My son ElJohn is going through a GROWTH SPURT at the mo’ and to keep up, I have to place a demand on supply/production, meaning that I get to PUMP LITERALLY LIKE A MACHINE every 3 hours for an hour. Up at 3am to pump and as much as I was TIRED, I dragged myself up, told myself that I would call it my JESUS time, so I grabbed my phone to have worship playing and the Holy Spirit just told me to play THE ANSWER IS JOY preached by DDK instead. I obeyed.

As I started to play it, the Holy Spirit reminded me of a dream I had some 4/5 weeks ago. In that dream, I was in A LOT OF BATTLES. Literally fight after fight. And in each battle, it ALWAYS seemed like I was on the losing side. ALWAYS. But in every single fight, there were two things I NEVER LACKED ad that was JOY and a FIGHTING SPIRIT!!! Oh my gosh, I had JOY!!! You would never have guessed that I was losing anything because I had so much joy and a fight in my spirit. I was so proud of myself because in the physical, I hadn’t experienced such JOY when stuff is flying OUT OF CONTROL in my life. Oh the JOY was real and it gave me fuel for the fight. IN EVERY SINGLE FIGHT, guess what? I ALWAYS WON at the end. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. Yikes. JOY.

And as I listened to this beautiful message by DDK preached some 4months ago, everything in me leaped.


You see, I love how the Bible says

With joy we will draw out of the wells of salvation…

With joy you will drink deeply from the fountain of salvation!.. Isa 12v3 NLT

Kai!!! As in, everything that we need to run in life, we will get by JOY. DDK preached using that Biblical story of the 10 Virgins and while they all had oil in their lamp, the bridegroom delayed (bridegroom standing for the PROMISE we have received from God) and then they all ran out of the initial oil BUT the wise ones had EXTRA OIL.

What the oil TRANSLATES to is JOY (The Oil if Joy remember in Isa 61?)

When we receive a WORD from God, you know how super excited we all are abi? We are PUMPED and REVVED up.

We are screaming, high fiving, laying out, etc. that initial JOY, we ALL have it. And then the waiting happens, and in that waiting period, we are literally in a FIGHT. It looks like NOTHING is going in our favor. That Word looks like it will NEVER happen. The bridegroom is delaying BIG TIME and then MOST of us start to run out of OIL aka JOY. We start to drop faith balls, adjust expectations, give up, find an alternative way, etc.


Keep your joy. Revisit that Word God gave you and daily confess it with JOY. Fight to keep a JOYFUL spirit. Keep your confessions going. Stay in FAITH. Be JOY-FULL literally. That my people, is how we win FIGHTS!!!

We are NOT of them that draw back and give up like Heb 10v39 says. WE ARE CHRISTIANS baby!!!

And just to help us all, I wanna send that message to Chicks who drop their emails. Will choose the first 10 emails and then those who need it after the 10 can ask any of them, Please if I send to you, be sure to share with another 10 ladies so that the message of JOY can be spread everywhere, and more and more Chicks win battles indeed.

Ok let me settle into work for today. I just felt pressed to share this at 5am lol.




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  1. Eljohn love the name. Still waiting for the BA o. The answer is indeed joy. Would never have related the parable of the 10 virgins to waiting for a promise. Would love the message. My email address is

  2. ElJohn… Love the name. Eagerly awaiting the BA post. Would never have linked the parable of the 10virgins to waiting on a promise from God. Please I Would love the DDk message. The email is Thank you. Phone is acting up. Hope this doesn’t show like a hundred times.

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