Dear Stay-At-Home Mumpreneur.

Hey guys, this went up on Bella Naija last month and I have another one due up this month but first, I wanted to repost it here, in case you missed it. . . . Dear stay-at-home mom running a business, It came to my heart to write you today coming from a personal place. Like […]

Beautifully in over my head

Jenn Johnson!!! She’s EVERYTHING!!! I cannot get enough of her on Spontaneous Worship. Come on and bless His name for YOUTUBE!!! One of her original songs however is IN OVER MY HEAD and it is STRAIGHT UP SPOOKY how that is literally ME in this season. One thing I like to do is look for […]

Celebrity, NOT Role Model.

CELEBRITY: A famous person. A Star. A Superstar. A MegaSuperStar. A Popular person. ROLE MODEL: A person whose behaviour, example or success is and can be emulated by others, especially younger people (Source Wiki) An individual who is looked up to and revered by someone else. I LOVE Social Media- Twitter, Facebook and especially Instagram. […]