Oh happy day to you and yours…

Just sliding in to say YAY for our Bridal bootcamp with CoachE’.

Wondering at the Numbers

We mean in 5WEEKS, we will work with 6BRIDES to lose at least 7KG all for N8,000 ONLY.

Pretty cool stuff. So know any December or January brides who may need this? Send them our way…

If you are one, holler baby,

But terms and conditions apply and we will be screening further every one who does apply before admission into the Bootcamp. Plus note that it is a BOOT CAMP and bootcamps are PRETTY INTENSE baby so if you have any health challenges, this is not for you, sawry.

We will be BEASTING on this one to bring out even more BEAUTY in you and help you fit into that wedding gown for your BIG DAY. and come on, wouldn’t this be a BEAUTIFUL GIFT to gift any bride friend of yours?

So this will be pretty serious and intense and if you slack, I will be quick to take you out of the Boot camp as I don’t want your slacking affecting anyone. I will be handling the bootcamp personally and I expect 200%. I NEED ONLY SERIOUS BRIDES which is why I am keeping the Numbers small. I also know that nothing motivates like a wedding dress and I am counting on that.

Of course there will be the BEAUTIFUL bonus of sharing ideas and more together we you plan your wedding with other brides and all that GOOD STUFF so yay!!!

So you can register by sending an email to esquad@eziaha.com and then we will begin the screening process. This is STRICTLY FOR BRIDES please.

Ok so most likely, some would wanna know if they can join in even if wedding is later? I would say maybe if I don’t get the required numbers from Dec/Jan but we will have another Bridal Boot camp in February or March so look out for that one too. CoachE’s bridal bootcamp is here to stay so no worries…

What a JOY and privilege it is for me to be a part of your BEAUTIFUL BRIDAL STORY. Like, you should allow me be godmother and NAME your first child haha.

OK  see you in my inbox and share with brides you may know who need this please…





This model above is a REAL bride who we helped get in better shape for her wedding. Thanks babe for allowing us use you to model

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