20 years STRONG: 5 ways I have kept my FIRE burning for JESUS

NB. This post was first published on this blog in 2021 How have you managed to keep the fire burning?What do I do when I really don’t feel like it?Don’t you get tired?I seem to start and be on fire, then stop, and am too disappointed to go back. Any of the above familiar when […]

Want to READ, RETAIN and RECALL More? Here are my 5 top tips

Readers are Leaders. That quote will live forever in truth hehe.But many of us, even though we know the benefits of reading, we still find it hard to read. I looooooove to read and by God’s grace, I read quite a number of books monthly, and maybe a book or 2 a week. I want […]

Correct Those Kids Early

NB. This post was first published on this blog in 2019 The beautiful thing as a stay-at-home mom is that you have more time, so make sure you are investing the right amount into parenting, and not just in an endless stream of Telemundo or Netflix. “Scaling up.” This is one term you hear used […]

Too much sleep: Flesh or Demonic?

N.B This post was first published on this blog on the13th of May 2019 Hey Blog fam, I hope everyone is keeping well. I have had the most intense couple of days all round: Physically, emotionally, spiritually and more. Finally kicked off something I had been looking forward to, but which seemed so far-fetched at the time: A personal […]

It’s been TEN YEARS!!!!

Ten years ago, I wrote this post My Dream, My Reality sharing details of my wedding to Aku m. On November 30th 2023 we marked our 10th year wedding anniversary, Whooooopp!!!. Somebody pinch me!!! Whaaaattttt! God has been so FAITHFUL.  Ten years later our union has growwwwnnnnn. We’ve welcomed two sons, changed jobs, started a […]


Can I just be very sincere in this blog post? I am heartbroken, but not just heart broken, I am also VERY UPSET. N.B This post was first published on this blog in January 2019. Gosh, I am so mad at some of you who have a personal relationship with me, and then those of […]

Unlearning: 5 Leadership mistakes I’ve left behind

Leadership is INFLUENCE (thanks John Maxwell). I daresay, TOO MUCH INFLUENCE, especially spiritual leadership. And because spiritual leaders have SO MUCH INFLUENCE, we need to really be careful how we live and lead, especially for what my sister girl Theodora calls ‘the sake of the Brethren’, while of course we keep teaching and giving them […]

Don’t make these Journaling mistakes… (I’ve been so guilty)

If you follow this blog and my YT channel especially recently, you would notice that I have been creating some buzz around Journaling. It really is a super power for me and it continues to both make me effective with my tasks, and extremely joyful at soul deep levels. However, I have made some Journaling […]

Purpose driven SLEEP!!!

N.B This post was first published on this blog in January 2021. Hey everybody, So last time, we blogged about our hours being driven by VISION So today, I want us to talk about SLEEP haha. I know most people think I don’t sleep, but I don’t think so. I just use sleep for purpose as […]