When I was in Uni, I had a fantastic relationship with most of my lecturers. Except I didn’t wanna, but if I wanted to, I enjoyed favor and love from you. I’m loveable like that
One of such Profs, who I have absolute respect for, always refers to a certain book when we talk. “Sun Tzu’s The Art of war”. Basically about knowing how to ‘fight’ and win without a war.
So when I was in NYSC camp, I ran into the book and wow!!! I joyfully ‘sold all I had’ to buy it.
So chatting with him, I told him I had bought it and he was like ‘oya start reading immediately’.
I was happy to start.
The book was originally written in Chinese but has been translated to English.
Three days of struggling with that book, I thought they should have just left it in chinese cos as far as Eziaha is concerned, THAT BOOK IS ABOUT AS S̶E̶N̶S̶E̶L̶E̶S̶S̶ COMPLEX AS CHINESE LANGUAGE.
I got halfway and didn’t learn anything new. Maybe only one thing.
I dumped it jare.
Then told him
* I keep thinking the book contains pearls of wisdom hidden between the pages so that only DEEP people will see the wisdom in it. Maybe I’m not that DEEP*
I told myself
‘Nah, I’m deep. This book is plain rubbish. Why for goodness sake are you convoluting a simple matter??? ‘
Sometimes the BOOK is just rubbish. Not pearls of knowledge masquerading as whatever. Tz just plain rubbish.
Now u see, I respect Prof’s knowledge, till eternity, but this book, though a good book (and a best seller might I add), is NOT COMPATIBLE with E’
No need pushing it.
Isn’t that how life is sometimes. It may be good (read lawful) but NOT compatible (read expedient) with you. Let’s take this to relationships for a minute, please indulge me.
I won’t preach the message of ‘don’t marry an unbeliever if you are a believer’. You already know that.
At least I’m hoping so.
Let’s take it even further.
Not all believers can marry cos they may NOT be spiritually compatible. Yes, both are good (just like the book and E’), God loving, maybe tongue talking, children of God but may lack SPIRITUAL COMPATIBILITY.
I live beside a church that has something going on all the time and I hear DIE DIE more than anything else.
I don’t doubt their “born-againism”. But can I marry a ‘bro’ from that church? NOPE.
I speak in tongues. I consider paying tithes to the HOUSE OF GOD (not an orphanage or the poor) NON NEGOTIABLE. I believe in sowing seeds. But I am aware that some other Christians don’t promote speak in tongues, or do agree that you can send your tithe to the orphanage. Are they still believers? Of course!!! Can we marry? NOPE.
Beyond physical compatibility, there is such a thing as SPIRITUAL COMPATIBILITY. I agree the church hasn’t preached so much about it.
That’s why my dear Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo will be preaching on same this sunday at our monthly LoveDating&Marriage.
David’s Christian centre, amuwo Odofin. By Fatgbems filling station.
Dance, drama and comedy too will be featured. Tz always a house party… The holy ghost kind
Holler for more details.
Call 08077714411 or 08028356363


My mtn modem is acting up. I’m sorry the post I promised didn’t go up. I could have sworn I scheduled it. But MTN fastlink is just ‘blessed’
Blogging from bb and adding pix is HERCULEAN.
So bear with me.
Prayerfully, MTN fastlink will pick up already.
Please if you ever run into that book, like I did, abeg d̶o̶n̶’̶t̶ ̶ BUY

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  1. Nne ehhhH, I bought d bookooooo. I privately thought I must be an ‘olodo’ nt to understand d ‘logic’ of d book after reading for abt three hours. I mean, its supposed to be a best seller abi? So I kept my ‘mumuism’ to myself…while everybody ranted about how ‘enlightening’ d book is. But since, iv found a companion, I can boldly come out nd admit dt ‘me too, no sabi wetin dt book de yarn’. FINALLY. But I’m encouraged: if a ma can write trash nd be a best seller, d world better watch out for ME

    1. I’m telling you Dumebi. That book is TRASH. To me at least.
      Yesoooooo we have hope. If that is what best sellers are made of.

  2. As for d ‘funny tithers’, I hd a friend who gave his tithes to beggars nd mad people :s *confused much*. Nd I felt it went against Malachi 3:10. God commanded we bring our tithes to his temple, nt to a branch of d psychiatry ward. I think it affected d dude later on cos I noticed he started reapin fruits of ‘madness’ .

    1. Kai Dumebi. I have finally given up on you.
      Beggars and mad people!!!
      People of the world sha *rolling my eyes*
      A branch of d psychiatric ward indeed.
      That’s a lesson right there… I guess you reap where you pay your tithe.
      Love you increasingly!!!

  3. kk, thank God i havent bought the book as i hv bn planning to…..dumebi….lol… we r waiting for u, no matter what u write, i’ll buy…lol

    1. Looool
      Engee. It may work for you sha.
      Cos that book is some people’s life manual.
      Maybe you are a deep person.
      But if you chose to go with Dumebi and I… Ok ooo

  4. Lol…. Some people like to complicate matters like this “honorable” in the house of whatever for EdoState.

    In Regards to the tithing, my husband and I have thoughts that are not too conventional or popular but we believe that what God asks of us. Let’s not be too quick to throw down things that don’t look familiar to us, we might know where that person is coming from.

    Ps, to answer that burning Q in it mind; yes we do pay tithes.

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