Recently I decided to extend my PDP to include two new areas
Makeup artistry
Piano lessons
Makeup artistry cos I am a very aesthetic fabulous sister and I figure I could hone that skill to near perfection. Not that I intend to go ‘tara’ as my primary reason is for me and a few friends maybe. But who knows the future. It could just blow up. I just wish my interests came cheaper. Anything makeup is EXPENSIVE… Books,brushes,box,lessons,etc.
But tz all good tho. I am loving it.

Piano lessons I am taking simply cos I can’t sing to save my life and I figure d revenge I can give to those who can sing would be to learn to play an instrument.lols… Actually I would LOVE to play one that’s why I am learning it. Choosing d piano has a lot to do with Alicia keys tho! That girl looks divine on it. Plus I think I prefer it to d guitar,which comes a close second. Drums are cool too but mehn, u wl build muscles. Guaranteed!!!
Both my coaches are amazing. Yemisi of real faces makeover and Ayo who is also a Producer. So the three months I would be training would be a lot of FUN…
And of course I’ll be blogging progress reports.
Ok but this blogpost is not even about the PDP skills I am getting. PDP by d way is not that political party we all love to hate… Tz an acronym dt stands for Personal Development Program.
Sometin happened friday last that made me think that I need to add SELF DEFENCE classes to my PDP. Coupled with this ABSU rape saga!!! Meanwhile the girl/victim has been identified and is being counselled. I can only pray d best for her. As for d guys, lemme stay safe and not say much till we can say sometin categorical and sure about their being nabbed.
Ok so what happened that made me think?
I belong to a theatre group and we have ds HUGE concert coming up ds friday so the last two weeks rehearsals have been intense much. Including all-nighters. Our Director is such a professional and intends to bring out the BEST in us! He even almost made me loosen my braids for my role!!! 😮
Urs sincerely is playing Tunde. Yes u guessed right!!! A MAN!!! Fabulous me playing a man. And tz an ancient yoruba themed drama so u can imagine d stress. Tz fun tho. So last week friday, we had an allnight and as usual, I always come late. 11pm ish. So at about 15mins to 11, my phone was ringing non-stop by d rest of d crew. I picked and was about to say ‘calm down jor I’m on my way…’ And one of them says that one of us was attacked right in front of church where we rehearse. By a stupid street lout. I obviously can’t re-enact d scenario but the guy sha used a broken bottle on her after threatening her to ‘co-operate’ and follow him to a dark corner. And boy,the complex we use is soooo big and soooo quiet and dark at night. Agbowo shopping complex. Sharp girl she was, she managed to struggle some and escape but not without some cuts from d broken bottle which bled all night. Infact so intense was the force with which he dragged her by her trousers that her pants snapped. Imagine!!! And d foolish guy was masquerading as a security man! I shudder to tink of what would have happened if she really ‘co-operated’ and followed him to d dark corner at to 11pm.
I can’t even say d whole story but everyone was just MAD dt night esp the guys who had seen him at d security post. They went on a hunt to see if they would catch him but they didn’t. Funny enough when she screamed, and my Oga, a female came out, d same stupid guy was d one dt directed her to go in a certain direction which d girl went that he thinks she may be hurt and doesn’t know why, after which he disappeared. Not knowing he was the attacker.
When I finally came, at past 11 still, and heard and saw, I realised that it may not be out of place to learn self defence too ooo
I mean we all pray never to be attacked but in d event of an attack, while praying in my mind, I would also love to ‘destroy’ some ‘vital things’ in d attackers body too.
Really, we need to start teaching our men from d cradle. All boys!!! They need to know to respect women and that violence is not an option. No matter what!!! Except of course in d Rings.
So seriously now people, where can I register to learn SELF DEFENCE!!! Seriously.

be kind to one another
Fab Black Sister

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  1. Your PDP sounds interesting. I think I should consider having one myself, only there isn’t time. Self Defence sounds like a good idea and it’s looking very necessary these days. I’d like to know how it goes sha.

  2. im in full support o and my ‘pele’ to that girl.
    Eziaha, can i beg u to reduce agbowo nyt walks to much earlier times please. Dis generation aint seen nothing yet.

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