Yeah yeah shoot me… warrefa *tongue out*

At least I am here now with all the pictures you love..

Holler at all you amazin’ lot who keep sendin’ me pictures…

*air kisses*

And major eyes rolling to the bloggers who STOLE my idea and are feeling fly with it… Jesus watcheth thee LOL

OK let’s jump to the pictures already. I will kick this off with some pictures that I have labelled INCREDIBLE JEHOVAH…

(_) Ozienikhaye Pogoson(_)(1)

Seriously He is a FAITHFUL JEHOVAH.     Even when we do NOT deserve it. He comes through. Please keep that at the front of your mind this week

(_) Ozienikhaye Pogoson(_)

I got this off Ozien. I love it love it love it.. See as dem scatter dey laugh because someone says that there is actually something that God can not do… seriously the next time someone says that to you please have a good laugh… It is rather impolite to hear a joke and not laugh

(_) S.k(_)

Awamaridi… very deep Yoruba word… It actually means like something that can’t be explained which is why we have the water in a basket thingy… He does incredible unexplainable things. Love being hooked to this God jare.

(_)Miss P(_)(5)

All Grace… We can really do nothing on our own based on works. Nah… all GRACE!!!

(_) Zinny kay(_)

Yeah yeah… Tell me about this. Tz like you just forget all the times you were waiting and maybe crying sef…

;;) Vivi Edi ;;) (_) (_)

I love this picture. I have such deep faith about God being a way maker… Loves it mehn… If my heart had a DP, it would be this… DP OF LIFE

_3 Collete Atane

I love a kiss on the forehead. Ayo loves to do this to me. At least when we were both in school. she says it means  you are very special to me or so… Yes I am very special to God and so are you… his kiss is just HIM saying.. ‘Sweetie, I got this…’

Jane Inyang(1)

Real gentleman indeed… I understand this. I recall how this DP started trendin’ the moment I put it up. Stole it from Jane Yahweh hehehe… and she harassed me sef for posin’ with it…. *tongue out*

Kemi - Copy

Seriously this week, literarily relax with a glass of wine, or bottle of coke or zobo. Whatever helps you relax and hand it all over to God.



Yup yup… Also remember to laugh real hard when someone puts impossible next to God


I know this feeling. He is really a romantic God… Imagine a real physical date with him… I am sure He is all that Mills and Boons ish and even more… his is like Lizzie’s best DP abi chic? She stole it from me btw… :p

Adet_3la (_)

A lot of times, we whine about the big problem. Please our Jehovah is bigger jare. That just totally makes the problem seem really small.

Let me add three more pictures on abundance. his week is your week of abundance (shout amen three times LOL)

I just love them all

_3 Blessing M&G

yes ooo… swimming in big time money… That is the life jor…

Ugo (Edge Biz School)

This picture is amazing… Like the rabbit can’t even finish all these carrots in a lifetime… That’s how much God gives.

 Angel o' _3

Ice cream and cakes… In all shapes and flavours. Chai!!! please lock me in this room.

That ought to be all but I might as well end the series today…

Now let me go all spiritual on you baby… Final set of pictures…

Amaka... Royal Peridot(1)

way too much noise in the world. deal is sometimes he speaks with a still small voice so please keep the noise ABSENT…

_NG_Ambassador KEMI ARIBISALA_D(6)

got this from kemi my love. I have his DNA na… I can’t jus be behaving anyhow and talking anyhow-er. I am royalty. I behave as such…


Truth is you can’t live without the WORD… THE BIBLE. It holds incredible truths. I mean, the bible has an answer for EVERYTHINg.  Just take some time to look through.


got this from Fola. I laughed when I saw it. I grew up hun and left you behind LMHO


got this from my very own Miss Warrens. If one girl is cognizant, Ruth is… Love being your friend boo. Muah

Oby ;;)

HAHAHA YOLO indeed… hiss much. please live well. YOLO… doesn’t mean waste your life jare.


got this off my bestie Ogochukwu. Love you girl… with all my heart and soul… kisskisskiss. me sef I receive the courage to do this divine will of Yours ooo Chukwu nwe m biko nu…

P. Kenny_music_({})

Yesooooooooooooo… Stay hooked to the power source.  that’s the ONLY way to live mehn…

Tharris all…

Please have a BLESSED week…

I celebrate everyone of you (Learnt this from COZA hehehe)

BigKisses and LittleKisses



PS; Check this blog at 5pm today. I have a blogpost ready for you. Yeah, i know. I am good like that…



DCC LDM feb 10 2013

Love Dating and Marriage this sunday in Abuja. Themed WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN…

Chai, is anyone as excited as I am. In the spirit of Valentine, I am really excited about this.

Please if you are in Abuja and environs. biko don’t let anyone tamper with your STAR or by delaying you from coming or even making you miss it. Chukwu aman kwe.

Pasor Kingsley whom we all love will be ministering. I am sure you enjoyed reading DON’T MARRY HIM IF… That message was preached by PM his wifey and she will be there too. Lie no good, she fine sha. But come for the Word. PK has a way with the word like only a few do.

Promises to be a really nice time out lovey so see ya there and spread the word.


8 Responses

    1. Wow Tosin… For real…
      Please I’m really looking forward to seeing you…
      If you don’t mind pls send me an email with ur digits and I’ll send you a remindet text and you will be able to reach me too incase of anything…
      Thanks love

  1. Hello dear,Please can you send me the address of the venue in Abuja via email? I would really appreciate that. Thanks

    1. Jenny darling…
      Would really love to see you there
      Tz 3J’s hotel, 31 P.O.W Mafemi crescent near the customary court, Utako Abuja
      Kindly email me your number
      I’ll send a reminder text too
      And send you my number too
      See ya

  2. Oh! dear,I just scrolled back and saw the venue of the programme,though the writings were tiny *wink*.I will make all efforts to be there *God willing*. Seeeee yaaaa

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