Hey guys,

Oh, my blog, how I have missed thee. Looks like the only way I am blogging regularly is when I start a challenge so here we go with a 30 DAY Challenge. In this challenge, I would be sharing my MOM-PRENEUR Diaries.

If you recall, there was a post I did in my August Fruitful 31 series where I said that a friend of mine told me that having her second was even easier coping than when she had one, and me sef believed that the same would be my portion. I was still pregnant then and I REALLY thought adding number 2 will be twice as easy.

My people, I take that back.


Gosh, this second time round has been SO TOUGH.

One day, I was asking God why this was the case and HE gave me just one word…


Hmmm. It took me a couple of hours to fully unpack but I got it.

Let me drive it home so we get it.

When I gave birth to KingDaveed, I wasn’t doing nothing. And dude slept long hours, so my mom would come in to give him a bath at about 6am,and afterwards will bring him back to me on the bed. I will carry breast, chuk inside his mouth and we both continue our sleep. KingDaveed usually slept till about noon, while I would get up, eat, check out social media, sleep some more, eat and generally laze around. I didn’t have anything serious to do. I wasn’t even praying like that. When he woke, he didn’t sleep any serious sleep again until night, so there were long breastfeeding hours intermittently but that was fine because my phone and food were my constant companion. In my mind, I was on maternity leave after which I would go job hunting. That period was for doing nothing really, just being mommy. I wasn’t even being a wife per se cos Bolaji was in a different town, so it was just KingDaveed and I. between food, social media and breastfeeding, I got fatter ad fatter. My life at the time wasn’t lived with a true sense of purpose.

Fastforward to BB2, my life is SO FULL. I don’t know why I just copied my own friend’s reality when our lives are SO DIFFERENT. For starters, we are a complete family of four now. Hubby is here, and so is a new baby, so I have to be FULL TIME WIFE, and FULL TIME MOMMY TO TWO absolutely different and unbelievably demanding boys.

LOVE how jagajaga this pix is. Thats how jagajaga it can get for me at times but i LOVE it

Plus I have an ENTIRE HOME to manage, complete with cooking, shopping and managing my homehelp. Then throw in CoachE’Squad to the mix and things just go into a whole ‘nother crazy level. Today, I get to TRULY combine various facets of my life and it has to be BALANCED in that way that Priscilla Shirer taught me to define BALANCE.

I cant just ‘chuk breast’ in ElJohn’s mouth and together, we sleep until I get tired of sleeping. I cant afford endless hours on social media doing nothing. Now being online is A JOB. It is not leisure.  I even deliberately stay offline so that I don’t get to SEE the work. In fact, with the birth of my son, my business literally entered NEXT LEVEL (For which I don’t even KNOW how to be GRATEFUL!!!) and God has just been downloading in torrents and showing me better ways to manage it. Sleep? I used to joke with Funto that I will sleep for the first 3months of being in heaven before, but now, I NEED THREE YEARS TO CATCH UP ON SLEEP. This Entrepreneur life is something else, especially when you know that beyond it being a business, it is also you living a BUSINESS life of PURPOSE. I literally started work again and FULL BLAST 2weeks after I had my baby and have NOT slowed down or come up for air from then. I am understanding what it means to be WEAK and totally depend on HIM for strength literally every minute.

That, my darlings, is the journey I would like to share with you in this 30day blog challenge. My MomPreneur journey and how I am attempting to balance it all, and even prep for the new year because really, 2018 is for da takin’ baby!!! I am so excited about it so I am spending these last few days laying a great foundation, in prayers, and STARING (More on this later, as I learned from my Bishop JAKES), for it.

I hope my sharing helps many more moms, whether entrepreneurs or not, to get a grip on the JOURNEY that is LIFE!!!

It will be quite the ride so strap in baby…

Exhaustedly Yours…

Took this this morning outside the gym



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