The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much… James 5v16

absolutely adore this couple… ABSOLUTELY MY HEROES!!!!

I had been listening to the Conversations with John and Lisa podcast series on FERVENT PRAYER and I am just in awe of a God soooooo powerful and limitless. Like, if there is a man or men to pray, then there is a God to answer. I mean my respect for John literally shot into the heavens. You know, there is a time when you cannot afford to pray powerless, weak prayers, but what is confronting you demands FERVENCY in the place of prayer. He said there was a time his staff would pray and he would be like, we might as well bring our pillows and mattresses and sleep. Like the prayers were so weak and lifeless. Then an event happened and let me just summarize it by saying that a fire that had been 3weeks strong and headed in their direction some 20plus years back TURNED ON ITSELF AS THEY PRAYED and was contained. I froze!!! He said after that day, His staff NEVER prayed the same again

The link to their podcasts is here

Ok, so I was just thinking of it and thinking dang!!! That’s really God. Azzin that’s our God. The same powerful one who caused the seas to part also turned a fire back on itself. The same God who caused His son to rise after 3days and who still raises the dead today. Like yawl, GOD IS ALL POWERFUL.

I just asked God literally to hit me that level of fervency. I didn’t wanna listen and run. I wanted to EXPERIENCE. I wanted to be more fervent and persistent in prayers. One of the Scriptures the Bevere’s used was the persistent widow and the unjust Judge and I love how Jesus started and ended that story in the AMPC

Luke 18 v 1 Also [Jesus] told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not to [a]turn coward (faint, lose heart, and give up)….

V, 8: However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find [persistence in] faith on the earth?

Of course they also referenced when Elijah prayed for rain and didn’t stop sending his servant to check, neither did he leave that prayer position UNTIL RAIN CAME…

In fact Lisa said something that hit home because sometimes, that can be me, sadly. She said most of us pray once, twice and give up. I really DESPERATELY want to be fervent and persistent in prayers until I see my results. So I got a strategy and got to prayers. Like I said, I wanted to personally hit that level…

One of the things I know is that when I have a desire in my heart, God will meet it. I trusted Him to drive it home for me. Then two things happened…

I woke one night this week to pray and I was kinda early and knew sleeping back would be a disaster so I picked my phone. There was a message from a DEAR sister girl, that God has done it. I KNEW what it was and I was discombobulated for some seconds. Now before I slept, I had spoken to a friend who is literally in a BATTLE of her life fighting to keep her testimony and I woke to a message from her too. Between both messages, the fervency that hit me was another level. I don’t do ugly tears BUT as I cried and prayed both in thanksgiving and warfare, I was crying ugly tears. Right in the middle of all that, another friend rings me at 4am with news that gets me bawling even more as I prayed with her. At the same time, the HS leads me to my mailbox teeming with emails from Chicks I wanted to agree with in the place of prayer for their seasons. Everything hit me at once and for the first time, I knew what it meant ON THAT LEVEL to be FERVENT. I mean, it hit me like John Bevere meant. I was DRAINED by morning. It was such a heavy burden on me and I remember thinking ‘…Is this what it means when we say BREAK MY HEART WITH WHAT BREAKS YOURS…’ I had even forgotten to pray for my own requests.

Later in the day, I went for my son’s school graduation party

The one smile he gave us.

and one of the songs they choreographed to was FI AGBARA RE HAN.

POWER FLOW by Monique

Now I had heard the song in bits and snatches here and there but watching the kids dance to it, I was legit about to stand up and start to worship. I actually had my hands up at several times. That song is POWERFUL. So I was like I will come home and Google/youtube. Oh my gosh, the video!!!!!!!!

Because I am a Mom, anything that has to do with a child gets me teary.

I watched that woman pray for her dead son and it hit me again what John and Lisa meant when they said some things require a crazy fervency, just like JESUS prayed before His death. That woman could not have been praying small small. And as she prayed, her son came back to life.

Oh my gosh, then the lyrics!?!?!?! Let’s just say I have that song on repeat for the NEXT 75years. Soooo powerful. I especially love the line where she says

Just like the days when power parted the sea, your Power remains the same…

The same God. The same Power. Able and FAITHFUL. He just asks us to pray fervent and persistent and NEVER GIVE UP.

Why am I sharing? To get you along for the ride.

I KNOW you are fighting battles. I know the devil is hitting you. I know you are close to giving up because it doesn’t make any sense. I know it looks like your life is not working. But don’t give up my darling. The same ALL-POWERFUL God got you. Don’t stop praying. Don’t stop believing. KEEP HOPE ALIVE and LET THAT FIRE IN YOUR BURN BABY.

Like I said in my last post, YOU HAVE A SWORD and satan has been disarmed. Use it. Shave a few hours of sleep off if you must and tarry in the place of prayers. We all will surely testify if we don’t give up.


The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]… James 5v16

That’s in my fave version, AMPC.

Or in John’s favorite version, NLT

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results…

And just to be clear, FERVENCY is NOT ONLY in volume/loudness. It is a HEART THING plus a good knowledge of the power available in whose name we pray… JESUS!!!

You really should listen to the podcast series on FERVENT PRAYERS… and while there, listen to EVERY SINGLE PODCAST by the Bevere’s…


I also like something Nathaniel posted on IG recently where he said something about praying in tongues for an hour daily.

I’m like dude peeked into my prayer journal haha. Just try it…

Grace and Power to you my darling…

With love.




Just in case you are tracking with my pregnancy, we are 34weeks yawl!!!

I am ALL bump guys can you imagine. Unlike baby 1
My son actually cannot recognize me in these pictures imagine

I’m just here praying this lil bubba stays in till week 40 at the very least. I’m not itching for an early arrival but this whole fit pregnancy thing may just throw me some surprises. Yawl FERVENTLY pray with me lol… I should do a PreggE’ Diaries post but I would rather be interviewed by someone for my blog. I’ve been on fast forward all year that I don’t know if i can really tell the story Anyone up for the task of asking the questions?

Btw SavedFitPregnant starts Monday, July 24th


If you emailed me from my last post, I am standing in faith with you that this season will MAKE SENSE for you and that your faith, joy and hope never wanes cos that’s what the devil is coming for…


Who’s coming for BECOMING 2017? Say hi if you see my bump and I haha…

Check out Funto Ibuoye’s page on IG/Twitter/FB for details. Looking forward to TY especially.

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  1. I love coming to read from your blog, always refreshing like spring water. I needed this message ,thank you very much Eziaha. God bless you and all that’s yours

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