*long post alert*

If you were born in June, come out and dance…
*high five Nk baby*

June Born
June Born
I am emotional about June. The month has my number walahi. Of course it is cos tz my birth month. But especially cos it is NOT supposed to be my birth month. You see, I’m a prem baby. Ought to have come in August. But I had to come in the last hours of June. I suspect it has something to do with Joyce Meyer. (Deep revelation. If you don’t get it, keep it moving loool)
That said, Happy new month.
May all your beautiful dreams happen and may my Sugar daddy throw His weight around for you. Amen.

June opens with my bestie’s birthday. The one and only Booski. Dumebi Ezar.


I have written a plenty about her on my blog. Refreshers here…




But not enough to not write today abeg. Yesterday night, I was drop dead tired. I had a most draining day and Aero didn’t help matters. Port-harcourt worsened it all. Got in totally beat. But for some reason, midnight found me awake. As I read her birthday blogpost http://dumebie.com/2014/05/31/a-thankful-me/comment-page-1/#comment-1656 at midnight, the tears started to flow.


Then I decided to write her a mail. I didn’t edit. I didn’t finetune. I just wrote and cried and wrote and cried.

I am given to tears easily yes but with my Booski, I am tears personified!!! I cry cos Dumebi’s God is awesome!!! He’s a BOSS indeed. He throws His weight around for my booski. Ask me. I should know.


Hmmm. Gosh!!! Tears are my response to His faithfulness. To His Grace. Simply amazing!!! AMAZING!!!
Let’s move away from God in her life to her in my life. Dumebi is my biggest cheerleader (and she shares this title with my darling Valerie but since tz Booski’s day, let’s focus on her). Dumebi will take my case, believe in and run with it. Dumebi believes in Eziaha. I don’t know why she does. I dunno how she does. She just does. And it is incredible!!!

At my bridal shower
At my bridal shower

Hmm, I’m sorry for anyone that tried me then in Ibadan. I only needed to report you to Dumebi and she’ll handle you hahaha. She is my biggest fan!!! How one girl does that for another without even a flicker of beef/envy, a marom. Like I asked her, are you sure you are human?

She was my MOH and I was hers too
She was my MOH and I was hers too

Ah, then Dumebi is Sunshine. Except you are real pure evil, you gotta love her. She exudes life. She’s like my personal sunshine and rainbow. All things bright and beautiful. Her smile can light up the nation. Nay world.

this smile runs in the family. Her mom's smile is bedazzling walahi
this smile runs in the family. Her mom’s smile is bedazzling walahi

She knows how to live from life’s sunny side. And with all the gloom in life, you need such friends.
I proudly recommend Dumebi…

Dumebi is one girl that I know smiles more than me
Dumebi is one girl that I know smiles more than me

If you don’t have a Dumebi in your life, you have two choices
1. Move to Sambisa forest
2. Get down on your knees and pray!!!

Thank you Booski. One phone call changed our friendship. And you made it. Thank you.

Thank You for sharing your amazing life with me. Letting me in, no holds barred. That’s HUGE.

We both signed our marriage registers*
We both signed our marriage registers*

Over 6months I saw you, somedays I am just too emotional. Somedays I fear I may lose this friendship. But thank you for absolute reassurances that my fears were and will remain baseless.

Thank You for just absolutely loving me. And nne, my love for you is going absolutely nowhere. Titilailai. And you know I’m mega mega prouda you boo.


And I already shared with her but hey FABers, join my prayer for my Booski

Jer 17:8
For she shall be like a tree planted by the waters that spreads out its roots by the river; and she shall not SEE and fear when heat comes; but her leaf shall be GREEN. She shall not be anxious and full of care in the year of drought, nor shall she cease yielding fruit.


Psalms 1: 3
And she shall be like a tree firmly planted [and tended] by the streams of water, ready to bring forth its fruit in its season; her leaves also shall not fade or wither; and everything she does shall prosper [and come to maturity].

Hallelujah!!! Amen!!!


Booski mi, you better make A ki ki tan 15-06-14. Pastor M will be delighted to see you too. And Priceless and many more. Can’t wait. (Akikitan details sooon right here)

Happy birthday baby… You and I sooo rock we should form a band!!!
I love you endlessly.


PS (before the real post starts lol)
Incase you wondered, like some people on my BBM wondered, I have more than one bestie. Infact anything BEST, I have more than one. There’s enough love in me to go round. And thankfully, my best friends are friends to each other. Hopefully, we are one big happy family, and they all understand just how special they are. Wouldn’t want y’all fighting over me now, would I? But that’s a thought tho. Imagine Ayo and Dumebi fighting? Or Enny and Vee? Over E’ Loooool. Then E’ will be on E!!! Hahahaha
But really sha, I must be a real amazing person ooo. See how God just coloured my life with amazing friends. Choi!!!
#YesIamBragging #IEarnedBraggingRights #PluetzJune

That said, before I enter my AMAZING post, lemme just say my marriage is 6months old. The second half of the first year just begins. Not to brag but…


My recommendation? Lots of great sex and good food!!! (Pastor M, I have you to thank for this ooo) Of course you know God is the foundation of it all.
Like one of my mentees said (btw thanks y’all FABmentees for all the love. The way they celebrated it, you would think tz one year sef) Marriage is the BEST place to be after God’s presence. #iAgree

Aku’m, my King forever, you and I, ah!!! Devil go take. I’m just sooo convinced of this choice daily mehn… I absolutely love you hubs. Always and Forever.

Ok now the Post proper. I wrote this almost three weeks ago. Decided to publish it in THE JUNE!!!

I don’t have the words to express just how much in love I am with Joyce Meyer. Choi!!!


I actually believe I have met her before. I especially love when people remember stuff I have said about her. Recently, I put up on Twitter

‘Ticket booked. Let the countdown begin’

and someone replied me asking if it was ticket for the JoyceMeyer conference I was talking about…

Awwwww. *hugs Inthe’licious*

The other day, I told the ladies in my group that I had a surprise picture to share with them but first, they had to guess. I loved especially two of the guesses. Some said I had gotten a visa and booked my ticket to Yankee for JM conference while some others guessed that I had gotten a date for my first ever FAB Ladies conference. (Y’all know that’s how JM started). I just loved those two guesses though both were wrong. But anything that reminds me (not that I ever forget) of my JM connection is always welcome.

Caption like momma like daughter

Oh BTW, I am doing this right from the airport.

[caption id="attachment_4758" align="alignleft" width="225"]I was sleep deprived!!! I was sleep deprived!!!

After my last airport drama with a 7am flight ( https://eziaha.com/2014/02/14/cupcakes-for-valentine/ ), I got to the airport at 20mins to 6 this time. Funny how when you love really close to the airport, you come late but when you know the airport is on the outskirts of town, you give your self a great head start and get there early.

*** Side note: Afternoon domestic flights are the absolute worst!!! I am always delayed. Now tz either first or last flight for me thank you ***

So with plenty of time to spare, I decide to actually give life to this post. And I have an interesting Oyibo company here.

 Very pleasant dude
Very pleasant dude

Dude had been on his phone all the while but when he saw me trying to fix in my charger, he opened his bag and gave me an adaptor. I just loh’ when people are nice.
Just in case anyone reading this forgot or doesn’t know, I am soooooooo in JM’s LOVE LIFE WOMEN’S CONFERENCE, 2014 in Flotus’land.

Look, anything all women, I’m all for it. It is easier to get me to come for an ‘only ladies’ event than anything mixed. I recall what landed me in DCC was some invitation a friend gave me for the Just Us Girls conference some say 6/7 years back. Before then, the same friend had given me a previous JUG CD where Tara&TY Bello had spoken, so I decided to be live at this one. Ah, I loved it so much that I had to find out what church organized it and that’s how I landed in DCC ooo. Granted PK’s teachings has a way of making you stay too. Plus it helped that my Rev Femi Oduwole is the father over DCC too.
Interestingly, that program was my first time of meeting Pastor M. I recall stepping out to see all the vendors, get some freebies and purchase some stuff when I ran into Pastor M at the back. She had on a black and white gown with red belt and she looked resplendent. And y’all know I go after the pretty ones. Hehehe. And I went to her and said (Pastor M, you so won’t recall) ‘Can I give you a hug?’ Loooool. I’m soooooo shameless walahi. Actually I think I’m shame-free sef. Lol. I have a picture from that day of her but with almost 10,000 pictures on my lappy, I’m yet to find it.

As expected, I listen a-plenty to JM. It used to be sooooo hard to pick a favourite podcast till I listened to LIVING AMAZED. Choi!!! Bless up Tani for hooking a sistuuuuur up with that podcast. The first day I listened to it, I was blown-away AMAZED. Did some snooping and realized she preached this at the Love Life Conference in 2012!!! Hehehehe. Pastor M was at that conference LIVE as a surprise birthday gift from her PK. She did a post on it here.
Live Amazed!
Now now, this is where the koko of this post starts. And it will be real long. Hehehehe. Seeing that I don’t blog as often anymore, anytime I do, it will be long so you can read for days.

**side note: I’m gonna be blogging more this June tho. I mean there is plenty to talk about jare**


OK final boarding call for my flight.
I hope I complete this post in the next two days lol. Lemme run.

Time check: 6:50am. May 13. If you don’t like ‘novels-in-one-blogpost’, this is a good place to stop and come back tomorrow. He he he.

Ok I’m back…
Time check: 5pm. Thursday May 14.

Ok like I said, JM preached this message at her LLWC.

I wasn’t there but my people, I can describe this day in details having listened to this message 5billion times. I can guess her mannerisms, her starts and stops, and I can almost recite it. For example, I know she had a bucket up (or a kinda container) that had all her journals of God’s dealings with her for the past 30+ years.

So she talks about how in several of Paul’s letters , he stirred the people and their faith up by putting them in remembrance. (Just google ‘remembrance’ in the Pauline epistles). By causing them to remember.
Even God in Deut 8 charged the Israelites not to FORGET and somewhere in Psalms he says FORGET NOT ALL His benefits.

So daily, if we just take like 5mins and have a THINK SESSION thinking about something God has done for us and just be childish enough to be AMAZED!!!

Come on!!! Even God has a book of remembrance and He records our deeds. Mal 3:16.

Why should we keep these records? Cos sometimes, especially when it seems like life is dealing us some, we go back, read all God has done for us in the past, get our faith ALL stirred up and just be AMAZED all over again.

And then she proceeded to share some of the stuff in her journals with us right back from the 80’s even before I was born. Kai!!!

Sept 24 ’83

Serious financial need in her home. They needed $200 to pay some bills!!! (And she chuckles. Even me sef chuckle. $200???!!! ) They are broke, blablabla and right in that journal, she encouraged herself saying all the joy comes in the morning, this too will pass, etc.

But today, she is like, the bills are in millions and she has absolutely NO debt. The ministry has never had to owe for anything. Bills always paid on time. Never borrowed a penny.

Oh but there was a day!!! Many days like that. Days when $200 was a prayer point. Today, their charity is in millions of dollars.


Ah, I’m smiling at the needs I have now. Someday I’ll look back and say ‘seriously Eziaha, at some point, you needed a Kia Soul? Gee!!!’ It will even be embarrassing.

Aug 1979

She had this prayer list where she was praying mega and using ALL her faith for it. 12 wash gloves, new sheets, new skillets, a can-opener, money for heater fans for both cars, etc.

She specifically asked God for the 12 wash gloves.

Someone she hardly had a relationship with knocks on her door and apologizes as she says that she just feels God would have her give JM these 12 wash gloves!!!


You really shouldn’t be ashamed of needing this or that, or of your current level. Cos then, it gives God an open door to just do some of the MOST amazing things for us. All we need do is whip out our book of remembrance and keep records so on blue days, we can whip out our journals, stir up our faith and be AMAZED all over again.

And soon, you would be soooo blessed you would become a blesser/giver. Like JM today. Oh, my hubs once did a study on her and was just amazed as to how much wealth her ministry controls and how much they invest in charity.

It shouldn’t bother you if where you are now is nothing like the greatness you know God has called you to. At the period JM was having all these now ridiculous needs, she knew God had called her to a world wide ministry yet here she was not affording basic bills. No wonder people kept yabbing her everytime she shared her dreams with them.

Today? AMAZING!!!

Nov 30, 1989

She detailed in her journal all the pain, trauma, depression, etc she felt from being diagnosed with breast cancer after a malignant tumor was found in her right breast, and that day she was going in for a surgery. From her tone, you could tell she was scared. She said she had been attacked with demons from hell, etc. But she trusted God first that the cancer hasn’t spread to the lymph nodes and also that after this operation, no further operations.

Today, over 20years later, no further treatment. No recurrence. Yup she’s got prosthetic right breast but that doesn’t make her incomplete cos God told her ‘You are complete in ME’ Hallelujah!!!


Can you imagine what kinda rush and high she would get just reading through that book, remembering all the pains and fears then and just knowing that God has delivered her from them all forever and that the devil lost??? Kai!!!

Totally AMAZING!!!

Part two loading…

But this June going FORWARD, I enjoin you to live AMAZED!!! Keep records of what He is doing. Don’t let your needs steal His glory and shine in your life. You will be indeed AMAZED!!!

See you on June 4 with Part two.
Tz also a special special SPECIAL woman’s birthday.
Hint: She’s 70 plus 1 and she’s real amazing.
No prizes for guessing though.


Special shout out to Tani for helping me with this Post. I’m tired of Airtel. Sorry Mike Ezuronye. I’m porting to Visafone. I hear their Router is amazing!!! Plus first month comes with free 5GB of data for trial. Dunno about y’all but I’m all up for free 99s hehehe.

FORWARD 2014…Still Testifying

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  1. blogging is hardwork is all I will say tonight. I will come back 2mrw to comment proper. Happy Birthday Booski….

    1. Tantan…ese ghannnnn. No b small work, for blogging, infact i wonder hw some ppl blog everyday sef. And airtel is d most USELESS ntwork for me. They should use d name for an insecticide abeg.

      1. Loool…Infact i respect all u bloggers afresh…Lol at using airtel for insecticide name… Luv u baby girl…Never ever loose that smile

  2. I absolutely love love JM too, part of your excitement spread on me but someone sent me tons of her msgs and it’s been amazing, her video on spending time with God had me walking on a high..4he also shared some stuff in her journal in that video. Ah!
    Short of words..we will keep holding on to God, keep the jornal alive cuz one day, we will surely look back and be AMAZED!

    Congrats on the 6months mark E, may your union continually be a light to others and oh, I notice d difference for oga face oh, you’ve so fed him good food! Choi! See difference! Lol

    And akikitan? Hmm, I perceive I will be meeting lots of people I know only in the E world there. Till then sha o, lips are sealed, I don’t know if I will come..lol.night night.

  3. Happy bday boooooosssski,dumski,lighting up our world wit ur lighthouse smile.
    I goTta love Joyce meyer,downloaded her books via the internet(dnt ask if I paid for it o #freetinzsweetbelle)
    Eziaha,u kno u r d best right!your friendship is just pure honey sweet and very healthy

  4. I forgot.congrats on ur 6mnths baby,u v fed Aku’m fat!tnk God o!n u v managed to remain trim!
    Nawao o!I hope I can remain trim while feedin my hubby fat!hmmmn! Ok o
    There is God oooo

  5. Eziaha haff make me cry this morning again. Thank God im not in America they wld hv thot I was hving a nervous breakdown, crying like this. Words still cant, and never will express my love for u. But someday, I will show u. Thank u for everything, Eziaha. Msy d heavens open and flood ur life with goodness u will be too dumbfounded to explain. Amen!

  6. E, nne you have tried on this one o. I had to read the whole thing at a sitting because…we are both June babies!!! Whoop~

    I cherish friends who cherish friendships, relationships. I don’t know what it is but you are more than you think you are. But I like the fact that you think less of yourself and more of others in your posts. Congrats to you and Dumebi! 🙂

    1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Thank u jare. E no easy. Ahhhhhh….lemme go nd show hubby this comment. Sloppy kisses to u darling.

  7. Ok I have to say that reading E’s post is like climbing Mount Everest, it feels like I will never get to the end, err but she manages to make me laugh, roll my eyes and maybe just jealous too with her aku’m gist, I will marry well o. Finish the post o, I will take time to read in between all i need to do. It haff tey o, hope I see you soon. Happy birthday booski, I see that in E’s blogs a lot that when I hear the word I immediately think of you. Happy birthday love, may you live as long as you like and have all you like as long as u live. God bless u loads. Later e, send me a mail sometime, don’t leave me out of this love world.

    1. Amennnnnooooooooooo. Pls keep thinking of me nd wen u say a word of prayer for me. Im sure u wil get a mail soon. Bless u.

  8. Happy birthday booski, enjoy grace. Thanks for this post E’ , it really blessed me. I went in search of the video on YouTube and the message itself is more than AMAZING. Anyone who is interested can check it out here-

    This has totally made my month…thanks again!

  9. Now my main comment:
    Pls grab ur popcorn and water as we are on a team fitfam mission *hehehehehe*
    Happy montheversary to Eziaha and Bolaji…Like I saw that picture on E’s DP zoomed and just had to ping her..The girl has dne well biko!!!!

    The love life conference I just cant wait mhen…….. And to think mama Joyce clocks 71 this year and she still glows like dat? Biko gimme Jesus every single day…E’ u remember u will be taking my pictures sebi… incase u forgot check 31fabvoices!!

    Finally A ki kii tan!!! Just who my God is……….. Imela was awesome in too many ways for me….. Just yesterday I looked back at where I was 1st week in June 2013 and where I am 1st week in June 2014 and I burst into tears bcos only God could have done this……..One advice: do not miss A ki kii tan for anything!!!

    Eziaha you deserve much more than this o…And soonest baby…soonest major payback is coming…Thank u for ur hand in friendship and for ur continuos labour of love!!God bless you.

    P.s nobody shld harass Eziaha for not posting frequently again o..This blogging thing is not beans walahii

  10. Happy birthday Dumebi! Many more years of God’s grace.
    E THANK YOU for this post.. Thank You. I read it all with joy and I learnt so much. I have a ‘Testimony’ journal that I now need to take very very seriously.

  11. Momma and her amazing friends!! I like!! Happy Birthday! I dunno wich is her name, is it Dumebi, Booksi or Ezar? I know its d same person, yeah? I wish u God’s best and I love you even if am yet 2 meet u, buh momma loves u so I do too and I love d pretty smiles too and yea, I love ur blog! K, momma ur post came at a tym I needed it d most, imagine me bursting into tears cos momsy said she’s not getting me a laptop and wondering how I wee survive in Med schl, God’s got it jare! I choose 2 live amazed and soon I’ll be embarrased dah I was crying bcos of a laptop infact am alredi embarrased sef like my ABBA is not bigger dan all d laptops in d world! Kk, yup, we june-borns are so dancing and yea, dis is not where I was june last year, so am Mega grateful 2 ABBA and very funny abt making Airtel an insecticide name, neva even considered airtel a network 2 be used by me! Not like MTN is making dat much sense, I wuld still pick dem ova airtel anyday, I just av a major beef 4 airtel, somtyms I even 4get dey exist, buh Momma, visafone? Am scared 4 u alredi! Much love evrybody, I hope 2 meet all Momma E’s amazing friends @ A ki ki tan! See y’all dere! Much love, muah!

    1. Awwwwwwwwwww. Thank u, Glowy. I love u too. U can call me all of d above. I am very certain that u will get that laptop. When u do, tell usooooooooo.

  12. Being that my Booski has taken over this post, I’ll just do a blanket response.

    @ Funke darling *wink* feel free to call her any of the names ok.
    And that laptop, like my Booski said, when you get it, you know where to testify.
    And yes see y’all at Akikitan.
    Can’t wait boo
    @Oneplus, you are so super sweet. Blogger doesn’t let me comment on your posts. Nuffair!!! Port to WP jor. And yes me too I’m taking mine even more seriously.
    @Cannime we are na. I already established that with your testify Post. Oya what’s your birthdate ooo?
    @tenderonii bless you my darling
    @Dammie I’m happy it blessed you and you found it too. Thanks for the link. Will attach that to the next post.
    @Msgiddy mama. Heheheh. Mt everest indeed. I LOVE long interesting posts. I like to think mine are interesting too. Hehehe. Lol at think of Booski. I really do put my friends out there. Lol Ezar looks like you will be the one mailing her ooo
    @Maggielola, she is HOT ooo. June babies rock abeg. Me you booski cannime. Haba!!! We should form a rockin’ band. And thanks for the loving hun
    Lemme end here and add another to complete the response.

  13. @Ezar
    Thanks a lot for your friendship boo. Love you too and a huge AMEN!!!

    Looool. E no easy ooo. I am tempted to eat as much but I try. Sometimes I fail. Lol. Plus plenty exercise. Tz not so easy having a different diet but tz not impossible so #YesWeCan
    You downloaded free books? I’m calling my mama lol. Oya share links with us ooo *wink*
    Muah. You are a real sweetie boo

    Amen ooo. The world needs that smile.
    And yes I did a great job with hubs abi? Lol.
    And that journal? We are keeping it. *high five baby* See you at Akikitan

    @Tannie hun, mega thanks again. Yesooo blogging takes time. Thanks for rising to my defence. Except it is a full time job, doing it daily is hard esp with all the pictures. And yes to Airtel for insecticide abeg.
    Who is snapping you? Alika. Snap ko. Meanwhile I checked the FAQs on her site and they kept talking about how it is usually impractical for photo ops with JM as much as she would like to.
    I can relate with your last year and this year story boo. And guess what? Next year will be even better. Yesoooo
    And that phrase… Gimme Jesus every single day. See fabulousity na. At 71. Jehovah!!! Talk about restoring the years. Restoration with compensation.
    And do you recall I met you first at Imela? Lol

    Phew everyone thanks for the loving and greetings to my booski

  14. Congratulations Big Sista E’ on the baby, the job.all in ur bday mnth. Dis 1 pass man o.can only b our papa d’ Sucre .dnt mind ma attempt at speaking french.so so inspired by ur testimonies. Many more 2 km o.Time 2 dust dt list of prayer requests and start faithing it out.lol.im serz tho #IYANU* in Rev’s voice*

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