You know, I had a problem with this title. Cos, I really don’t like to ride solo… Jesus has my wheels ooo. But ridin’ solo here means something different and I will get to it already…

You all know that bird called ‘leke leke’ abi? Tz actually called ‘cattle egret’ but I think I prefer the name lekeleke jor. Those white birds that fly in groups that when we were small, they used to say when you shake your fingernails, they would turn white… LOL please where do we get all that from biko? NAIJA TINZ… You sha know lekelekes always fly in groups. Never alone. They must be fans of Liverpool hehehe. Which is why we have really never heard any spectacular story about them except of course that cool story above. Oh but the Eagle!

They fly SOLO… Nay, they soar… Such a unique bird. I don’t even wanna go into an eagle characteristics story. That my dear is a bird to emulate. In this Nigeria especially eh, we can like to do follow follow… If my friend is not doing or going, then I will not do/go. Gosh!!! How I hate to hear that. This bandwagon effect is what is killing us. Whatever happened to being unique and different? Tz this desire to conform that eventually leads to what we fancifully call ‘peer pressure’ Na lie. NA FOLLOW FOLLOW jor.

Just because ALL your friends are cheating in exams does NOT mean you have to cheat. Just because everyone around you takes alcohol, you now do follow follow and before long you become an addict. Before you start talking trash, I do not have a problem with people that drink star and all that ooo. Do your thing… I am more interested in the people who feel that you MUST drink beer to show that you are a man… like where in the big book of RUBBISH did you hear or get that from? You know, I have been in gatherings… infact, a particular one comes to mind. It was a bit of a high end event and almost all the guys and ladies there ordered alcohol in different forms… The girls were downing Irish cream and Smirnoff ice. The blokes were taking all the other kinds of alcohol. You know them now, cos I don’t… Anyways, me o, when they asked what I wanted, I said FAYROUZ… without flinching sef. Trust me na… Then they gave me that curious look. One actually found his voice and was like, you don’t drink alcohol? Irish cream? Ha ahn… don’t dull ooo… ble ble blehhhh’ I said ‘NO… YOU DO NOT DRINK FAYROUZ?????’You don’t get to harass me or make me apologise to you because I am not like you for crying out loud… But what was painful for me was a friend of mine I know is not alcohol friendly actually bowed to the pressure of ‘be a man’ and took some alcoholic stuff. I asked him why later and dude was like, ‘you know now… u gast represent…’ HOW PLEASE… By losing yourself ID in tryna fit in and blend… haba… Like I said, my problem is not with the alcohol ooo. My pee is with the follow follow…

One thing the world needs to see more of, especially in Nigeria, are good examples… role models. People who chose to stand out of the crowd in doing what is right and not be like lekeleke.

I recall having this conversation with a male friend. I asked him about some of his friends which I did not see around school anymore and he said ‘oh they are busy’ and I’m like ‘what can be taking the place of acada now…?’ and the dude said they were into some kinda business… you know that kind… So I wanted to know why he wasn’t into it with them because these are really close friends ooo. They live together and all. The answer he gave me, I can’t forget. He said ‘I cannot do what they do cos we are all going to different places in life and where they are going, I am not going. Moreover, my parents did not bring me up to be like that’ OMG. I WAS CHARMED. This dude is not a church dude ooo. But he found the courage to be the ONLY one in the group that did not do ‘that thing’. Infact, at the time, I knew he had money issues but he did not bow. That is the way it ought to be. All this copy copy would get us nowhere and FAST too. If everyone in your hood is a yahoo dude, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THAT. If all your friends sleep around with all sortsa men and women, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO JOIN THEM. If all your classmates are cheating in the exam hall, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CHEAT. Trust me, they secretly wish they were like you and you would enjoy their respect both then and in the future. ASK ME, I KNOW… If all your friends are sleeping with their boyfriends and your boyfriend pressurizes you to or you have friends who pressurize you to, HONEY YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BOW TO THE PRESSURE. And you also need to dump the guy fast and change you circle of friends. NOT EVERYONE IS SLEEPING AROUND. There are still good ladies and men out there ooo. Ask me, I know.

I just hate that line, EVERYBODY IS DOING IT.  The TRUTH is this, NOT EVERYONE IS DOING IT OOO. NOT EVERYONE IS DOING WRONG. There are still people who are making money the legit way. There are still good people out there. The thing is that some of these good people have been ‘out shouted’ by the bad. I am amazed how someone doing bad who should be ashamed of herself or himself and hide under a cupboard, is proud about it and wants you to feel bad that you are NOT indulging in evil. I recall my pastor of blessed memory Bimbo Odukoya said once that it is harder to remain a virgin in these times so the fact that you have stayed chaste means that you are way stronger and so should be proud of yourself and not be hiding under the table. Leave that for the lekelekes… That is why I love my blog and I love when I get mails and messages from people, most of whom I do not know say ‘thank you for writing about this, I am encouraged’ and all that stuff. People need to be encouraged by others and even when there are no ‘others’ to encourage you, please RIDE SOLO… and proudly too. You will have their respect. They may not verbalize it to you but they respect you big. TRUST ME, I KNOW…

Just recently, twas a friend’s birthday and I went to see her. You know to eat cake and stuff. I love cake ooo. I think it is criminal to not have cake on your birthday. Anyways, I got there and it was a full house. Incidentally, they were all going to the club the next night to celebrate it. And then one person MISTAKENLY invited me. The celebrant laughed and said, ‘you don’t know Eziaha, she won’t come’ You see, it is OK to be predictable. So far it is for good. In my mind, I smiled. My pastor is raising a fine young woman hehehe. Anyways that was not the end of the story ooo. The dude couldn’t be stopped… ‘Why don’t you club? Are you now saying we that club are sinners? So if your husband wants to take you to a club you won’t go? (husband ke? Please I married well hehehe), what is wrong with clubbing? Is it a sin? If your girlfriends want to throw you a bachelorette party at a club won’t you go? (Which girlfriends? Please I have the right friends), why won’t you come and celebrate with your friend on her birthday?’Phew… infact the dude was ready for me. He wanted to pick my brains. You know that kinda “wait jor let her answer abeg’. I was just smiling. And I said NO I AM NOT CLUBBING. I don’t club, simple. Oga ooo. Infact lemme stop here hehehe.

I feel we should do stuff because it is right yes and also because we want to do it. If we join the lekeleke crowd in doing wrong, when the consequences come, guess who won’t be with you to bear it? THE LEKELEKE CROWD…

I don’t know for sure where anyone in life is going for sure but I have an idea where GOD is taking me and it doesn’t involve following anyone else blindly. Sometimes in life, you have to ride solo jare… and be very proud abourrit.

Meanwhile you see this MAN on this bad power bike? He is a pastor. MY PASTOR Kingsley Okonkwo. I dunno another Nigerian Pastor who rides a power bike and somehow I wish I don’t get to know anyone else. I love the fact that he is ‘the pastor that rides a power bike’ hehehe

Never forget Sugar, you are not lekeleke, you are an EAGLE… You are not a copy of anyone (my GOD don’t make no photocopy anyways) you are a Meaningful specific…

RIDE SOLO honey and meet me at the top (where only eagles soar to)…



PS; Meanwhile, I think I’ma ditch my dreads for another UNIQUE STYLE…ideas anyone?

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  1. Pardon me if I say that your blog is endearing me to you (I hope I’m not being to forward?). But I love your approach to the issue of being Christian and original. ‘Leke Leke’; most ppl would rather take on a ‘don’t dull’ attitude to life. But if life really about being ‘Hip’? you remind of two people I’ve come to admire; Lecrae and his crew and their “unashamed” idea of Christianity and young people like yourself who are happy and proud to be Christian. I pray God continues to strengthen and inspire. Sometimes, discourage might set in to drown you. In such moments remember that I am praying for you. God bless.

      1. You might want to check him out. You’ll enjoy him if you’re hiphop inclined. Might also be a reason for you to listen to hiphop if you don’t already. I hope you’re preparing hard for your final exams. You are in my prayers.

  2. A well written piece. Peer pressure, comparison, feeling among, whatever we name it, the greater force is the power of Choice. We need to activate this power and use it to make our lives better. The choice to be different and remain different. Thanks Her Fabulosity. Keep d flag flying high.

  3. First of all I want to say a big thumbs up for letting go of yourself and allowing God to speak through you. This post reminds me of a song way back “Because everybody does it doesn’t make it right”. We are in times when we are driven by popular morality and not what is truly right. We hide our identity when we truly do not understand who we are and what we stand for. A little example you’re in the midst of some people and the issue of your sexuality is brought up and mayb she’s a virgin (popular morality it aint cool to stil be a virgin) the lady decides to flow along maybe she was brought up under some strict conditions not to indulge without really making her understand the reason. We need to really know and understand what we stand for “Study to show yourself approved”. The world needs more people who can stand up in a crowd alone and declare their stand for in those people lies the required change we need that will make a difference. May God Bless you and may His light in you never go dim.

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