Question; Who writes a two page single spaced acknowledgement in her thesis biko?

Answer; Eziaha. Complete with Igbo, Yoruba and English.


Seriously though, almost everyone writes a one page double spaced acknowledgement, but the truth is I had about a billion people to say THANK YOU to for all my UI years. I did not even exhaust the list but I tried. I recall my supervisor; He was like ‘Do you wanna thank the whole world?’ Anyways he let me be with my two pages ooo. He so laughed when he read it.

I decided to share this here cos some of the people I hollered at may not even ever get to see this, and so what’s the point. Though I did take some pictures and send to some people mentioned here already.


But hey, I have a blog and I can do WHATEVER I want to do with it and I chose to share this and so you must read. Interesting thing is every time I read anything I wrote in the past, I always feel I ought to have changed something but not this. A few months down the line and if I had to do this again, I would NOT change a thing. Yes, it was that perfect.


By the way, my topic was ‘A sociological examination of social media marketing by GSM companies in Nigeria.’ Basically, talking about how to use social media to do business and I used MTN and Etisalat as my case study seeing that they have the most active social media community in Nigeria. My topic was infinitely interesting. Everyone loved it. And were jealous cos lounging on Facebook and Twitter meant that I was working on my project while my mates went around with questionnaires in the HOT sun. Even where I needed to get feedback using a questionnaire, I used an online survey and that meant that all I needed to do was send the links to my respondents and the app did the coding and analysis for me. Whoop!!! Interestingly, my work got an Aplus… Thank God. I recall my defense day.


I recall collecting money for a grey suit from my sister and NOT buying it. When she saw the picture of what I wore, she was like I knew you would not buy any suit. In my defense, she sent the money two days to my defense day. And finding the perfect suit in one day in that Ibadan is an IMPOSSIBLE task. So I used the money for something better jare and wore all black… Black skirt, shirt and black high heeled shoes. The lecturers on my panel didn’t even give me any trouble. It was breeze. No correction, no amendment, no NOTHING!!! I was good to do my hard binding and submit.


Meanwhile a good number of my mates had to go back to do one correction or the other. Only God ooo. You know I had this confession I used to say that my Project will get an Aplus and be published internationally. I said it almost every day even when it DID NOT LOOK likely because of some hiccups I experienced. Now that my work is done and I did get the Aplus, I am yet to convert my work to a publishable format.


Yes, my supervisor and other lecturers agreed that it was worth publishing and gave me the format to use in order for it to be published. In fact I recall saying I was not ready for all this reading and editing again cos it meant I would have to reduce a 120 plus paged work to about 25 pages. As I was whining to Bolaji, he said, ‘Babes, you always said you wanted your work published and now you are complaining…” Talk about NOT being ready for a blessing. So yup, I am working on getting my work published. Yay me!!! Not bad at all.


Meanwhile, this blog helped me with my project ooo. I had to do interviews with a few Company reps and you know how these large Corporate Orgs like to keep their info and stuff. So I was encountering some hiccups with getting info from a particular company. I had lost the dude’s number and all my emails and LinkedIn messages were not getting responses. Till one day out of the blues, the dude calls me. Long story short eh, he said he checked me out on face book, saw a link to my blog, read it and loved what he read. Incidentally the post I had on was that one where I was berating we young people for having all swags and no bills and swags alone will pay no bills…


Remember it? Refresh your memory here… (I should dig up my archives and reblog ooo. Even i need to hear these things again and so do YOU hehehe) Anyways when he read it, he said ‘Now this is one girl that I would love to help’ and he really did help me.


Thanks dear, I am so grateful (Yes he still reads my blog). And we still have our mega plaza sharwama date pending ooo.


Ok now to the acknowledgement. Please enjoy… And thank you again especially if you find your name mentioned here…




To my darling parents, Sir and Lady Edmund Ajaero. I pray daily that God continues to keep you both for me till I can afford to make life HEAVEN on EARTH for you. You deserve it. Chukwu gozie unu.

To my sugar sweet siblings, Uzoma, Udochi, Ikenna, and my uber fabulous Amaka, Love you guys to the moon and back. Thank you for all your HUGE investments in my education. God will help me repay you guys. Until then, and even beyond, God bless you all. And to my nieces and nephews, you color my world beautiful. Love you tweeties. K&H.

To my Supervisor, Dr Omololu, I always say the best gift any leader can give to subordinates is believing in them so they can believe in themselves. Thank you for believing in me from the very beginning. That belief made me feel I could conquer this even when it didn’t feel like it. Ese gan Sir.

To my lecturers who believed in me and showed it; Prof. Abanihe, such a caring Father indeed. Always encouraging me and looking out for me, even in times I didn’t know. Thank you. God bless you. Dr Nwokocha, one of sociology’s finest lecturers. You were the first lecturer that taught me and right away, I knew Sociology would make sense. I can’t wait for you to hit professor. Thank you for bullying me to success and always opening your doors to me. God bless you. Prof Onyeonoru, thank you so much for your encouragement all the way. I am grateful to God for encountering such grace. God increase you sir. Dr. Pogoson, my faculty ‘momsie’, thank you for being a Model I could look up to. Thank you for all your counsel. I love you so much and I am grateful to God I met you. Prof. Udegbe, my BEST lecturer in the social sciences. By teaching me only psychology, you made every other course I did interesting. Thank you for going out of your way to help me when I needed help. Such a priceless seed you sowed. And thank you for giving me the highest score ever in my social science history. I love you plenty. Prof. Balogun, thank you for the gift of access, and for making my final year an exciting one. I pray God continues to bless you sir.

To my dearest darling spiritual Father, Albert Femi Oduwole, words can’t express how truly grateful I am, to you, and to God for giving me you. You are such a gift sent from heaven to me. Thank you for your prayers, counsel and love. Thank you for investing in me. Thank you for nurturing me. This garden will bloom. I will make you proud, I promise. I love you so much and God bless you and your family.

To my Pastors, Rev Teju Oduwole, Pastor Kingsley and Mildred Okonkwo, Elder Gbo, Rev Biodun, and Pastor Bunmi Kolawole, God bless you all for always believing in me and letting me know. Every hug, every talk, every word, every prayer helped. Thank you.

To Triumphant Assembly in general and Shabach centre in particular, the best church family one can belong to. Thank you for an opportunity to serve, and grow. Thank you for making my stay in Ibadan super exciting. I will definitely miss everyone. Please keep the faith. Our harvest is here already. I LOVE YOU GUYS PLENTY. My special love to Shabach theatre, the BEST theatre crew in the whole world. Shabach centre could never have been the same without us. I pray we all enjoy supernatural speed even as most of us graduate. Our best is yet to come. All my LOVE.

To my best friends, my ‘Girlfriends in God’, my ‘inner circle’, how colorless life would have been without you girls rocking my world. Ogochukwu Okekeocha, a sister made from pure gold, you are my unmerited favor. Thank you for the deep friendship we share like no other. I love you boo. Valerie Edetanlen, the most loyal friend anyone can have. You believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. My biggest cheerleader. Your credit is good with me. Love you sweets. Chinma Asogwo, my super star ‘Glamazon’, the sister I have come to know and love endlessly. Thank you for endlessly believing in me and telling me always that ‘my life is nothing less than a fairytale’. Nne, plenty love. Ayomikun Akinrimade, my sister, my friend. Thank you for staying like a pillar. I love you.

To a few good men I met in the social sciences; Jibola Suara, my class boyfriend and number one troubler. Thank you for just being yourself and in the process teaching me invaluable life lessons. Thank you so much for your hand in friendship darling. I do hope our friendship transcends the gates of UI. Ajibola Adigun, your future is so bright. Make me very proud because I believe in you so much. Psychology and political science classes rocked because of you. My darling, thank you for being a great friend. Dare Oyesanya, the one who set my academics very straight by teaching me how to build a good foundation. Dare, God bless you. I am so indebted to you. Thank you so much for every assistance rendered. I appreciate you. Thank you.

To the amazing people in Sociology and the social sciences in general, who helped me to be a better person, who believed in me enough to tutor them through academics and life, who I was privileged to serve, who just loved me and made me feel every inch a superstar. I will definitely miss you guys. May God make us all bigger and make our beautiful dreams happen. Special shout out to Elisabeth Ezekiel, Chinwe Onuegbu and Sola Fatoki. Thank you girls. Thank you so much. God bless you. I love you. And to my classmates, I cannot even begin to mention names. Thank you too. I pray lines fall unto us all in pleasant places as we graduate, amen.

To Imoh llevbare, thank you for graciously providing access to your Cambridge online survey account. And to all who helped me with filling the survey, thank you

To the love of my life, the life of my love, my ‘David’, a man after my own heart, the one who loves me in a way God has commanded men to love their wives. My best friend. My partner. My King. My blessing. The one I call ‘Aku m’ because you are a priceless treasure. Bolaji Olojo, thank you for being my very BEST. Thank you for being so bankable. Thank you so much. I love you, and I am so glad God gave us a destiny together.

Above all, to my Darling Jesus. My ALL. I give you the glory, great things YOU have done.

The END…

Stay winning,


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