Hey dawleens…
So my laptop no gree on tonight. The charging port is shaky.
It is well…
Anyways, I’m typing and will publish with my phone.

Yay for Day 5!!!

Had a good Sunday. Was gonna blog today about the 5churches I’ve attended after my parent’s Anglican church but can’t do tonight cos I can’t do long typing on a touchscreen phone.
So I’ll just keep this short.

So we got in from church (DayStar) and hubby says he wants pizza for brunch and thankfully a new Coldstone/Dominos just opened real close to my home and I know promo go dey so I went there.
As expected – free waffles with every icecream purchased then an extra side bread order , 2 PET bottles of soft drinks, and a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE voucher for your next purchase all for 4500 for a midi pizza. The midi pizza costs 3600 normally so all these extras for an extra 1100. A true promo indeed.
So it was another treat day lol.
Enjoyed it.
And with a free voucher I’m going for another this week then back to clean eating till most likely Christmas.
I’ll burn it in the gym. Can’t be fat cos I’m balanced, disciplined and know my limits.
Just finished my night workout and I don’t have the time to tell you how I thought husband of mine went in to get something only to go in and see him sleeping. He left me right in the middle of the workout he was gingering to join me on.
The workout was killer though.
BODY SHRED SERIES 1 with Jillian.

Then she starts laughing.
But I love a challenge so I’ll take it and do it till it’s breezy…
Unfortunately tz not on YouTube anymore. A friend sent it to me.
Looooove IT.
Plus i also love that my tummy is doing AMAZING haha.

I recall when I had to LIFT UP A FLAP to see my CS Scar but now… Yay!!!!

On publishing this, I’ll go shower then pump milk while I do my weekly planning and prayers. I’m already leaking milk as i type.

So much to do this week and before end of November.
So help me God. Rev Sam Adeyemi has been preaching on THINK LIKE A CEO and it is like a biz seminar every Sunday.

I’m taking notes for 2018.
Should crash by mid night…

Ok gotta run.
Pray for my laptop…



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  1. El John looks like a mini KingDaveed.

    I saw this post title and I just started laughing inside court. Loool
    My laptop too crashed over the weekend and I have been so mad but show has to continue…
    You look great.

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