So I realized I had featured on a good number of blogs and counting…
Yay… Awesome yeah. So I figured I would pool the links all together in one place for easy access. In no particular order, please enjoy…

I got married in November 2013 and three amazing bloggers did a post each for the Love of E’…

My darling Pastor Mildred did this titled ‘A GOOD NAME’

A Good Name…

My blogging twinee, the amazing One plus, Ayo Thompson did this

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Giant sparkle, my girl also did this


Then in celebration of the God kind of love and our most fabulous marriage, two bloggers (and counting) have featured my husband and I on their blog and we have shared our amazing love story

The G.I.R.L’s blog did this

Let’s talk about love:The Fabulous Couple.

And One plus again did this amazing one too.

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And then I also featured on Chioma Chuka’s blog where I chronicled my very fabulous year 2013… That’s the original Fairy Godsister herself…

“This year taught me to represent” – Eziaha (The Fab Sister) is up today! #31days31writers

That’s all for now. Please click, read, learn, apply and share



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  1. Wow! Remarkable. Got to know you better from reading ALL of those links. I do like your circle. Well done Sis, God’s grace to you and do keep being your unique self and a bubbly inspiration. LOL

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