Azzin I had started typing out my SERIOUS post yesterday and I just paused and decided that we could gist na, abi?

Just this and that, nothing serious. But because I live for Jesus, we would learn some lessons up in here…

Let’s just start with the fact that this week has been HARD. Actually, the past 2weeks. I have had PLENTY meltdowns and wiped my eyes, put my poker face on and gone about my business, including blogging and exercising.

KingDaveed has been INCREDIBLE!!!


From sleeping for less than 30mins during the day, waking up SEVERAL times during the night, to being EVERYWHERE thanks to perfecting his crawling, to PROTESTING when he wants something and you do not give him, to scattering the entire house especially where we have wires and holding ANYTHING to stand up because we can stand on our own, to biting me on my nipples and other random places. I mean we have our two top teeth so we have to put it to work abi? Oh did we forget the clinging and not wanting to stay on his own or he will SCREAM and SCREAM and SCREAM!!! Lol, this Boo is amazing hehe

He always enters my workout space
He always enters my workout space

Guys, it has been hard!!! I think Tuesday was my toughest day but God dey and so IT IS WELL!!!

BLESS God for great friends. I think it was the same Tuesday night my dear Chisom random just moved from chatting to encouraging me. She didn’t even know what kinda day I had but just spoke such soothing words from the Bible to me, reminding me of how God deals with His own, that when we were done, I started DECLARING. I was just overwhelmed with my house search and wanting to be settled in, HOUSEHELP and all before Nov 30 plus the hiccups we were facing, to my not coming up for air daily, to… oh I was EXHAUSTED physically and mentally.


Bless my reader who took up my offer to babysit. I CANNOT WAIT darling. And I need more BABYSITTERS!!!

The reason why I am here writing on a Thursday evening is because my nieces are around and chilled because the midterm break starts tomorrow so they are baby-sitting for me. And yup we are also bringing out our Walker tomorrow!!!

Phew!!! Thank You Jesus!!!

Ok moving on…

Btw, I need a HOUSE guys. I don’t know how else to put it. Plix epp me… Hahahaha

Ok on to cheerier news…

I shouted at one of my nieces this evening because she got distracted while minding him and something was about to fall on him before my sis intervened. Aside, my sister told me to be careful how I shout at my help when I get one because na she I go leave pikin with ooo. Got me thinking ooo. what do you guys think? Especially mamas here who have help, please. Househelp matter na God ooo. It is well.

Talk about something else that is WELL…



Oh the joys of seeing old dresses fit again and some even free!!!

Hallelujah!!! On this weight loss journey, RESULTS ARE EVERYTHING!!!

Some of my workout clothes are now so free choi. See this one, I have to tie it if not it will just fall.

Notice the bulge in front
Notice the bulge in front

Like the pair of shorts I am wearing in the pix below, at first wasn’t when someone bought it for me, then it became really skin tight. Today I wore it and I was looking for my thighs oooooooo choi!!! It was so freeimage


Now lemme show you this SCARY picture lol


I had on a TIGHT waist trainer yet it couldn’t button fully.

Lemme give you a closer look

Just negodu!!!!

Two weeks after then it couldn’t even pass my hand and that was part of my reality check on losing weight ooo. I recall that was my last Sunday in Bonny and I was thinking I would look hot and everything with my pink jacket and black pants. When I saw that picture ehn, my heart sank. And then the many more that hubs took on his phone. I could NOT believe this was ME!!! I looked like a stuffed akpa akpu (bag of fufu). FAT makes someone look old. See me, Under 30 looking like 35/40.

But 2days ago, I bumped into the jacket and just said make I try am. I was SHOCKED!!!

No waist trainer and it entered sooo freely, arm and all, and the best part, all the buttons were done!!!

Today I started Jillian Micheals 30day Shred program. It was intense but I KILLED IT.

It almost killed me sha
Will do it once or twice a day and on days when I do it once, I will skip in the stead. I also do this plank challenge morning and night.
I hate planks ehn. Too painful
So between Jillian, LaShae, skipping and my tummy exercises, I AM WELL ON MY WAY TO BEING SHREDDED by Dec 31.


Even before then BUT I don’t wanna be carried away with the results until then. Of course, I am still CLEAN EATING adunbilivit. And that is a new lifestyle I am going to continue leading. Will reduce workout intensity but the eating clean STAYS…

Btw, my friend turned sister is getting married on the 26th of December. Mehn!!! My asoebi will WRING NECKS because I won’t even take it easy ooo. if Ruth is not careful, they will think the Bride decided to wear asoebi and already has s son ooo.

Baby O K U me!!!

I have another friend/blog reader getting married first week in November and I am just thinking of what to wear. Not sewing anything because my weight ain’t there yet so no need. Will go raid my sister’s wardrobe abeg.

Btw speaking of sister, something happened between me, my sis and my mom today and I laughed so hard ehn, especially when we had to compare something to popsie. My mom is INCREDIBLE lol. Unfortunately, I can’t share here but if you know me personally, holler. Haha.

Speaking of momsie, I am her GO-TO whenever she has a seminar or speech to present in church so she sent me a message in the afternoon that she is giving a talk to some women on COMMUNICATION IN MARRIAGE the next day so she needs it THAT NIGHT. In my mind I am like, does this woman think I have plenty write-ups from which I will just send something to her? Anyhoos, I set to work and when my sis asked me what I was doing and I told her, she said and I quote

Ha ahn, mommy is asking you to prepare a talk on COMMUNICATION IN MARRIAGE when it is supposed to be the other way round. Babe, you are NOT doing badly at all ooo…

I laughed so hard ehn… lol.

Still speaking of momsie, daz how KingDaveed started fearing her ooo. whenever we visit or she comes around, he will SHOUT and not even want her looking at him talk less of carry. I was so concerned because haba, not my own mama na.

At about 2months
At about 2months

In whose house he was born and who did the ultimate omugwo sef. Momsie came visiting and spent the night Tuesday into Wednesday and you need to see how KingDaveed was screaming that night. Hian!!! But guess what, by the next morning, when he woke, he was more agreeable and was even playing well with her.

Sharing a moment
Sharing a moment


Speaking of Tuesday, I went for Rush hour fellowship that night which holds every Tuesday at Silverbird, Hall 4, 630pm and even though I took time out to pose for pictures at home before I left,


I still got there early and managed to take more pictures before fellowship started.


Btw, this top and jeans had stopped fitting tey tey. That day, you already know na… No waist trainer ooo.

Ife na di ka M A G I C!!!

But I thought I looked good that day hence my picture lurvin’

My handbag
My handbag

And speaking of looking good and picture lurvin’ hmmmm

Sunday last, I FINALLY met PC whom I had raved about here https://eziaha.com/2015/08/08/esweekendbants-ngwa-share-your-christian-playlist/.

He is actually DCC island Choir director but even though walking up to him and saying I LOVE YOUR MUSIC no dey hard me, I had never done it because I just never felt like. Or if you insist I say the truth, I wanted to look small like the E’ of before na before meeting him officially. BUT oh I LOVE my mama, Pastor M, she did the intro on the Sunday I thought I looked HOT!!!


Hair… Check

Make up… Fi-Leek

Dress and Shoe… On point

Trust me, it was a good day to meet PC…


You really wanna meet someone for the first time when you are having a good day so #dontjudge

I didn’t take a picture with him because mama gave us ONLY TWO MINUTES to talk as they were in a meeting but err, the picture will come MAYBE in December.

But PC is goooooooooooooooood mehn!!!


I chanced upon this picture on DCC island IG page, actually someone tagged me and I LOVE IT!!!

And guess who was leading worship?

Yup you guessed right. PC!!!


Still speaking of pictures, so someone tell my hubs to PAY ME WHAT HE OWES ME!!!

He saw the pictures we took in church ooo, these ones


And said that it looked like my Samsung was now snapping really nice pictures so no need for iPhone 6 again, because I been asking him for an iPhone 6 gift. When I told him that it was not my Samsung ooo but it was an iPhone 6 that took the picture, see the convo…


E don pass 72HOURS ooo and I want my iPhone 6…

*straight face*

And speaking of gifts, someone REMIND me NEVER to give such a LONG period for entries when I do a giveaway on this blog. So I wanted to give out 2Joyce Meyer Bibles and instead make I close entry the same day, I come leave am for TWO WHOLE DAYS choi!!! See requests na… I was scared whenever I got an email from a reader requesting for but I was excited when I got messages from my Readers who wanted to join the giveaway, awwww!!!

So far, 5 Bibles are up for grabs and I have way more than 5 entries so I have picked 5 people as the Spirit led

Shugary Thots




Blessing E.

And I have another 5 who are on the waiting list because I KNOW more people will join in the giveaway as SPONSORS. They were just thinking I would have enough so they were chilling. So please if the Holy Spirit is nudging you to give a JOYCE MEYER BIBLE to someone on the FAB lane, send that mail na…


A friend who is one of the sponsors actually said her first thought was to APPLY loooool, then next thought was to SPONSOR because she can afford to EASILY (but who no like oshofree) but she also thought I would get anough people jor till she yielded to the Holy Spirit and hollered that she wanted to SPONSOR so please ehn, HOLLER too… You know you can AFFORD to. You can give it out in November. Don’t assume I already have enough sponsors. I DON’T!!!

So my 5 on the waiting list IF/WHEN I get more sponsors? (in no particular order)

Victoria O.




Dami O.

I am sooo sorry I cannot give everyone. I wish I could darlings. Please don’t hate my blog…

*sad face*

Thanks to everyone who sent me mails and again apologies if I didn’t pick you. Plus I couldn’t even reply at all. I thought I would pass any message across on the blog.

Now if you are a confirmed winner, mail me again using THE SAME MAIL TRAIL where you requested and if you have actually seen the Bible anywhere, let me know so we take it from there. If not, we wait till November when we have it available online again or at Laterna and have it delivered to you. Either ways, everyone should get their Bibles by November ending latest.


There will be a December giveaway so watch out because me I will just do like 12HOURS before I close it ooo. Lol, I don learn.

See yawl again on the 25th with either THE SPIRIT OF SHUT UP Part 2, or AUTHENTICALLY ME and SURPRISINGLY SATISFIED.

God loves yawl like crazzzzy




Oya gist me something sef. See as I don gist una taya so gist me jor


Because no PS PPS PPPS. You gist can be the PPPPPPPPS’es



18 Responses

    1. I was HAPPY to select you boo.
      Your mail made me laugh. You sound like someone I wanna hug and spin around. Like me.
      Email me your number too

  1. Ezi ehn, guess who has gotten and skipping rope and started skipping today? Chai! If ur determination cannot motivate me, Biko nothing else can. Keep it up, u got secret admirers.

  2. Chaii, see me dancing na…thank you so much Ma..but I’m not sure if the Blessing. E. Is me or some other person . You are sure looking fabulous..tangible results!!! keep up the good work

  3. Waoh! See who is getting her groove back! U are looking spectacular. More and more like the pre-KingDaveed E. That’s nice.very soon too, me I will be like Agbani( in my dreams) but really this is so inspiring.keep up the good work.meanwhile u know I will luuuuuuuuv to babysit KingDaveed

    1. I know boooo
      Would have gladly dropped him with u and my mind will be at peace.

      Gooooo agbani oooo. You know u really inspired me and helped me wella in bonny. Thanks so much darling. I wanted to mention in ds post ooo. How did I forget? Lol.

      See babe go get ur Agbani bod!!!

  4. KingDaveed and your mum made me laugh! The pictures were hilarious! I could see the fear in his eyes in the first picture, I wanted to wear my superman cape and rescue the boy jare. But the second picture is bae! A king with his subject, he looked so regal!
    You’re inspiring me to attempt a weight loss programme again even though I’ve fallen off the wagon too many times and with PCOS and its wahala, I didn’t even want to do anything again. But I hear the Holy Spirit whispering in my heart to start again, your lively posts and pictures are giving me strength.

  5. That Last picture with KingDaveed is awesome and is doing plenty things in my being. You look so beautiful and you got a perfect handbag too. Lol, congratulations to the winners.

  6. KingDaveed llooks allot like you as in! I love that last pic, Eez that dimples on his cheek?
    Nd I love that gown nd the contacts and the post. Infact efritin. More grace momma xoxo

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