Gosh, I’m so FLIPIN’ excited because I am opening up THE FAB SISTERSHIP ACADEMY 2021 to a couple of ladies.

For almost 10 years, I’ve consistently mentored young women, in a structured mentoring program and it’s such a Joy to get an opportunity, to be doing that again.


I have past mentees to show for it.

Read Sharon’s TFS experience

And Pere’s journey as well 

Honestly, I’m so excited for YOU if you apply and you get in.  Please go ahead and share it with ladies who you think qualifies for this, so they can apply as well.

So are you tired of laziness, excuses and half commitments? 

Want to upgrade to the BEST version of yourself ? 

Ready to fully COMMIT to your own growth process?

Need a BIG SISTER to hold your hand on this journey through life, providing guidance and support. 

Then TFS is for you.

Which is why I would appreciate if you share this with your inner circle and tribe. Please share, share, share!

And it’s absolutely FREE!

Yaaaaay. Who is NOT excited?

Hey, don’t just hurry and apply yet though.

Some Terms and Conditions apply, so take out time to pray about it, if this is for you 

You gotta be single! Any age BUT SINGLE

We kick off on 31st May, and sessions will hold on Tuesdays and Thursdays by 9 – 10:30p.m every week. Unlike previous TFS mentoring, this will run for 10 weeks and it will be intense. 

Applications starts immediately and it will close by Tuesday, 25th May. 

You can send in your applications to: ajaeroeziaha@gmail.com

Note: If you are shortlisted, you will get an email by the weekend, between 28th to 30th May. 

For more clarity, and to know what to send, you can read on TFS mentoring academy, 

And more here!

Note: This current TFS mentoring application has no age limit BUT you MUST be 18 and above, and also Single!!!

Also you can read about some of the fab mentees experience , to get a head start of what you are about to sign up for. 


In fact, I just finished mentoring the stay-at-home moms , which went on for 12 straight weeks. It was intense guys but all round FRUITFUL. 

We will be hitting every area and talking about all things like, Relationships, Friendships, Your purpose, Your attitude to work, Discipline, Spiritual life, Planning, Productivity, Time management, Journaling, Reading, Health, Finances and more. 

If you are ready to bring your A-Game, come through girl!!

Don’t forget, application closes Tuesday, 25th May.

Looking forward to the BEST version of YOU


9 Responses

  1. Pertaining to the application, I’m I to apply for the area I wanted to be mentored.


    1. No ma. I am not doing a specific kind of mentoring . I’ll be teaching on different topics. So feel free to apply… Thank you

    1. Hi Glory, the blog post on the recent mentoring application has two links of previous TFS mentoring application. Please click and read through, so as to guide you on what to write when sending in your application. Please keep in mind that sending of applications closes today. Thank you

    1. So sorry about that, Joy

      Do make sure you keep checking the Blog, and you can also subscribe to our mailing list so that you don’t miss the next session.

    1. Hello Ruby, there is no certainty about that yet but if there will be another, it will be announced via the blog or email.

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