Hey, It is a Saturday…

I thought I would just get you started by laughing your way into the weekend with these pictures. We still picture lurvin’… Thank you to all who have been sending me some pictures and stealing others hehehe…

Ok let’s get you in stitches. Oh well, I can only try. I am NO AY or Bovi afterall…

Miss Swi=_tz bvcxz

Ok this picture cracks me up anytime. The coat of arms can no longer stand cos we are all FED UP… Whoever did this has my thumbs up mehn… Creative and hilarity on end…


Seriously we need to cut Tonto some slack. I couldn’t stop laughing at this especially the enthusiasm with which the person in the picture started with and then the blood gushing out of the ears. Gosh!!! Was the song that bad? Twitter can be mean tho. But I love that chic… she no dey send anyborry ooo. I see she has started shooting a video for the ‘it’s ova’ song or so. I saw some pictures from the shoot and I must say that the blonde hair does look really good on her. Don’t hate jare. Brave girl, that TONTO… we can all learn a thing or two from her on how to ride on all the haters mehn cos haters gonna hate while she keeps scoring. Much of Twitter na follow follow btw…

 Sangolade TA

Way to go darling… we moving on… especially in this new year hehehe. Good for the debtor and bad for the Creditor.

 Angel o' _3(6)

I got this from Valerie’s DP… Walahi at the time she put it, she did need one. I was tempted to kidnap her. UCH stays slaying mehn. The milk their House Officers all the money they pay them and even more. Never the less, it made me laugh. I am sure some Nigerians cannot afford to put this up lest someone truly kidnaps them seeing as kidnapping is now almost legit in Naija.

Demola Pssf

Got this from another Doctor. In UCH… Like I said, UCH stays slayin’ Sorry to all the house officers in UCH ooo. In your next world you would go to LUTH… so you can lounge small and still get paid same salary.


I love the way the picture deceives… YES baby, we are NOT sorry. We stay stealin’

*tongue out*


First of all, I do NOT wanna believe this is real. Someone tell me it is not real. This CANNOT be real.

 L-Vii

What cracks me up is how serious both of them look. I just love LOVE this picture mehn… I am yet to use it on BBM tho but I love it. I got this from Tola I think…

 Zãîdå(6)

Yea yea… some of you know that but for Ijebu garri, na your corpse for comot University. I really do love Ijebu garri sha. With a passion that I cannot even explain. I used to ditch cornflakes for it as my brekkie and my sister DID NOT STOP insulting my sweet life…

(_) Zinny kay(_)(2)

So much for prayers… Rolling my eyes. I am sure this is not real but it gets a laugh from me always

That’s it folks

Happy weekend

Oh well I might as well add three more. Being the weekend and all, you can like to stretch leg and enjoy something sweet. Cake maybe?


But there is one cake I am definitely not eating


Like I said, the inspiration for this cake I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW…

This creativity is a lil too much jor, in my opinion.

ST Coloursy

Now this I would gladly eat. It looks too good to be eaten sef. This is creativity like I like it…

Now after eating these cakes, you would have to diet… that is the hard part. Ask the lady in the picture eating leaves…

Bohlaar Abu(1)

That slim chic is a pure meanie jor…

Trust me, this is EVERY girls dream… EVERY single girl. Except of course the deviants in our midst who eat and eat and never get fat… *jealous much*

♥Fabu-lowlar♥(organzahair;hair that says you)(2)

So guys, stop giving yourselves hope. The above is our SOLE dream… LOL

Ok sugar lumps…

Have a fabulous weekend

And please go to church and enjoy it tomorrow…




The next and final (for now at least, maybe) picture lurvin’ post, season 4, will be up on Monday morning. 7am prompt. It would help you get off your week to a great start. I promise. So keep a date this Monday just before you leave for work or when you get to work…

And tomorrow… *drumroll necessary* DON’T MARRY HIM IF… is finally coming up. Ladies you need to know the kinda man NOT to marry or even smile at *straight face* Please tell ALL your friends kkk. and enemies too if you have some.

Yeah yeah, I just stay LURVIN’ hehehe…

You are welcome

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