I know I have Part two of My AMERICANAH story pending. As soon as inspiration hits, I will put pen to paper.
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Truth is that there is so much on my plate right now and I don’t want to have to add the pressure of blogging to it. So I will just blog as it comes to me. I have some plans for the blog but for now I will just go with the flow. Trust me, you will still enjoy the blog, hehehe
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On to today’s topic… SPICIN’ UP YOUR QUIET TIME
I have amazing AMAZING friends and gisting with them is an abs delight. And there are very many ways we communicate as most of my friends are not physically close. we chat on BBM, several times I revert to voice notes when the gist is getting very sweet, it could be Whatsapp, sometimes emails, a lot of times phone calls, we also do SMS of course and when we can, we visit. Any which way, we keep communication going. Nobody insists on ONLY one way. Well I had a really close friend who always insisted on proximity before we could move our friendship on. I couldn’t afford that. Today that friendship has spiraled downwards.
I imagine that in our walk with God, He too doesn’t want us to be rigid.
I know that most of us are used to a routine…
Wake, sing a worship song, maybe praise, read the bible and maybe a devotional, pray again and you are good to go…
Day in day out, same ol’ same ol’ and before long your prayer time becomes your SLEEPING TIME. And I frankly do NOT blame anyone. Routine is boring. I actually believe God don’t like routine. A closer study of the Bible and you see the variety He applied as He did His many miracles in the New testaments, strategies in winning the many battles of the old testament. I mean, He was unpredictable. We too can spice up the time we spend with Him by doing many different edifying things yet… Permit me to share some of my personal ones with ya…

1. You can listen to a message.
God can send you the Word for the day in a particular message by a SOUND Man Of God. This forms a major MAJOR part of my quiet time. I listen, I take notes, I check the bible refs, I scream, I wow, anything goes jare.
2. You can read a book.
It doesn’t have to be a book that is leather bound on both side with the word HOLY BIBLE written on it. Lol. You can read a Christian book. Of course you should study the Bible too but hey, a Christian book that is based on the Bible is a good alternative sometimes.
3. You can meditate.
Just ruminate over the Word. Especially if it is your RHEMA Word. Roll it over and over in your head, repeat it and repeat it. Confess it till you are so full of it and so as you step out, the devil can do you NOTHING cos of how FULL or OVERDOSED you are on the Word.
4. You can just talk to God.
Like you talk to your bestie, talk to Him, pour it all out. Tell Him how much you love and ‘preciate Him. Let Him know how grateful you are. Love on Him. You don’t pray to God in King James English. Just gist with this God that has called you friend. Enjoy Him.
5. You can study.
It doesn’t have to be KJV or NKJV. I have always loved The Message translation, and NLT. The contemporary nature makes the Word more interesting. A cross study using various bible versions is just PRICELESS.
6. You can just worship…
Play worship songs and just love on this God. Somedays, that is ALL I do. I lose myself in worship and I am good to go.
7. You can just wake up and lamasotolibragadabazimazondeyi… ah…
Those days are THE DAYS mehn… The devil don enter. Just lose yourself in tongues. Arrange the day. Scatter the devil. I literally see the devil scatter when that happens. I just pray in the spirit till I hit a NOTE in the spirit. At that level, Devil, I double D dare you…
8. You can praise.
Especially if you have the much needed privacy. Just sing and dance to your King.
TMI ALERT; On the days when praise is my weapon, I always end up singing and dancing naked. I mean, it is never planned, I just play my fave gospel praise selection, sing and dance naked cos I always sweat and then afterwards, I jump into the shower and start my day or end my day as the case may be. I stay alone in my room so I can get away with it. Hehehe. I swear by Fountain Praise series and Redeemed High Praise. They get me dancing mehn…
9. You can go through your sermon journal.
I always take notes IN DETAILS in church. Not shorthand. Because I wanna remember in full when I go back to it.
10. You can take your confessions too especially if they are long.
Just repeat all the things you can remember that God has said about you in His Word and remind yourself who you are.
I am sure there are many more ways you can spice up that time. If you know more, please feel free to use the COMMENT button and share with us.
Like I said, no hard and fast rules.
1John 5 v 3 says “…His commandments are NOT grievious/burdensome/hard”
Abeg life aint that complicated jare.
Some people have plenty Holy Spirit so they do ALL OF THE ABOVE hehehe. Some of us do the one(s) our power can carry and we are good to go.
Everybody maintain your champion.
I also like to say that no matter what you do, please spend some time praying in the spirit too. It just has a way of scattering the Devil and arranging your day.
Note too that it doesn’t have to be early in the morning only. Whatever time works for you my darling. Just spend time loving on your God daily. Of course I don’t have to mention that even if you don’t have that time in the morning to really spend praying maybe because of the kinda job you do and all, just give him a few minutes in that morning just for Him to take charge of the whole day.
Like I told a friend of mine once in Unibadan then, ‘I am sure God misses you.’
Spend time with Him please. And be very creative about it.
If you have stopped fellowshipping with Him altogether, no need feeling guilty. Start today. His arms are always wide open. He will be too happy to welcome you back. Our God, a darling Father indeed. Hehehe
If your quiet time was getting too boring, please apply my tips…
Our God is awesome… An abs FABULOUS God
Much Love Darlings

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  1. Yipee! Finally. Ah.
    I thot I was the only one who got tired of routine? I do all but daz on different days wt different moods. I think mostly I jus let d HS take charge and dont force anything, sometimes I dont even finish d sermon and i’m good to go in prayer and inspiration. I dont think I could talk to my friends the way I gist with Jesus or HS sometimes, cos its so down to earth and easy. no hiding nothing jus talk freely. like u said I think wat’s important is to keep d flames burning. it doesn matter if its petrol, nylon or kero dat u put in.

    i’ve missed u oh.

    1. Yay!!!
      My phebe is back!!!
      Happy much. Missed you wella
      Hugggggggs and Smooooochieeeess
      Valid point you made I forgot to add. Let the HS just guide you mehn. True that.
      And true that too on ‘can’t talk like a friend’
      He’s like the ultimate best friend yo!!!
      Yesoooo. Petrol. Kero, perfume lol whatever. Just keep the fire burning
      Welcome back darling. No more hiatus ooooo.

  2. THANK YOU for this! I feel guilty when I don’t go through the routine and I find it boring sometimes.. And I want my relationship with my Abba Father to be fun fun fun! lol.. Thanks hun.. You have encouraged me to try something different xx

  3. Wow! I really needed to read this.
    Routine is actually boring at times and usually makes me struggle to continue the fellowshippin’.
    this tips rocks!

  4. am soooooo!!! glad for this tips. God bless you ‘E’. i would like to add, if you an old te religion lover like myself,you could do hymns. thanks again E’ for reviving my quiet time.

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