So Kemi, the lazy medic inspired this. (Shout out to you Sweetie). She did a forty day blog challenge where she shared with us forty topics and she discussed each daily. If KEMI did it, then I can. And she is a medical student at Medilag. Her blog btw is So I would do my own hehehe. Only that I would NOT give you guys the forty topics ahead of time ooo. I would just release a topic a day. That way I would keep you in suspense and keep my blog buzzing. They would be my views and opinion on various matters and of course they would be godly too.


I asked a sweetheart for ideas on what to write and as she started spilling to me, I decided I would throw it open. So I sent out a BC asking for opinions on topics and wowzers, plenty plenty came up. Feel free to add others too in my comment box or email me and I would consider it. Let me share some of the topic suggestions I have gotten. I would pick out 40 from all your suggestions and start the 40day challenge by Monday January 14. I would still do my regular blogging about stuff going on in my Christian life but I would try not to miss a day from the 40days. And if I really enjoy it and feel like I should make it 50, who can stop me na… LOL… Just send in your own suggestions love OK.


Ok, some suggestions you sent and some likely topics. Some of them are hilarious ooo. Some I knew would be asked. Some people are crazy mehn… Sha dey send… I already have more than 40 but I need more so that I pick out the hottest forty or fifty. Here they are though…

–          Life after a break up

–          My family devotion hilarity

–          My past and recent crushes

–          Favorite bible character

–          Enjoying being single

–          Female preachers

–          Virginity and secondary virginity

–          My best friends

–          Confession time

–          Best thing I never had

–          Fave bible story

–          Things that really really irritate me

–          Things that make me laugh

–          My personal devotion time… How I spend it

–          What can make me break up

–          The role of friends in my life/ what it takes to be a great friend.

–          What makes a lady/what it feels like being a woman.

–          Travel spots in Nigeria

–          Maintaining my Christian walk in today’s world.

–          Best movie watched

–          Date ideas… Best date locations

–          Dating a friend’s ex

–          Proper grooming for men and ladies

–          Best place to shop.

–          First time I had sex

–          Preparing for your honeymoon

–          Marriage palava and rushing into marriage or being pressured

–          Family and their importance

–          Fasting

–          How to survive your first year in University

–          First love

–          Balancing my academic, social and spiritual life

–          My love life

–          How I make friends easily even with older people.

–          My most embarrassing moment

–          My happiest moment

–          Dealing with the death of a loved one

–          My baddest habit

–          What do I do when I am convinced my pastor is wrong

–          Friends I have quarreled with.

–          The perfect church

–          My iPod on shuffle

–          My bucket list

Crazy sturvz, some, yeah? LOL


Ok right now dear, I am really tired of scrolling through my phone reading the responses.

But you have an idea. Please send me more ooo. Comment or email or tweet or facebook me ok…

This challenge I must do it ooo. So help me Chukwu.



Stay lovin’



Men, the one resolution I made, or at least one of the resolutions I made, I have broken from January one. Na real wah. I decided abi resolved to start sleeping before 12, even if I see Ellen at 11pm for an hour. This year, I have NOT seen Ellen at 11 neither have I slept before 12. In fact earliest seems to be 2am… This is really serious ooo. Who does that? Ok, Eziaha. I have long given up on myself…

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