OK The time is about 5.19am. Bath and quiet time in the bag already. Family devotion starts at 6.40am so I have a few minutes to post this before prayer time. Let’s see how fast this goes… It is supposed to be a short one based on what happened to me yesterday evening.
I am on this group on whatsapp where we are supposed to be ‘ambassadors’ of a certain message. Creating awareness generally and making people DO SOMETHING.
I am somewhat passionate about it and so whenever the group gets quiet every once in a while and I feel like people are not DOING as much as they should be, I start gingering them. I give progress reports about how far I have gone, mistakes I have made that they should not make as they come along, and practical stuff that can help them and us all achieves the goals for which we joined the group.
Yesterday, I got back from work and settled into eating some ice cream,

and I went to the group, sharing stuff with them because I somehow noticed that we were going silent on the primary reason why we came together, discussing other stuff more. As I was bringing my ginger and mojo on, about two people responded and then one of the two messaged me privately. She asked if she could ask me a question. ‘Of course darling, shoot’ I said.
And she asked… ‘Are you a proud person?’
I laughed first and I decided to see where this was going to. Bear in mind that most of us didn’t know each other prior to like above two months or so ago when we met. I decided to answer her.
‘At all love, why would I be? And why did you ask?’ She said NOTHING, I just asked.
I probed further and she said that she kinda overheard some people talking about it at the last meeting we had about two days ago.

Then I told her the last I said on the matter.

I have an idea of who that is. Infact, I am pretty sure.
Let me tell you something about myself.
I am a VERY busy woman on a mission and with a purpose, and as such, I do not let anyone trifle with my time.

Sadly, I have a lot of people who try so hard to get my attention and when they do, they start to discus the funniest of stuff I have absolutely NO interest in. Trust me, it gets really frustrating because sometimes, it is your own dream and you think you can get Eziaha to buy into it and help you achieve it but I always make it clear that while I do not have a problem with your dreams and aspirations, I really cannot buy into it because it doesn’t line up with mine. I say it simply, smilingly, lovingly, with a lot of endearments, but also FIRMLY.
When it comes to matters of life and destiny, you can NOT be emotional about it please. In the same way, I say that if you have ‘friends’ or wanna be friends who desperately wanna join your inner circle, and you think this person is NOT headed where you are, please let them know. Keep people at their level in your life. Don’t close the door, don’t burn bridges, don’t be PROUD and all haughty about it because you know that YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE JUST BECAUSE OF GRACE, but by all means do NOT try to satiate someone’s ego or ‘not make someone feel bad’ and so do what ordinarily you don’t wanna do. So you have to respond to and sustain every winding BBM convo just because…? No baby, do yourself and your generation a favor and invest time rather than waste it.

Time is precious. If you spend time being with people that are not adding to you, you have lost that time and only GRACE can redeem it.
Moreover, if you are a person of purpose and on a journey, you are pretty much gonna be like this. Where you make sure that you can account for the lives around you and how you invest your time. You will enjoy your life no doubt and will be an achiever, all other things being equal.
But there is a price… lol
People will call you PROUD.
I understand that there is a dearth of young persons who are focused from a young age so when we see one who is standing out from the crowd, we label the person PROUD, POMPOUS, OVERBEARING, I TOO KNOW, and all such. Especially when the person is female. Sadly. I recall in my 300level in school when we had to study the SOCIOLOGY OF FEMINISM. We were to pick out a few people in class to discus it and as much as I like to talk and participate in classwork, feminism, at least the way it was discussd then, held absolutely no interest for me and so I didn’t volunteer. But no, my classmates all volunteered me. Especially because the lecturer asked for a FEMINIST. Looool. I was anything but a Feminist. Like I said, going by the funny ideas and definition especially of Radical feminism.
To them, a feminist was anyone woman who decided that she was gonna BE THE BEST despite the limitations of society especially as regards inequality and stuff, which interestingly we were also learning then.
Because I had dared to BE. Haba.
If you can relate to the above, I have one advice. I heard this from my Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo who heard it from one of his mentors in ministry, I think Bishop. When I say Bishop, you gotta know that I mean THE BISHOP OYEDEPO. It is simple
You can’t stop to fight all the people saying that. I heard Joel Osteen say something once. He said we should PICK OUR BATTLES. Not every fight is worth it please. And I have heard several great men and women say this same thing in different ways.
If you are on ‘the other side’, please note, A healthy self esteem and confidence is NOT pride. Deal with your insecurities. Looool.
OK I continued this after prayers. Had to stop for prayers. By the way, Poju Oyemade is my every morning tonic on STV. That dude preaches mehn… and he foineeee… Now let me post and dash off to work…Time check 6.45am
By the way, I am so excited. A friend I met off my blog, fellow blogger and my ‘half namesake’ is visiting with me today. Her name is ‘kaego… That’s what completes my name EziahaKAEGO. Can’t wait to host you Sugar.
And special shout out to ‘one of my biggest blog fans’ and ‘one of my three superstars in church’ Diche. She is now on my BBM and she is so much fun to have on board. We had a good time discussing secondary school kids yesterday. Hug hug…
Finally before I dash off, are you a Corper or do you know any Corper, my latest blogpost is on HOW NYSC CAN LAND YOU YOUR DREAM JOB. www.iseegreenng.wordpress.com . Trust me, you will be doing yourself/them a HUGE favor by reading it and sharing word. I shared amazing ways that can happen and this is just part one. And I have a special offer there too. You wanna skip over. It would help you too if you are not a Corper…
Thank me later…
Oh and just incase you are asking, I am definitely NOT proud!!! If you recognize GRACE at work, you can’t be proud. I recognize God’s grace at work in my life.
My ride to work is here…
Have a fantastic BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE day Sweeties.
Please check my FAB upcoming events segment on my blog. It has fab events you may wish to attend. I have just updated it. If you have any you want me to get on here, holler!!!
Drop a comment. Don’t just run off!!!
A christian blog awards is coming up soon. Details later.

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  1. E, great job. Been following your blog for almost a year now and just wanted to tell you you inspire me. I’ve always found it challenging to show my light especially as I’ve stumbled but I’m encouraged by you. Wanted to introduce you to a thirty day plan you might have an interest in. Its by John Maxwell. Check it out at http://www.maxwellplan.com It helped me focus my dreams and goals. Once again superb job. By the way I also finished from Ui, geography 2010

    1. awwwwwww thank you Sugar…
      blush much
      pls shine the light boo
      we fall we rise we shine
      I will check it out. Thanks a lot

  2. Lol!!!!!!!!!!! Ur Blog though…I’m always gingered to write. Nd this one has caught my interest. Biko, it VERY WRONG to change who you are to fit in with someone. It’s a SIN. One should be VERY proud of the person. Infact, I make my kids recite something every Monday to carry them through the week and it has helped a whole lot.
    Permit me to share:
    I am only myself, my own person, a completely unique individual. I am nobody’s pawn to play with as they like, nobody’s puppet to control however they choose. I am worthy of respect, love and kindness just for who I am. I am acceptable exactly as I stand here before you, differences, flaws and all. I am more than me weight, more than my friends, more than my clothes, more than my body. I am more than you think or say I am. I am more than the surface you perceive. Hidden deep is a someone you can’t always see past your own judgments. I am someone too, like you, but I am only myself. Who I am and what I stand for is completely justified, I don’t need your permission to be exactly who I am. There is no need to change or conform to anyone’s ideas. The clothes I wear, the attitude I possess, the music I hear, the words I speak are all apart of who I am, I am only myself. Diversity is who I am, my choice. Respect is my right, what we both should give. My beliefs and views are substantial and not subject to your correction or question. I am proud of the person I am, I am secure with the image that I recognize as me. I accept my strengths, my weaknesses, talents, flaws and attributes. I am no better or worse than anyone else. Nobody’s perception of me has to become my reality. I am only who I want to be, I am only myself. Judge me, label me, stereotype what and who you see. Categorize me, love me, hate me, be with or without me. See what you wish, believe what you want, I am only myself. And God made me PROUDLY ME!

    1. wow
      I am stealing this to read to my students too
      However one can only say this when your ways line up with god’s way and plans for you.
      Just so one is NOT being proud, arrogant, stupid and brainless and claiming to be ME loooool.
      But it is a great one
      PROUDLY ME!!!

  3. So, for those who can’t see past their noses, I’m proud to be me and u shld b proud to be u. We might look at things a bit differently but lots of good people do. That’s just human nature so why should I hate you for being as human as I? DUMB! If u ask me. Being proud of yourself makes you feel great and fuels your personal growth. Jane Austen puts in clearly: vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves; vanity, to what we would have others think of us. So, if ur proud, it’s cool. If ur vain, ur road is wide. SHINE ON EZI! Eagles dnt club with fowls/chickens. Whatever other people think about motivation, success, health and good relationships is only theirs, not mine. Their thoughts and ideas may lead them to motivation, success, health and good relationships, but not me. How they navigate their life may be good for them, but not me. If I want to control my own life, I need to find my own definitions and my own ways! Love u E! I haff tire to write. Make I go class. Xoxoxo

    1. WE REALLY MIGHT LOOK AT things differently indeed but lots of good people do… very true my booski (that is my new name for you. That HOT dovtor you trip for LOL calls me that)
      loooooool at ur road is wide… indeed
      fantastic write love. as always. We dont have to all go the same way and that is what makes life FANTASTIC and EXCITING
      Love u booski

  4. T.D Jakes puts it this way at the end of the day you are not as good as people say neither are you as bad as they say too. Bottom line keep moving. A pastor in my church puts it this way, don’t throw stones at all the dogs that bark at you. We really need to choose our battles wisely. Wisdom is the principal thing. In all our getting we should get it. Good one dear.

    1. tell me about being NOT as good as people say mehn!!!
      That is so true………
      definitely not as bad too. But I like the good part.
      thank you my STARSHIP

  5. Wow! If she dint know u at all, il av said -“dont judge a book before u even see it” but she knows u and this, this is nothing but LSE… Mi thinks uve got ur self in d wrong clique cos dey obviously are all thinking d same way. one of the first things I observed is dat u av alot of positive energy. now if someone can’t catch up then they shudn bad mouth it by calling it pride abeg.

    1. D funny thing is when I see someone with more energy and maybe achievements, I trip… I love… I fuss over… I even sow a seed where I can.
      I don’t know how PRIDE is the first tin dt occurs to some!!!
      Oh LSE is a good reason.
      As for wrong clique, I’ll watch a bit more and know if to bounce or not
      But we have some amazing ppl dia sha
      Now phebe where have u been?

  6. No be like dat oh! Stuck in one town in adamawa and trying so hard to get out(everytym my phone beeps I pray its nysc wt my redeployment news). I’ve basically been living on the edge here. I recite alot of psalms to keep me sane in the midst of d mayhem. D good part of living in a war zone for a christian is that it takes ur relationship wt God to a level uve never been. Cos all d time he’s ur everything-friend, boss, father, protector-my dear u feel it better in times like this. I know I promised, and i’ve been reading both blogs. Funny its all these that has helped in times like now. I read ur piece on mentoring and remembered how i’ve not had time for all my babies; ofcourse I picked my phone immediately to check em up. Well I dunoo of other people oh, but u encourage me to keep at what i’m doing. So lets say I draw strength from ur writings. keep it up jor. we’re not all the same.

    1. Oh my!!!
      Please they should redeploy you ooo.
      Our God will keep you very safe.
      Keep the psalms going.
      I get you totally on stuff like this drawing you closer to God because you TRULY realise He is ALL you have and ALL you need anyways.
      The definition of ‘war zone’ of course differing from person to person.
      Mine was leaving pharmacy school.
      I don’t know when I’ll do a story on that yet.
      But I will…
      Hope your babies are doing well?
      Thank you for the compliment.
      Very gracious coming from you.
      I’ll keep writing, God giving His endless Grace
      Muah hun

  7. Lol.

    Those who know won’t know.

    Those people who aren’t doing something usually have time for trifles.

    Go General! More Wisdom.

    By the way, it appears all my do something friends have left comments before me.

    We are building something fresh.

    I’m a do something person as well, and I get the you’re full of yourself thing. Well, you have to be confident at what you do, not because of you, but because of those you inspire.

    Like I said, I got your back!

  8. I’ve had the privilege to study E from a distance, and one thing in sure of is that she’s not proud.
    She’s energetic and fab. (all I want in a sister.)
    I love it when women stand up for them selves and make that point.
    And for the records, I’m not attracted to women who do not possess the ‘energy’.
    E, keep it up.
    Battery about to die
    Would continue later. 🙂

    1. Oh yeah? You have studied me. Lol. I dunno who this is tho but I’m happy to hear this.
      I imagine that if I were a guy too, I would NOT be attracted to women who are just lackadaisical about life and achievements.
      Abeggi… It doesn’t even look good on you. A purposeful woman is always attractive…
      Waiting for Part 2 🙂
      Not patiently 😉
      Thank you Rick

  9. I like how she asks you “ If you were proud”…what answer was she expecting?

    a) Yes I am very proud (Ridiculous answer)
    b) No I am not proud (Could be a lie for all she knows)
    c) You are Crazy ( some people would have cursed her out)

    Either way what an abs ridiculous thing to ask…

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