This post is so random that I should probably be sleeping lol but I’m here, relocking my hair, and have some spare time so let’s blog.

BTW this is NOT this week’s blog o. This one is random. Lol.
BTW, today is officially World EVERYONE is cray cray day. I’m so grateful that I got Jesus. It would have been BLOODY SAVAGE for some people today, so now I’m just rolling SAVAGE JESUS haha.
But I just imagine how UNSAVED I would have really been had I not been saved. Like JESUS is real yawl. Lol. And He got me real good.
On my way to do my hair, I was just thinking about how AMAZING He is. Like, HE IS SO GOOD. JESUS that is. Like, I woke up this morning and for the first time in like a week, didn’t have a deadline threatening to kill me so I had plenty time to pray. I loooooove to just spend time in His presence just writing out my heart to Him. So I can wake at 1am with work on my mind, then decide to pray first and 4hours later I’m still rolling with Jesus. Like this morning, hubby knew I had a project I needed to turn in today so that was why I woke so early yet when he woke at past 4, he was like how far? Are you almost done? And I’m like I never even start. I’m still journalling and preparing my Prayer points.
I’m just so rubbish without Him so I REALLY need HOURS with Jesus before I face humans in my day.
So are there people who prepare their prayer points before they jump in to pray? I dooooo. I love to present my strong reasons and pray the Word. It gives me such confidence when I pray. I recommend. So here is how we flow… I first of all unload to Him. Pour it all out in text… Everything I have been through and everyone who upset me, or I upset, or Satan is playing the jealous card on me with another sister girl. Then I also add stuff I’m believing for or stuff I’m just sensing in my spirit.
For example, I have a new team plus a graphic artist working on some projects. I bang need the Holy Spirit to help me lead this team and I need them full of Wisdom and all. So I dug up the Scriptures that apply (I went with Ex 31), then 2 major projects are on my plate so I needed a Word baby. Thank God for Revelations and Him setting before me an open door. I’m launching the @saved.fit.pregnant page on IG and I’m trying to pick all He is saying per the direction I should go. Amen for Isaiah and such a sweet word He gave me from there. And I’ve been thinking of my future in a kinda worried way so I needed to write out casting all my cares. Yes I make sure to write it out LONG HAND and in many translations. It’s my therapy. I need some assurance and then reassurance. So when I’m done putting scriptures together, I can then start to declare in the place of prayers. And of course, worship is a part of the whole mix. By the time I’m done, I can face my day and not be a nuisance to people or a tool for Satan.
So I then shared a couple stuff with my mentees in TFS academy, then prayers with my team then prayers at home. Then workout after KingDaveed went to school, then jumped into work to meet a deadline today. I no even baff. Lol. Finished at 2pm and sent to hubs for review and feedback before I sent to the company. In between, ElJohn was fussing. My help was not available and he has been slightly unwell so I had to rock, back, nurse, etx while I typed either standing or kneeling or sitting. No dice oooo. Couldnt give any excuse so I had to find a way.

At that 3pm, KingDaveed was back, then I wanted to grab a few minutes of shuteye but I’ll sleep in heaven. No chance. So I flew out after Rosemary got back to go do my hair.
I’ve slept off right on this chair and phone Don fall sef but I’m still here.
BTW Day 8 no animal protein in this body. No meat, fish or chicken. Frankly it’s easier than I thought. I’m trying out being lacto-ovo vegetarian that is I can have only egg and milk but nothing else from an animal. Even the egg sef I haven’t had.
I’m proud of me sha. Who would have thought??? Me? No chicken??? I’m trying this for 40days. And I’ll see how it goes afterwards.
I think I’ll sleep longer tonight.
Hopefully I can blog again this week but frankly this may have to be it for the week. I have a post burning in my spirit called ARE WE KILLING PEOPLE WITH NICENESS but I think the Lord is still downloading to me.
Kai this hair is taking time. I wanna sleep.
OK I’m wrapping this up here.
Hey, stay chasing Jesus. Even if you look up and you are the only one chasing like that…
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