Hello people,

Good to know that the picture lurvin season one was a blast going by y’all that confessed to stealing some pictures.

And if you didn’t, well let’s just say God is watching you ooo.

Please enjoy the next set…

Let’s begin with some girl power… seeing as I got most feedback from ladies.

@_-- Nkieru @_--(2)

You know that feeling now… once in a while grisl jus’ wanna brag…

_3Dumebi Ezar_3=-D(3)

I got this from the super dupa hilarious dumebi… Who wants to wake up an ugly duckling? Not me and definitely not Dumdum…


I just think EVERY woman should have this in front of her at all times…

 Samayor ...Cordwainery _ MakeUp Artistry_DesignerJeweler

I am amazed as to how INTELLIGENT women are. Truly amazed… Standing ovation for us ladies…

Samayor ...Cordwainery _ MakeUp Artistry_DesignerJeweler(1)

YES BABY… Girl power… we takin’ over hehehehe

Sapphire _3(3)

Yes, she knows that is why she is about to throw you into a lion’s den. You are asking me STUPID question… hehehe

 Bolaji Olojo

When God made women that is… Do you see just how beautiful we all are…

Must be hard being a man… *tongue out*

Ok movin’ on… To good old love…

I really LOVE love so the next pictures are all LOVEY DOVEY…

*HANKY please*

bleedin heart

Love… I mean!!! Physical heart so that I would know that I love you. Tharris ree LOVE jor hehehe

love hard

I told you you would be needing the tissue. And really abbes is it hard work loving me? I’m sure it is NOT jare. *adjusts halo*


This statement is so real for me… (and Pastor M who I got it from.) SHOUT out to y’all whose husband/partner BEATS them a lot ooo. I hope you have moved out as you are reading this cos this is the testimony every WIFE or partner should have. The marriage of your dreams…

..͡▹​.͡▹​Bolaji Olojo Glory (_)(_)(_)(1)

I just raised my hand. the rest of you really need to raise your standard… no kiddin… hehehe

Mis;;) WARRENS(5)

and that Lawyer is so damn BLESSED… (Replace lucky with BLESSED…) I am really happy for you darling… I wish I was a man… i would surely surely marry Eziaha hehehe

love faithy

Too many mediocre things walahi… LOVE cannot and should NOT be mediocre… Just add ‘godly’ to those adjectives in the picture and we are good to go.

 Angel o' _3(1)



And YES He is my number ONE Lover. LOVE like it should be… So I am almost always smiling knowing that I enjoy the very BEST kinda LOVE.


yes baby that is the kinda TEETH that shows when you enjoy the Love of GOD and then the LOve of real men and women… LOVE   *le romantic smile*

tops care

They had to use old people for this picture, because we young people are just funny kinda clownish Lovers. Most young people sha. this picture is a whole sermon right there. Please look again and preach to yourself ok, just like I did and I am still doing…

_NG_Ambassador KEMI ARIBISALA_D(7)

NOW this is NOT love ooo. love apologizes irrespective of who is in the wornmg. No space for pride. i learnt this from my very best friend and boo… BOLAJI… He taught me this not with words but with action… That guy, REAL MAN!!!

♥Fabu-lowlar♥(organzahair;hair that says you)(6)

HEAR YE HEAR YE!!! Ye men!! And women too please. You just never know darling. You just never know.

Be nice… Be nice..

again BE NICE ooooooooooooo

Moving on…

the final set of pictures are just stuff I titled E’ STAR when I was saving it. E, STAR, just like we say 5 STAR. I feel very personal about them. Infact I should sue for copyrights warreva cos they really should ahve put my name there because they got it from me hehehehe. Enjoy…


You know you will be abi? Read my blog now ooo. you will need to famz me later. Comment so that i would respond so when you say ‘we used to chat one on one a while ago’ you will NOT be lying. And by all means please DO NOT FORGET MY NAME… And while at it, learn the real pronunciation and also the full name EZIAHAKAEGO… You will be screaming it later at the top of your lungs, for good…

_3 Blessing M&G(1)

I am really different. And i am so proud of myself. And of my God.

English Gold

I particularly love it when people say or gossip that about me. that is a good kind of gossip. Very welcome kind.


Just grace!!! Only GRACE… My life is a life of Grace…


Like I always say, I am made from 100 percent PREMIUM GRACE… God’s grace that is…

Ayo TA Theatre



Feel free to steal k. hehehe



6 Responses

    1. Yup I do ooo
      Esp in cases of physical abuse n emotional abuse that is infidelity…
      Infidelity is a biblical ground for divorce
      Now in d case of battery, u r better off alive n divorced than battered to death or near death…
      But of course that shld hardly be the first option
      Exhaust ur options

  1. amazing stuff sis.really cool.i had a good laff with most of the pics,but i luv luv luv the ones on grace cos dat’s jus how my life has revolved.u jus made my day.luv u! n kip it cumin.d lord stengthen u

  2. I love the idea of “exhausting options” because I don’t think (and this my opinion) that battery constitutes marital infidelity (that will be funny). But I really consider physical violence an exclusive reserve for pre-civilisation humans. I cring each time I see people engage in actual pugilism. Beats my imagination each time. I should great job with your blog (do I really have to say that?).

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