Letter to Busy Millennials

NB: This post was originally authored and published on theladysroom.ng an online blogging site. She rang my phone off the hook. I was out and about so I couldn’t take her to call immediately. When I finally did, she didn’t have anything new to say to me. After the pleasantries and a preamble, I heard […]

Always hungry? Here are 5 ways to FIGHT IT!!!

NB: This post was originally authored and published by me on coachesquad.com, my online fitness website. Challenging the urge to eat can be a huge deal. For some, every day issa battle and mostly a losing one, which of course erodes our self confidence and decreases the urge to even keep fighting. Then we give […]

The 6k Christmas?in?October promo at #ESquad…

Hey guys,Ok let’s go straight to the point with this post… So this October, I am having another promo on all my services. Online coaching class for those who want to lose weight – N6000 (regular price:10k. ) Discount for my past students – N5000 (if you have ever paid me for any service that […]

A LOT of NEWsss…New Name, New Vlog, NEW BOOK!!!

Hey guys, Oh, my world has been buzzing, spinning, opening up, stretching and just generally BUSY… And BUSY is a term I am reclaiming and redefining because it has been getting a lot of bad rap out there. When we say busy on this lane (yes, we. I am including you in my redefinition), we […]