How feedback was sabotaging my emotional health…

Hey BlogFam I already love this post because it is a combo of sizzling hot and painfully personal. Matter of fact, it just crystallized in my spirit less than 2 hours to when I am writing it. Settle in… Ok so last month, one of the books I read was “Thanks for the feedback, by […]

Book review…How I overcame infertility by Nneka Kyari

Hmmmm. I typically don’t do reviews as officially as this. I am usually more informal injecting lots of my personal stories and gist See this review of Joyce Meyer’s Bible and then this book by Meyer too Good Health, Good Life.   For this review however, I tried to do this like a Professional. I am actually […]

#SavedFit&Fab… Book review:Good Health Good life by Joyce Meyer

I have never been more excited about anything on my weight loss journey as I am about this amazing book written by my mama. Joyce Meyer is a MAJOR inspiration in my life generally and when I decided on this journey, I turned to her yet again. Mama has always been big on health. This […]