So today, last Thursday of the year, I decided I wanted to go for Thursday showers in the fountain of life church. BTW, I used to attend TFOLC for a while. In fact, my real Christian walk started there, after I left my parents Anglican church because I was BORED TO TEARS… speaking of which, SHOUT OUT to all of you that still go to your Parents church even though you DO NOT Like it. I hope you are making New Year resolutions about that ooo. Anyways I still associate with Fountain… Discovery for women, Thursday showers occasionally and Discovery for women, and other special programs, that do NOT clash with my church activities that is. By now you should know I like church na hehehe. So being end of the year, I thought to attend the final Showers for the year. Showers by the way is a praise and worship service. Ample time is given to praise, worship and testimonies, unlike the usual Sunday and Wednesday services. That idea is brilliant trust me.
So Kemi and I planned to attend showers.

Ibadan-20121118-02890 Kemi and I attend Triumphant assembly in Ibadan… And she is a fountaineer too in Lag.

I had had an amazing week by the way. Christmas and boxing days were totally amazing. I will defo blog about both days. Woke up really exhausted that morning but hey I knew I had to make it jor. So quick shower, light makeup, entered a pair of jean and my fave Dereon top and off I went to church. Showers used to start at 10am before. Thankfully Kemi updated me that it now starts at 9am. If not eh, I would have missed my special seat and row in church. The deal about Fountain is this- if a service is to start at 10, by 10mins past 9 people start coming in. By 9.30 prayers start and then by 10am sharp the church is almost full. Main auditorium that is. So you now stay in the overflow, or the second church and watch the projector… Kai, me hate that thing eh. So I usually come at least 30mins earlier for any program. Imagine if I didn’t know it was for 9am and I came at 9.30am with the confidence of a very fat tadpole. I would have watched Pastor on projector ooo, and I would have cried. Anyways I was in church by 8.15am. I needed that seat by the aisle abeg. I saved kemi a seat and was pinging her to know how close she was. In Fountain eh, the half life of a seat saved is like 7mins. Someone will replace your bag sharpaly. Thankfully she was close. So I stepped out to the tape shop.


I had to get the DVD for Fountain Christmas carol. Recall I already mentioned on my blog that CAROL at fountain is like the VERY BEST. Since I couldn’t make it, I had to make do with the DVD. I got other messages too…


MP3 of all the Christmas songs, Led by the spirit, Divine interruptions, and the latest edition of Fountain Praise which is a compilation of praise service sessions. Kai, fountain choir dey sing ooo. They are the ONLY choir I know that can make you dance to the hymn ‘Holy holy holy, Lord God Almighty…’ As in really dance oo. They are that good. Instrumentalists, choristers and all. From the tape shop, I moved to the bookshop.


Got Pastor TAIWO’S book ENVIRONMENT IS EVERYTHING and Pastor Bimbo’s REST. The REST title got my attention immediately. Sometimes, especially we that live on fast forward, need to REST… Just where you are REST…
Kemi finally came and caught up with me in the bookshop. She said she had a favorite sitting place so I cucuma let her go and sit there. On the opposite end of church. I don’t even like that place. Anyways, I went to our mini-mart, got toast and water, ate and then entered church a few minutes shy of 9am.
Praise and worship was WOW… that goes without saying. I was not expecting anything less. Towards the end of praise and worship, I recalled that I had a testimony. It was too late by the time I got to the Pastors lounge. They had already finished compiling the testimonies and stuff. In fountain you gotta share your testimony with the Pastor in charge first before you can go up stage so that you do not go there and share one kain testimony ooo. Plus they also teach you how best to present it to save time and stuff cos people are always so much testifying. The testimony I wanted to share started right in fountain, in fact Thursday showers sef, and even though when it ended, I had moved from fountain, I knew I had to share it there too. Anyways I had missed it so I went back to church and enjoyed the rest of praise and worship and then the testimonies. My fave Pastor Tosin took the testimonies. Gosh!!! That woman is just a God lover. And a worshipper. The best part I love about her has to be the fact that she calls JEHOVAH most times not God. Like Praise Jehovah, My Jehovah is wonderful. I just love the way she calls it. And that woman has energy eh. Plus she is also a power dresser. Chai. When people started testifying, I was reminded again of why I loved showers so much. When you hear testimonies eh, you will know that your case is too small for God to handle and you are so encouraged. Amazing amazing stuff I heard… Open doors, business breakthroughs, graduation, etc. From real ordinary people. Cos they give them ample time to share so you understand just why it is a testimony. Great time out.
But one testimony had the whole church on their feet… I MEAN THE WHOLE CHURCH… In fact, Pastor Taiwo was in tears and had to leave church. Nwando’s testimony was indeed a testimony. Incidentally, she came late to church and was not on the list of testifiers but by the time Pastor TOSIN saw her, she called her up to testify.
Nwando came up with three babies… at least you already know what I am about to write that her testimony was. The whole church knew too. So the clappings started from the moment she was coming up. So she said she got married 5years ago at 25. Like most people, she had a plan for her life and that included having all her kids by 30. Nne, there she was pushing 29 and yet no show ooo. In fact a year into her marriage she was diagnosed of fibroid and so she had been in and out of hospitals for all kinds of tests. Anyways, last year, a friend of hers invited her to showers and then she came. (Trust me guys, we need friends like this ooo. I should do a blog post on FRIENDS) She said one thing she told God was that ‘God, if you are really here then I need to come back to this alter and testify like all these people have testified today’. She danced and danced. She said the praise that day was particularly HOT… (She aint a Fountaineer. Fountain praise is ALWAYS HOT) Few weeks after that, she took in. confirmed it in the hospital but she was like, aside the missed period, she didn’t feel any different. After 8weeks, she went back for a scan and the Doctor said WOW, WOW WOW… And asked her how many times he exclaimed? she was trusting God for twins so she sad two and the doctor said THREE… Even her husband said it can’t be cos that was too much jor. Guys, she said all through her pregnancy, she didn’t visit the hospital for any wahala, aside the normal ante-natal. She was fit as fiddle. Even when the kids came, they didn’t need to stay in the incubator like most multiple births are. She gave birth smooth and easy and the kids were just alright. Now the real deal is that she gave birth to all three kids just before her 30th birthday. This our Jehovah still decided to do what she requested IN HIS OWN WAY… God kept his own side of the bargain. All of them came at once and truly she was done with child bearing at 30. Even though Pastor Tosin said she may not be done, imagine. Abeg she is so done. Two boys and an adorable girl. And she looked so fabulous in her black gown and red shoes. Toastable and HOT. Hot mama indeed. Ah, the applause was too long. Church was screaming crazy.


Trust me now, I so ‘seized the moment’ with a seed (Only Pentecostals will get this LOL). Incidentally before then I had been contemplating increasing my twins to triplets ooo. I wanted to have a boy first and then the twin girls first. But I was contemplating just doing this birth thing once. As Nwando was testifying eh, I quickly adjusted my request to triplets ooo. I am sure God has just adjusted his. Or maybe he already even had triplets waiting for me since… This our El-Romantic Jehovah who just knows how to take our breaths away. Trust na, the second and third praise and worship session, and even the short Word that Pastor preached was so about Nwando and the triplets. I mean, she came for Showers once and caught a triple testimony. Meanwhile some fountaineers have trivialized their own showers. Too sad.
Incidentally, they were seated to my right so I had a good view of the triplets well enough. As she was worshipping and praising, I would steal occasional glances at her. After church I asked her if she was a feddy Owerri girl cos she looked like one but she said No.

Lagos-20121227-00241 Lagos-20121227-00239

Well, we talked. She asked when I would get married and if I wanted twins. You know the answer na. She was really gracious. I ‘sowed’ a seed into her babies’ lives, especially the girl, we took pictures, she asked me for my name and number, I took hers, and then she went to see Pastor who had requested to see her after her testimony.

Lagos-20121227-00237 Lagos-20121227-00236

She wanted me to come with them to Pastors office but I was not even ready to see Pastor cos I didn’t have answer to some questions (if you know what I mean LOL)
My people, when I was going home I was still smiling. In fact I even forgot to pick a promise from the basket. I was overjoyed. I didn’t even go in to see Pastor Oyinda who heads the PBO foundation. I didn’t want to lose the euphoria of Nwando’s encounter. Anyways I missed Kemi ooo. I dunno where that daughter of GOD disappeared to. And bb wasn’t connecting. I was almost home when she told me she was waiting for me in the bookshop. Too bad. We didn’t snap. I’ll ask her for her picture and put here hehehe…
I thought to share this with you guys, to encourage someone. This our God is awesome. Too awesome for words. You cannot even predict him. You can’t figure him out at all. HE TOTALLY ROCKS!!!
By the way, Pastor Nomthi looks amazing… Pastor Taiwo’s SA wifey. She has Nigerianized… she was even singing some of the Yoruba songs, though some were too complex for her. Even for me sef. She has always been a dancer from day one so that has remained. She has added some weight, after three kids na, but she has maintained her really fine legs. Her dress was fabulous. Made from different Ankara and sequins.
Fountain is an amazing church still. Very amazing. Grateful for the foundation I got there.
For those people still churchless or casually serving God, warming benches in church, I hope you have a new year resolution concerning that ooo.
Merry Christmas still and Happy holidays!!!

Showers of kisses,

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  1. Nne, it was indeed an awesome showers experience ! *big smiles* Nnne, I also sowed into d triplets o! ℓ☺ℓ. Cos me sef I always dream of aving a set of twins and after that, a boy.ℓ☺ℓ. But seeing Nwando today made ma head swell ehn! Indeed,God is in fountain! So sad we couldn’t see before you left but @ least I sent ur promise na*tongue out* I encourage those who reside in lagos to attend Thursday showers .if una get time pls attend o! Happy new year in advance

  2. Enjoyed every bit of this piece…it was thought provoking & inspiring! Love ur informal way of writing with humour & yet u still made huge sense! Keep it up. Thanks to Kemi for sharing it on her PM! *Ikman

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