Day 2, and I am able to start writing this now because one of my SUPER mentees came over to help me baby and house-sit. So thankful for a VILLAGE to pop in and help from time to time.

I pray yawl are doing amazing and ON FIRE for Jesus. So far I have had a good day. Started with the gym and this morning,


I didn’t go with my Baby and help. He was sleeping and well fed, and when he wakes, she knows to TRY to settle him first before blowing up my phone should all else fail. Amen, he stayed asleep till 10mins to when I walked in. I actually spent over an hour on the treadmill and burned over 1000 calories. Sadly, no pix cos the figures ACTUALLY reset after 60mins and then at 1000 calories. Didn’t know the treadmill did that. But hey I was feeling myself for smashing that. I listened in to our monthly webinar with Christine Caine on the treadmill, and I’m so IN LOVE with her all over again. She’s such a POWERHOUSE. I’m not even sure how she finds the time to breaths!!! She spoke on LIVE WELL, LEAD WELL… Actually I missed the webinar but they get to send those of us who miss it a recording so we can catch up, especially as we are all in different time zones. It is this monthly LIVE webinar she has with all her Propel Chapter Leaders worldwide, and it is SO AMAZING!!!

Christine The HurriCAINE and my HERO

Also did a throwback picture to when I was 36weeks pregnant and today, and sent to all my Squaddies.

Sometimes, I feel like I am showing off and tensioning moms in a way that is not good, but I actually am not. Besides being proud of myself for being disciplined, I also share to INSPIRE. My life is SO MUCH BETTER because of FITFAM. Loosing weight changed my life. Living healthily has absolutely been the BEST decision ever. I am not saying everyone has to have a story like mine, I’m just sharing my BEAUTIFUL journey. It is good to hear the comments

but above all, I truly wanna inspire people to give whatever thing they are doing their absolute BEST!!!

Ok so I also hit the market as my home supplies were getting low. I literally sped through cos my baby woke even before I left but between my help, my mentee and his food, I figured he will be alright. One of my customers in the market actually gifted me a packet of washing powder for my baby and I was so grateful. I mean she just saved me 700box and this prudent woman will take it, thank you very much.

So I was inspired by the HS to take a picture in the market and use for one of my posts today, since I was talking about meal prepping.

You need to see me posing in the VERY ROWDY market as a product was having a campaign.

So i took it and created the picture there and sent to my team to post…

Reminded me of my UI days when I modeled and in some sense, I am CoachE’Squad’s model. My pictures are so everywhere online lol. I should get another model haha, but she has to be authentic meaning she lost weight with me. Oh but my Bridal Boot camp model was an ex-squaddie who lost weight with me so it was authentic. As Christians in the marketplace, no matter how tempting it gets, WE MUST BE TRUTHFUL and AUTHENTIC in all we do. It just upsets me so much when I see celebs endorse a product that DIDN’T GIVE THEM THE RESULT THEY ARE FLAUNTING. Per example, slim teas and flat tummy teas. Ugh such a lie.

So yup, everything my team and I put up is AUTHENTIC and I am so proud of that.

Speaking of Team, WE ARE HIRING at CoachE’Squad Ltd. Ugh!!! I am UNBELIEVABLY thankful to God for increase and 2018 is going to be totally NEXT LEVEL so I need to grow my team. I’m scared and excited. I’ve always worked with people I know really well and mentored sef, but now, the Lord is leading me to throw it open and get new people. We have been PRAYING and I believe that the Lord has prepared TWO AMAZING STAFF for us. Pray with me yawl, biko. And then if you may be interested, watch this space. I am yet to actually put out a notice for that. It is amazing how the right staff can literally change your game. Father, thank you for the right HELPERS for this CoachE’Squad vision biko, in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

Is it not crazy how we are talking of EXPANSION. I still recall the convo I had with Pastor M when she told me to start a biz with this and how I emphatically said NO lol. Today look at us. I don’t even believe I get to have my life…

WIFE, MOM and Entrepreneur, and balancing it somehow good. I actually am SO THANKFUL I get to work from home and manage my hours how I want. It is not any easier, but the flexibility of hours really helps I must say. I am ESPECIALLY thankful that I can really REALLY be involved in my home, my kids, my kitchen, and all that. I can be a housewife, a DOMESTIC QUEEN, and still rock a biz from here. Like, GOD IS REALLY GOOD because I KNOW I don’t deserve it. Like right now, typing this in my room, the corner I call my home office space, Ewa is in the living room helping out with my baby, and so are my Help and KingDaveed. So I heard the TV change programs and I was QUICK to fly into the living room to be SURE of what was coming up next, and that it was OK for them to watch it. I don’t watch a lot of TV in my home but every once in a while, I put it on. Oh but I watch Hotel Majestic and The Johnsons and then the Hubster watches a TON of TV lol. I NEVER used to subscribe to DSTV until he came back home finally. He could come for a weekend and then subscribe and I would let it waste for the entire month, much to his annoyance. Now though with him permanently home (hallelujah), we permanently get to have DSTV subscription, at least so far. He wants to try TSTV though and I am like WORREVA lol.

Ok so I think the rest of my day will be filled with homework with KingDaveed, breast milk pumping (at 6 and then 9pm), coaching, researching and prepping my social media posts, and having some Quiet time later after they have all slept. I just introduced a new stuff to all my Squaddies and so I need to make it work, so I will be fine-tuning that too. Then I will also work out to a Resistance band video, make dinner for hubs, catch up on my Whatsapp messages and then I should shut down at midnight. Of course there is really no structure or timing to all of this as I have an Oga at the top who can decide right now that he wants ONLY his mama.

So help us Jesus!!!

Ok gotta publish and run along so that I can release Ewa to go home after a day helping out…

Big hug and GREAT GRACE to all my Moms and MomPreneurs reading this

Your comrade


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