I recall whingeing and whingeing on and on about how I HATED Lagos and the very idea of serving in Lagos!!! Aaarrrrgggghhh!!! I cried the day it dawned on me that I prolly would end up not being redeployed, except I lied— claim to be married or sick and needing care. My heart was in Abuja and so was my load. The funny part was that I know one of the TOP 3 Ogas at NYSC and he would have BREEZILY helped me redeploy but for some funny reasons, he too wanted me in Lagos. God must have been using him LOL.
Well, obviously I ended up staying in Lag and I remember a dear friend of mine telling me that ‘we Christians, especially those of us that have matured some in the faith ought to stay MALLEABLE… ‘ I was TOO sure God told me to move to Abuja. I told everyone and their dog!!! Now see me in Lagos (aaaargggghhh). What would PEOPLE say???!!! Or didn’t I hear God well??? Now I laugh at myself and all the self-imposed wahala I endured then. Lol. But as with all things God, He alone has the FINAL say. He can say this, then that, then this again… To mere humans, it may seem like He is changing His mind. But of course, its all part of HIS working everything together to favor us!!!
It was when I yielded that God gave me the Word ‘I sent you to spy the Land’ I can’t ever forget that!!! Aarggh. Just as the 12men plus Josh and Caleb were sent and they brought back good report, I too was to spy Abuja and see if I like it or not. Of course I loved it and God even gave me some killer signs to show that He is in this ooo.
And NYSC in Lagos. I can’t even share all the testimonies.
Infact, an FG offer came that should have moved me to Abuja and I decided not to go but rather to work proxy. Lagos has been a testimony after another. Thank God I stayed back. Thank God I stayed malleable.
In recent times, I’ve heard the word again… Stay malleable. Somthings have been going on in my life and walahi it has really gotten to me. But I’ve seen God literally take things from me, scatter, re-arrange to a mind-blowing state and WOW.
More than anything, I’m grateful that He also gives the Grace to obey and follow His every move even when I don’t understand it because the plans He has for my life are far over and above better than the plans I have for my own life.
My preaching is simple… Stay Malleable.
Btw, major shout out to my friends and Pastors who know what’s going on in my life atm and are a major part of all the victories so far. You guys color my world beautiful. I’m daily convinced that I’m blessed with the very BEST.
Ok so I hadn’t been taking pictures for a while so recently, I decided to make a model of myself.
Enjoy these few fab photos…

This one at my girl Chinma Cheech Asogwo’s birthday Cocktail at Golden Tulip, on Saturday. No I wasn’t naked, I wore a mono-strap decent gown looool. The pix makes me feel naked.

These were taken on Sunday. All my s̶t̶a̶r̶v̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ dieting starting paying off so I’ll thought I’ll show off my spanking new bod in my fave red dress

Then the final set on my way to work

and at work.

My school has let for Summer but the school doesn’t shut down totally so we gotta run shifts and I get the July shift. Plus work is lighter so I could pose for some paparazzi shots. And also dress down too. #Score#

And yup, I’m advertising my place of work… Dowen College Lekki. Holla if interested looooool. Secondary school only. Day and Boarding. Hehehe.
Peek my new black n’ white glasses… Cost an arm and a leg but I love ’em… Hehehhe
Stay FAB darlings

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    1. Sure thing darl…
      Still waiting on that call…
      I’m sorry I missed a couple. Yesterday night was busy much
      Ma bi nu…

  1. Madam!

    Walai I was going to ask if it was a dress one, naked the other thing you and Chinma had going in that photo! But I trust you, obi gi no ya!

    I’m learning to stay malleable o, and trust God even when I feel like throwing a major tantrum cos I didn’t get my way! Well done, this post was very encouraging!

    Now to technical stuff. This post is lovely…. And I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, amongst other reasons because it was short. I can guess that your word count is easily under 750, and that’s just about the strength of the average human’s attention span.

    Then, accessibility. Can we play with our background and font a bit? Not all of us can splurge on fancy glasses to help with reading the brilliance you’ve got on here! Tiny font plus white text on a dark background isn’t the way to heaven, lol. Seriously though.

    Ok, I will now proceed to press “post comment’, seeing as I’ve done my own 600 words. He he he

    Loads of love girl, loads and loads.

    1. Loooooool at Cheech and I.
      Oh yup we throw tantrums but also obey. #thatishowweWIN#
      I’ll look into the background and font again. Yup you have a point. I hope I can maneuver through the technicalities.
      Thanks for the observation love

    2. Just saw the 750words span!!!
      Nne they will have to up it if they will be readers of this blog ooo.
      Some posts have to be long. Not necessarily winding but long non the less.
      The koko I’ve learnt is keep it interesting so that it draws them in so much they forget that 750 is their max…
      That’s more like my aim…

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