My name is Osham Ebinum

Let me just begin by saying that my mind was not prepared for all that I was going to be getting at The Fab Sisters Academy. It was indeed an experience and the kind of wisdom I was able to interact with, the wisdom from my mentors, Tolu and Chi, was tangible, workable and practicable. I was able to see why my life wasn’t working and even more importantly, I was able to create some sort of order and system around my life with the wisdom I was given.

Here are the top five things I have learned and have started to apply:

JOURNALING: I am a journal person. However, TFS helped me to see how I could make my journaling more intentional by journaling my experiences with God and how He has by His grace led me to meet certain persons and encounter certain people I never imagined I would meet in my life.

TFS helped me see that journaling my seasons and winnings in my walk with God was very key and important to my overall growth and upgrade as a person.

SCHEDULING: This part was everything for me. I learned the importance of having prayer schedules and even personal schedules. I have started to pray with my prayer schedule and it has helped me have some sort of direction and purpose in the place of prayer. So I know that I pray for certain things on certain days. Even more so, it has taken away that feeling of being overwhelmed whenever I think about the many things I have to pray about in my life. With my personal schedule, I was sort of able to track how I spend my hours and it helped me fix certain activities within certain time blocks.

DAILY MUST: This was really a revelation. I got to understand that there are certain things I must be doing if I want to achieve my big goals. I also learned that my “daily must” should revolve around either my quarterly goals, my monthly or my yearly goals. All of a sudden it made so much sense after seeing Miss Tolu and Miss Chi’s daily must. I was like, “Okay, I think I am getting a hang of how to do this life in a strategic way.” Now, I have four things on my daily must which have been really impactful. And even though I don’t design and print cute stuff like Miss Tolu, I wrote them out as neatly as I could and taped them on the wall close to my bed so I get to see it when I wake up.

TO-DO LIST: Words cannot even express how this has helped me. I suddenly understood the importance of a pen and a paper in the life of a person. I wrote, and still write down, everything and anything after understanding the whole point of having a to-do list. And this sort of put some healthy pressure on me to make sure I get the important stuff on my to-do list done.

The feeling of satisfaction that comes with having everything on your list checked off has been really rewarding and even on some days when I do not get everything checked off, I try to make sure I get the important ones done.

SERMON NOTES: I am not exactly sure that it was worded in that way like “sermon notes” but I understood the point of writing down stuff I learn from listening to my favorite preachers. TFS made me get a new sermon note. I became intentional with how I listen to sermons. And I began wondering why I hadn’t been doing that earlier.

There are lots of other things I learned ranging from how to handle relationships with people, how to evaluate my circle, to the importance of having an active prayer life, how to use the You Version Bible app, and a study bible which Miss Chi really elaborated on in my TFS mentoring group.

I must say that I enjoyed every part of TFS mentoring Academy and the light that by the grace of God I have been able to receive. But most importantly, I am super grateful because TFS Academy taught me not to remain at a certain level and that just because I have just four things on my “daily must” list don’t mean it cannot become more than just four tomorrow or the next.
Thank you so much Coach E, Miss Tolu and Miss Chi for an amazing experience.


Osham Ebinum

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