So I was taking a stroll on the ‘FAB lane’ tonight (you too should sometimes) and I ‘ran into’ this amazing piece I wrote some two years ago, in my final year in UI.
As with the Word of God, this post is still relevant today.
I bless God for good godly relationships on three levels
1. With those who look up to you
2. With those on same level as you
3. Your mentors/ogas
We really should NEVER walk alone.
Working on another group of FAB ladies like we had last year. Will let us know deets as soon as my lil Royal lets me. Loool.
Now this post aside the deep truths within, also made me remember how vain I was. Lol. I loved my pictures mehn!!! See as I splash myself everywhere, tz almost embarrassing hehehe. I love the very first picture tho. I am gonna keep it within eye’s reach as MOTIVATION!!!
I have a mentee who does same now with her blog. Writes exactly like me. Dee, you gonna cringe at your blog and all the gazillion pictures a few years down the line sha. Hahaha.
But I LOVE reading her!!! Feel free to visit her blog too and see the comparison of which I speak.
Btw Dee, we should totally lose the ‘wordpressdotcom’. Holler at me let’s sort that out…
Ok guys, enjoy the post. Tz quite a long read while I attend to my booboo KingDaveed


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  1. Ha! Momma have opened my rump to the whole wide world o, I saw ‘exactly like’ and I had to pause ‘PrisonBreak’ to run to my blog again…lol. Thanks for the shout out mama and yes your blog is an inspiration, my blog drips it in lavish quantity.
    P.s I don’t get notified of new posts no more, did something happen to wordpress?

  2. I’m so glad about the group, I’ve missed the group gan, I especially miss B.S, I saved all the ones we had towards the end of last year on my lappy, I was going through it yesterday and it blessed me immensely.

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