Hey girl…

On my morning walk today, this post came to me to write to you NOW.

Matter of fact, I woke up and since hubby was praying in the living room, I decided to stay in bed and watch a video (I like to pray in the living room). I watched my bessfren SJR’s DRAW IT OUT and I kinda felt the Holy Spirit tell me to take a walk. My heart was kinda full and broken about a few things so it was an invitation to come talk it out with Him.

I just left my YouTube on while I dressed up and it picked another SJR message, PLAY TO WIN but I wasn’t really listening till I heard a phrase that stayed with me as I stepped out the door


The walk was one of prayer so I left my phone behind and what really was breaking my heart was the rate at which people were giving up around me. As I started to just unburden to Him, He started to pour out to me too…

And this post was birthed!!!

Let me tell you, THIS IS PAINFUL to me cos I am here thinking


What do we think it means to be a follower of Christ?

Why do we think the Bible has such verses as John 16 v 33?

I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33 NLT

Wait, this is actually JESUS speaking to us!!!


When a man is dying, or going away, he usually says the most important things to those he loves and is leaving behind. Jesus was going away and these were His parting words.

So what else do we expect please?

How are we even reading the Bible?

Cos, I think the Bible really tells us that we are not here to play…

We have a REAL ENEMY and that dude has a JD he is working hard at every single day

To steal



And he won’t stop till he has done these to you…

So, my fight is to make sure that he stays useless where I am

That’s not saying He won’t try

Of course, He will

He will bring trials and temptations and persecutions

I think our biggest mistake is that we do not discern it


No wonder the Bible tells us not to be ignorant of his devices

To keep Satan from getting the advantage over us; for we are not ignorant of his wiles and intentions…
2 Corinthians 2:11 AMPC

We are thinking they are just simple issues

We are not seeing the devil behind it

You are seeing your husband issues as just normal…

Satan already has a game plan to destroy your marriage and your kids

You are seeing that give up spirit as a personality type, meanwhile Satan has seen ahead to your future and how all the many things God has in store for you, you will NEVER achieve cos you will dismiss an invitation to warfare (with victory guaranteed), as ‘But I am a quiet person and I don’t like wahala’

You are seeing that misunderstanding with a friend as just that, meanwhile satan has seen the many things you and that friend are set to destroy in the kingdom of darkness and so is making sure he creates enmity now

You are seeing that emotional issue as just that meanwhile the devil has a huge game plan to destroy your mind so you never think any sane thought again


As an entrepreneur, you are seeing seasons of no sales and no money as just normal or maybe it is God’s way of telling you this is not for you, meanwhile the devil is trying to make sure that you have no money both now and, in the future, to do big things for God that sets people free from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God…

You think you are just gaining weight but Satan is using your indiscipline to cause issues between you and your husband, fight your self esteem, make you sick, depressed and more… But you think I just like food…

You are seeing your biz as small but Satan knows you are a Market place apostle and sent to go into the world to make disciples in that field so he wants to discourage and confuse you from that assignment, then you give up, and that’s it… another Christian business has packed up, meanwhile devil stays funding his own.

Pastor M wrote this post I think we all need to read.

Satan does not come to make you sick

You need to stop and ask yourself where satan is going with this thing he is doing.

It is not the obvious. It is DEEPER!!! Far deeper. And if you think deeper, my sister, you will jump up and fight!!!

Are we even fighting at all?

What do YOU think Christianity is?

Maybe when people get saved, we should give them a literal armor, sword, breastplate, shoes, and more.

We need to remind our selves that Christianity is WARFARE

That we will be persecuted

We will be betrayed
we will be SICK cos satan is attacking

We will fight infertility, barrenness, and more

We will go through broke seasons

We will go through seasons where we don’t even wanna get out of bed

We will be BETRAYED by those we love and wish well

Recently I felt betrayed by someone. I was super stunned. I couldn’t believe it, not just what she did which was the least but the how she did it and how I found out…

I recall when I took that to God, He told me

Eziaha, what do you think I felt like when Judas betrayed me?

What do you think David felt like when he too was betrayed in Psalm 41v9

Even my ally, my friend, has turned against me. He was one I totally trusted with my life, sharing supper with him, and now he shows me nothing but betrayal and treachery. He has sold me as an enemy.
Psalms 41:9 TPT

Why do you think I have given you the Holy Spirit and I continue to grace you?

It is for times like these girl…

You can’t afford to be hurt or walk in unforgiveness or the spirit of betrayal

You must come up higher

You MUST fight’

Satan is after you

There are MANY MORE betrayals in the future and how you handle this will determine how you handle the even fiercer ones in the future…


I fell to my knees and armored up

And let me tell you, I fought and won all those stupid emotions

I counted it all JOY!!!

That’s it sisters

That is IT!!!

That thing that you are going through is what Jesus spoke of in John 16v33


This is IT sis!!!!

It is an opportunity to get in the fight and win

In our Zoom Bible study last week, we studied passion under siege and part of what Chris said was how we fight is by doing what we say we have already done and probably don’t wanna hear again but have to do no matter whether we feel like it or not cos THAT IS THE ONLY WAY’ and that is read the word, spend time in his presence, worship, fellowship and the likes

That is it, Sis.

In times of persecution, we won’t feel like it


That is the only way sis

You are persecuted into position

Warrior position

So, fight baby fight…

There is NOTHING special about what you are going through

We all have our version of our own persecution

All different… but all are fights we must do

Those you see achieving BIG THINGS are also persecuted, some so crazy you have no idea… But they are fighting!!!!

So instead of thinking just how bad your own case is, think about the one thing that is the same for us all…


Now make it bigger than any persecution you have to face and fight baby fight…

Because in this world you will have TRIBULATION…plenty of it



Eziaha and her little warriors

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  1. This message came at the right time dear, I needed to hear these words. I was recently betrayed by someone so close to my heart, i told her everything, shared my all with her you know nah as a Christian sister she is to me, but I guess she allowed the enemy take a hold on her. I am completely touched by your message and I KNOW God just spoke to me through you. I feel better and free and I forgive her. Thank God for this word in John 16:33, all I owe her is prayer. Thank you love, I am so gonna fight big and keep fighting no turning back.

  2. God bless you my Sister! This is a word in season!I will fight! Am so blessed. Persecuted into position! Thank you so much for obeying God. I love you!!!!

  3. I have been ruminating on this thought for weeks now. I am in a place where challenges have been hitting me from right, left, centre, up, down, back, front. But guess what? I have never felt so good about my christian walk than now. I have come to a place where I REST in God. I am on an auto-pilot with HIM. When the challenges come, I just go to the Alpha and Omega; the One who knows the beginning from the end and I ask Him the strategy He has set aside for me to use for this challenge. See, I am living a script and He is the script writer so I’m following the script to the tee. I have come to place where I know God is holding my hand and He’s never ever going to leave me. I call these challenges; ‘The red sea miracles’ and I part them as they come. LOL…. God gives His strongest battles to his strongest soldiers. Kit up QUEENS and FIGHT real HARD!

  4. I thought my comment varnished.
    Thank you E’ for resounding this.
    Between, you look like Pastor Eno in the last photo….

    1. Please let me look like her oooooo
      I want to be looking like people that carry fire biko

      Interestingly I looked at the pix some hours ago and thought I saw a similarity. See you resounding it here lol

  5. Hi Eziaha,
    So I just finished reading this message because it is a message and not just an article. And it suddenly clear, why things have been happening to me. Satan, didn’t come to play. Recently, the kind of mistakes i have been making at work is enough to earn me a queries, deep down i know i am not a careless or silly person but i just kept attributing all to burn out or tiredness. Now, i see clearly and I plan to war. Indeed, the devil didn’t come out to play; its his way of hindering me from being an apostle at my workplace, accepting mediocrity in place of excellence, in short ridiculing the purpose of my being at that workplace. Thank you so much.

    A question– these walks you take and always talk about , are they within the compound or in your estate? I ask because of security concerns and I suspect they are usually early morning walks.

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