Hey guys

Ok so this post will be a little somehow cos I had already written and scheduled, but this morning, I wanna update it. So the second part was written three days ago and the first part I am just writing.

So hubs came in last night and the moment he came in, he was like OYA BABY, COME OUT NOW hahahahahahahaha


And he said something that just wrapped this post all up…

What happened to you this time? You really MANAGED YOUR EXPECTATIONS THIS TIME AROUND, unlike the last time, when you started being tensioned from 38weeks…

Cos frankly, I have been so relaxed and at peace.

He even reminded me how I logged out of BabyCentre then cos I was sooo tensioned from seeing others give birth yet I was still waiting. Today, I am still on BC and loving all the births and then newborn baby drama too, while looking forward to mine but not upset or feeling bad.

Infact just before I got up to tidy this post before publishing, he got KingDaveed to be repeating this prayer after him…

Baby… Please come out… In 3 hours… We want to carry you… We cannot wait to carry you… I am bored of being the only child… Hahaha

Me I was just laughing. Today ooo, tomorrow ooo, I am ready!!! But i cannot go past a certain date though

Trust me I have also been exaggerating any movement and sound like someone in labour.

Anyways, this morning, I woke my husband up and told him to come let’s go for a walk and he was like WHY!!!!??? He doesn’t need it. Is he pregnant, etc.?

I sha managed to convince him, and he said I needed to give him trainers, socks, headband, speedometer lol and arm band or he is not going. I sha managed to provide what I could and he got up, dressed up and carried money too. That incase I chose to trek for 2hours, he will leave me and take a bike or keke home.

Yawl, can you imagine my husband??? Lol

We sha strolled to the hospital where I am giving birth, and then I took him on a crazy rigmarols journey (he is not as familiar with this area like me so I can easily bobo him lol)

But I looooooved our stroll because he even started gisting me of his early days in Bonny island and more. My hubby just has such a pure heart and I can’t wait to see all that God has for him unfold. When people called me IYA IBEJI and I didn’t even respond or show any emotion, he would educate me that in Yoruba land that was a way of greeting, and I am like NOPE, NOT INTERESTED!!! In between it all, he would stop at every electronics store to price X and Y. MEN sha. Me I saw plantain that looked farm fresh and used his money to buy it. We now saw this amazing hot akara and he refused to buy it for me. That he didn’t want me fat imagine haha.

I just taya for Bolaji Olojo.

Came home, took some pix (he said he looked like a fitness trainer)

and my hubby immediately told my help to bring him TWO APPLES to replenish his energy lost. Imagine!!!

Me I jumped right into my BABY MAMA dance and then did 10mins Kickboxing. Instead of him to be hailing me, he said I should not kick him and KingDaveed biko.

Now demanded pancake and oats before he even stands up again.

Now having eaten, guess who is about to sleep off???


Has been quite a morning and I haven’t even prayed.

So I placed side by side my 34week bumpie with my 41week bumpie.

Look how belly has grown, rounded and dropped.

You don’t even wanna know how many people have called and messaged me this morning.

I especially LOVE hearing

You were ON my mind so I thought to check on you…

To which I reply

Don’t worry, I never born haha…

Ok gotta publish and fly to take a bath and start my day right.

Sorry for typos

Enjoy the second part of the post…

Hey yawl,

Ok so I will write and schedule this to go LIVE on Sat, Sept 2. As at the day of publishing, I am still pregnant and by Saturday when it goes LIVE, if I am still pregnant, I will be 41weeks.


We hoped to get pregnant in 2017 but sometime in the late first quarter and have a  December baby, but I already came into the year pregnant lol. All God mehn!!! Anyways, the moment I realized I was pregnant, I knew this was gonna be different from my first per DISCIPLINE. I was gonna be disciplined NO MATTER WHAT. You see, the first place we win the battle is in our MIND. 12kg max and no more was what I was gonna add!!!

I also decided I was going to stay fruitful all through. These two things were major for me, even though there were more decisions I made. This post will focus on one of such decisions.

With KingDaveed, I was open about my pregnancy and due date from the beginning, and I TRULY believed that I would pop this baby at least 2weeks before my due date which was Feb 23, so from the 12th, I was agitating. Oh my gosh, 26th came around and baby wasn’t even behaving as if he was planning to make an appearance. February came and went, and my goodness, I was losing my mind. Personally, it was TOUGH!!! But PEOPLE made it worse!!! People were constantly tensioning me with

Is the baby here?

You never born?

This baby doesn’t wanna come?

When is baby coming?

I hope all is OK?

And my darlings, you may be asking with good intention and joy, but for someone who was overdue, scared, confused, anxious and holding on to faith by a thread, it was adding MORE TENSION to the mix. Especially when you harangue and ask me daily.

It was TOUGH!!! I logged out of so many places that gave people access to me.

I didn’t open messages anymore.

I switched off my phones a lot.

I found ways to be incommunicado.

Every single enquiry made my faith shake even more so keeping a distance was my way of keeping my peace.

The Doctor had then told me I was going to be induced, SOMETHING I THOUGHT WAS A FAITH FAILURE on my part. And of course, when an induction fails, you end up with a C-Section, which (for those of us who had literally swallowed in a kinda wrong way the book SUPERNATURAL CHILDBIRTH) for me took away from my supernatural childbirth faith.

Oh there was so much going on in my head and I didn’t need anyone reminding me that I had a baby that was overdue and had to be ‘unnaturally’ forced out of my body.


Ok so I would go on and have the baby at 42weeks (that birth story is here. Read at your own risk lol) and I made up my mind first that I wasn’t even having another child lol. After I moved past that stage, I decided that with my next pregnancy, I would be so discreet especially per when I am due so that no one will ask me questions. So if I was due in August, I would carry on like I was due a month later instead. NO PRESSURES.

Oh dear, my first pregnancy going overdue shook me BAD!!!

I remember one night back then when I went on a walk and one woman now called me IYA ARUGBO!!! I bawled my eyes off. I thought she was yabbing me because I was fat and looked old, but someone later told me that they call preggos that some times in Yoruba land…

Mehn, it wasn’t funny ooo that first time around!!!!

When I got pregnant this time, I kept my business away from social media for one reason… I DIDN’T WANT DISTRACTIONS!!! I wanted to do EVERYTHING I wanted to do – workouts, eat clean, live fruitful and more – and I knew that if people saw me lead such a life, I would constantly hear stupid things (especially with my workouts) like TAKE IT EASY OOO, REMEMBER YOUR BABY ooo and the ilk. I heard it even when I wasn’t pregnant (or people didn’t know I was pregnant) talk less of people now knowing. I just had so much to achieve and I didn’t want people treating me in any way because of pregnancy. I wanted pregnancy OFF THE TABLE as I lived so I kept it private. IT WAS HARD yo haha. I was so busy though so I didn’t think far enough of my due date and my plan to hide it. But by my 31st birthday, I knew it was time to go public, especially as my bump and age were both hitting 31 at the same time. I thought it was too spectacular to miss haha. I knew that by doing that, I was auto putting my due date out there, quite contrary to what I decided earlier. Oh but hey, it didn’t matter, because this girl turning 31 was NOT the same Chick who was affected by people’s tension anymore, so I was pretty much MADE UP IN MIND that I would enjoy my pregnancy till the last day, even if I went overdue. I would not be upset, anxious or affected by questions and stuff, whether well meaning intrusive or just plain stupid, but instead I would just keep living biko.

And I am SOOOO THANKFUL that I did. People constantly told me I would pop this baby at 37weeks max cos I was so fit but I didn’t even set my mind on it. I truly had an open mind. Like I said in this post, my aim for fitness was not to have an early baby, avoid CS and all such crap… I just wanted to enjoy my journey till the very last day while making choices that I would be proud of. I believed God for the BEST delivery story ever and I didn’t think being overdue, induction, CS, assisted deliveries and the likes were inferior to vaginal delivery (which is so ANNOYINGLY called NORMAL DELIVERY). It didn’t reflect a faith failure for me anymore at all!!! I mean, I had been totally RE-SCHOOLED in my mind and spirit…

Like a line in the SUPERNATURAL CHILDBIRTH says which we all conveniently overlooked…

Any birth that gives us a healthy mother and baby is a SUPERNATURAL BIRTH, no matter how it comes. They were not telling us that we MUST give birth in a certain way and at a certain time before it is called SUPERNATURAL!!!

Ugh. Anyways, the funny thing is that I also decided that with my next pregnancy, I would believe God for a SC as defined above BUT I was NOT going to be reading the BOOK anymore lol. Just personal reasons. Guess what I would later hear? Two of my distant mentors/teachers, Christine Caine and Lisa Bevere were the same after their first birth lol. Please don’t get me wrong, I have NOTHING against the book. I still recommend and even buy for people, but I had got what I wanted from it with my first.

Now at 41weeks complete today September 2, and me entering the 42nd week from tomorrow and induction an option AGAIN, I have a very solid mindset this time baby. I will make and take as many calls as I want to, and switch off my phone when I want to, without thinking about anyone trying to reach me or ask me if baby is here yet. I mean, every phonecall I make to a friend or family starts with IS BABY HERE? LOL. One thing that made me NOT pick or make calls the first time around with KingDaveed. I recall sometime this week, my phone didn’t come on for the day until 2pm because I wanted to just enjoy time with my son. Somehow, a friend had her baby the night before and I had changed my BBM picture to her baby with a congratulatory message. When my phone came on, my goodness, I had literally a 100 messages. People on BBM were asking if it was my baby (even with my personal message of congrats to my friend), asking when my baby was coming, people on Whatsapp were calculating the fact that since it had been long I was online, I must have given birth, and then texts that said I was unreachable so was baby here, and more. Yawl, it was REAL? It would have crazy upset EVERYTHING with my first pregnancy while I was overdue and waiting, and I wouldn’t even reply anyone lol. But this one? I was very calm, composed, unshaken and actually replied people AT MY CONVENIENCE. I even returned some calls and joked about it.

Oh I was PROUD of myself. So much PEACE. And JOY!!! Lol.

Same Chick. Same condition. Different reactions baby!!!

Ok so far, this has been about me, and my growth. But I really am doing this post to encourage my fellow preggos who will be overdue and will have all the above things happen. For the most times, people do this in LOVE, but some are just ignorant and so haranguing and annoying with their harassment. I was sharing this with my SavedFit&Pregnant Chicks and I loved that most of them were super encouraged by it. My darling, please decide that you will NOT let it bother you, make up your mind to be STRONG through it to the end. Stand in faith for any kind of birth you desire but stay trusting that God will perfect it all for you hun.

Now to people asking and harassing, you need to know something, the emotions of a preggo are CRAZY. Not everyone is going to be as strong as me now. Plus you don’t have an idea what some people are fighting and how your words are affecting them. What reports from the Doctor they are dealing with and how your words may be gnawing at their faith…

You are excited I know baby, but she may not be reading it that way especially where the frequency is high.

Honey, if you truly wanna share in her joy, let me tell you what to do… aside NOT calling AT ALL lol. I learned this from a convo with my Rev.

So he rang me on Thursday and was like how are you doing, etc. and ended the call with

‘You are in our thoughts and prayers…’

I loved that!!! No tension. No pressure. No stupid questions. Just a heart that truly cares.

Pray for them. Then wait for the news boo. They wont have the baby and hide them until they start school!!!

Chill baby!!!

I hope this helps us all.

Love yawl and see you with a BA and BS later haha

That is Birth announcement and Birth story.

Or just another blog lol



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