

You see, I am not just talking to Nneka, I am talking to anyone who has the very limiting and ironically, CHILDISH mentality. That is why I decided against sending her a private mail, and my bestie said to do a post instead, because a LOT of us are like that.  If you are one of those that are constantly checking someone’s age before you ‘receive’ from them, just stop!!! You are shortchanging yourself. Knowledge has been turned on its head in this generation, and everything is so unconventional now, you better be willing to go with the good flow.

Think about even Jesus in the temple at 12, in Luke 2. Imagine if he was shushed, or walked out just because of age? Imagine if Nicodemus declined to go to Jesus because Jesus was in his early 30’s while he was considerably older? He would have missed a salvation experience.

I just want to cry. We major in the minor and throw away the important things. What this Chick failed to realize, because of the PRIDE OF HER HEART, was that it was actually GOD that brought her to TFS not Eziaha, or the other Chicks. In the previous TFS, I had an 18year old and I think a 27, and they ALL related so well, I had to keep asking, ‘are you the 18year old?’. Then this aunty Arugbo, decides that she can’t roll with anyone not in her 30’s. So heart breaking, not because she left, but because Jesus knows how many more things she has missed just because the people bringing it were not ‘in their 30’s’. More heart breaking because there are more people like that. I pray that if you are, you are delivered TODAY from that STUPIDITY in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

Let me even use these 3 women, and more, as examples…

Joyce is 74. AT her annual Love Life conference, she has had PRISCILLA SHIRER (37 at the time) minister. DOUBLE HER AGE. And you need to see Gmama Joyce taking notes. Even Chris, 46 at the time, taking notes. Lisa Bevere and Chris are like BEST FRIENDS. 6 years between them. Ditto Beth and Chris. 9 years between them yet they draw from each other. Joyce calls Chris her friend and we have a whooping 24years between them. If you hear Christine Caine talk about Steven Furtick and just rave to heavens, you will think they are age mates, but no, 50 and 36, 14years between them. She totally respects this guy and LISTENS WEEKLY to his sermon. Let’s not talk about SJR who is ONLY 27 and has ministered on church platforms that began BEFORE SHE WAS BORN!!!

Sarah Jakes Roberts at Women of Faith

I heard Bishop Jakes interview Chris one time and at some point, I thought he was going to get up and run 3 laps around the studio. He was just drawing from her wisdom, yet about 10 years between them. Steven Furtick is a regular at Hillsong Church, AND THIS STARTED IN HIS LATE 20’s.

Pastors Brian and Steven

The Houston’s are in their 60’s btw, yet he, at 36, was still there last year. Btw, Steven’s church is 10 years old and he started it at 26!!!

26 year old Furtick

How is that for a good check?

Oh my gosh, don’t let me go on please. Don’t ever get into the age comparison foolishness. Don’t lose out on what God wants to teach you because you won’t be humble enough to learn from a human just because they are not in your age bracket. I am 30, and some of my best friends are younger and some older, but age doesn’t even come up AT ALL!!!

That prideful spirit of ‘they are too young’ is from the pit of hell, and I pray IN JESUS NAME, that if you have it, you lose it right back to Satan and repent.

Life is too broad, and complicated to be this stupid. Especially as Believers.

Now let me get back to work!!!

I will be back with my real post sometime soon.



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  1. Honestly, of all the things millennials are guilty of, I wasn’t expecting this age thing at all. I feel as though it’s more common with our parent’s generation. So so so trivial; I mean, look at all your examples. But yeah apparently millennials are imbibing that nature too: making age a barrier to blessing. Age has been given a kind of status symbol smh. Besides, it just reeks of PRIDE. And what’s that bible says about exalting ourselves again? If we exalt ourselves, we would be humbled. And pride always comes before a fall. So it’s on her mehn. On her.

  2. I totally agree with you. Initially I was going to justify her action for leaving like that, but what struck me in your post was a reminder of how Jesus started teaching in the temple at 12 yrs. I have been guilty of thinking like this.
    There are so many opportunities we miss due to pride and sense of entitlement.
    I would like to suggest you reach out to her and correct her even if you don’t accept her back in the group, then its up to her not to make the same silly mistake when God gives her another opportunity.

  3. This happened when I was going to organise a career seminar in Lagos. And someone said she’d have loved to attend but it seemed like they’d be a lot of undergraduates there and she’s not sure what she can learn. I was just weak. These days I actually go out of my way to learn from younger people. People have such sense of entitlement and age it’s appalling.


  4. huh!!! like seriously
    like am just laffing.
    How i wish she knows how much she will miss.am still grateful for the oppurtunity cos my perspective have was total transformed and i can come out anyday and anywhere and tesify of TFS.
    me that dont want TFS to end and somebody is doing shakarrah.may God help us o

  5. When I saw your post on IG I was just stunned. Like, what has age got to do with being in a group where you would definitely get transformed??
    Ive actually come to realize that most of what I know or have learned in recent times are from ‘younger’ people and they been blessings!!
    I no even know Wetin to talk again.
    Oh if only she knew how TFS would have been a blessing.

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