Tuesday Dec 6 2011
Dear Diary,
Yesterday monday was a different kind of day…
Like I said earlier, I do love Mondays. D new week usually brings endless possibilities.
So I woke up and before 6am, I was in our other house in a different part of town. Apapa to Ikoyi. Don’t worry Lagosians know how we do it…I’ll not talk about that further
Anyways I also had a 9am appointment. So at 9am, I was there. You see I have this deal with a certain Coy in Nigeria so we were to work out the finer details and review Costs and stuff.
Meeting started well…met someone I had only been corresponding with… We talked…rubbed minds, excahnged ideas and then told me to give him a minute. A minute dragged to about 30mins and I was wondering what the heck they would be deliberating… Anyways he came back in and with another Girl. Lo and behold it was Toluwani… My Pastor Bim’s daughter. Pleasant surprise. Anyways the deal took a different turn. I can’t give details but lemme create a hypothetical instance…
Let’s say I initially had this proposal that was to be effected in Lagos. They say ‘brilliant idea’. Do your market survey, get back to us. I do it! They are interested still, despite d money they are ‘losing’. So we had gotten to stage final and then the Company decides, Sweetheart this is a brilliant idea… So brilliant we wanna take it round Nigeria!!! Good news yeah? Just that the Scope of Nigeria is too much for me… Anyways they say we would collabo, u work with us, bla bla bla…
I didn’t know whether to be excited or not. I just came back,prayed,talked it over with a friend, then my Sister…she told me what to do… And well, God’s will be done…
I came home, caught some sleep, re-susbscribed for my BIS which I thought I would do without for at least 2weeks but hey, I need the Push emails and immediately too. I watched Ellen Degeneres… Had ds incredible long call with someone… Made some decisions and at about 8pm, work begun in earnest.
You see, we are moving houses…and I am making sure that the new house doesn’t house some stuff like wedding gifts, souvenirs,odds and end, etc… I am the best for such jobs cos I am clutter intolerant… I am actually allergic and I’m such a neat person… So such jobs are reserved for me… Just dt by d time I am done throwing away, you would actually miss some stuff… My people just like keeping stuff from way back that probably haven’t been used in 10years. They love and hate me at the same time for my skills in home organization…
I got done at almost 11…and that was just the Store…
By d time I slept,I was damn tired…
Oh and by the way, this ASUU strike is sickening walahi… Tz now a part of the school calendar being the third semester. I hope dy fix it b4 my school begins nxt January ooo.
So on tuesday I have an exciting day ahead… A photo shoot for the Cover of something. Yay!!!
Remind me to let you know how that goes.
So have a nice day y’all
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be kind to one another
Fab Black Sister

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