Dear (Nigerian)Believers, STOP IT!!!

I think the comedy of Nigerians is of a special brand I think the comedy of Nigerian Christians is of a SPECIAL special brand. Nigerians IN NIGERIA are celebrating HALLOWEEN??? Even Believers ooo!!! Oooooh!!! * in my igbotic accent* Ike gwuru… What is Halloween please? Ok this is actually funny and because the next thing […]


I love to observe my environment. Not just casually, but scientifically. Before, I used to be a participant-observer (read ‘get into arguments’). Then I got my fingers burnt some. So I flipped to non-participant observation.  And as a Social Scientist, it behoves on me to not just study and criticise but proffer solution as much […]

A little fear or A little LOVE?

Sometimes being mad pissed is enough motivation for a post. Right now, I am mad pissed. OK well I admit I am a lil less pissed than I was like an hour ago. Thank God for the meal of rice, plantain and gizzard courtesy my Sapphire’s kitchen… Ah I could marry Eniola sha… OK now […]