#On Raising Leaders…. Tolu’s experience.

Hiiii readers, My name is Oladejo Toluwa, Eziaha’s mentee . So, in April I had the privilege to mentor 2 ladies from the TFS Academy in March alongside a fellow mentee Chidinma. The experience was a major highlight for me this year, especially cos it’s such a JOY to be a part of someone’s ‘I […]

#DoubleDelight… Mary&Chinwe on the F.A.B. lane testifying

OK whenever I do a double delight, I try to pair people who have something in common. So what do Chinwe and Mary have? Loooool. The fact that I have never met them but their names keep ringing in my head. Imagine. True to blood FABers, I think of you girls as my sisters. Thanks […]