It was one of those pregnancy days that were long and had drained me out physically, mentally and spiritually. So when hubby rang me at night, I couldn’t work up any kind of energy to keep up a convo. We normally do this thing of

Call: Si’m Ita

Response: Ita

It is an Igbo thing for gist or gossip haha, which ,means ASK ME TO GIST YOU… and then GIST ME.

We do it when we have hot gist/gossip to share. Or are just fooling around, but that night, I wasn’t in the mood. He kept asking if anything was wrong and I said nothing, I was just tired and not in the mood. Just say whatever you wanted to say now. And he said he couldn’t tell me in my mood cos it was a BIG DEAL.

So me I went to sleep thinking it wasn’t anything so much of a big deal. You see, we had been believing God for a particular call and I figured that if that call had come through, He wouldn’t need my mood, He would just say it.

Then the next morning, I was in a far better mood, infact work mode by my work space at home when he rings me again and asks if I am finally ready for the gist and I am like ITA alredy jor. And he said the ONE PHRASE we had been holding out our breaths for in the last couple of weeks…


Oh how I SCREAMED!!! KingDaveed who was right beside me screamed too lol. I was OVER THE MOON and at the same time IN SHOCK. We had PRAYED to be together as a couple for 4years and finally our God had done it, and not just an ordinary job ooo, my people. I am talking Exxon Mobile STAFF job in LAGOS, finally with his family and err’thang!!

One scripture we stood on

The beautiful part is that his previous job was a contract position and while we were very grateful for it, it was an UNFAIR JOB to just say the least. Without going into details, trust me, it was *phew* NO WORDS.

But the BEST part of watching my hubby in that season was his attitude. Oh my gosh, let me tell a story to drive the point home…

I was in the salon one day in Bonny island and there was this Chick doing her hair with me. She was FULL ON badmouthing her place of work. They had given this Christmas bonus and while Staff mostly got in millions, Contract staff had this 5 figure thang!!! Oh she was LIVID lol. Afterall they did even more work, etx. I felt for her. What a WICKED organization lol. Only for me to later realize that she was talking about the EXACT same job hubby worked. Huh?!?!?!?! The same one my hubby literally carries on his head. The same bonus that my hubby was SO GRATEFUL for no matter how he felt. I was SHOCKED!!!

And that really is how hubby had ALWAYS treated his job despite the seeming unfairness… He, from the bottom of his heart, was thankful for it INSPITE OF IT ALL, he showed up on time daily, worked his butts off, travelled like a pilot, worked weekends sometimes, etx. Yawl know that when you are responsible, you get laid on more work abi? Exactly my hubby’s case. I am not saying he ENJOYED it all ooo and wanted to stay there fo’eva, but He truly took his eyes off the job and his bosses and worked as UNTO THE LORD. I mean that dude gave his ALL. He got recommendation upon recommendation. He would go for high level meetings and leave every one open mouthed. Several times people, especially outside of the company, would be surprised he was a contract staff. It was AMAZING but the pay? Haha.

Now look at God!!!! Just LOOK AT MY JESUS!!!

His ex boss even texted me to say that Bolaji is destined for greatness so I MUST prayerfully support him.

And guess how the job came? Through referral from some one who he had worked with on a project. That person saw his work ethic and they became friends. Yawl KNOW those jobs they don’t advertise? Ehen!!! That is the kind I am talking about. Just because of his attitude to work. Funny when the letter came, they wanted him to start like yesterday BUT he insisted on some time to round up and handover properly at work even though it meant inifinitely more money than the final weeks in that job would have paid him. Infact when his former boss saw his JD, he was like Bolaji this is easy for you now, because he had learned it all very well as he worked with NLNG.

You see this God, HE IS A FAITHFUL REWARDER and in DUE SEASON too.

My hubby is SO PRIVATE and while he was saying don’t tell anybody oo, I don tell like 72 people lol. Don’t tell ko. Oh my friends reactions were PRICELESS!!! Some screamed, some went QUIET (And if anything can get Dumebi to be quiet, you KNOW it is a BIG DEAL cos she went REALLY QUIET), Some cried, oh my!!! Some kept saying OH MY GOD (I don’t know that I have heard Ogochukwu say Oh my God so much in a maybe 20minute conversation), ah those moments of ringing my friends and telling them were beautiful. My Rev knew right from the beginning because he kept on praying for Bolaji through each process. He believed the job was his. Now let me tell you another crazy thing. At the same time, he got another job offer from another Oil firm, this time in Portharcourt but we were NOT interested. Lol. Port Harcourt ko, Bonny ni.

My baby’s Yoruba name is KOREDE and I recall when I shared this news of the job finally with my team (I had told them through the interviews because I needed them to PRAY with me), one of them said they were naming this baby KOREDE and I just smiled. Incidentally, that was the name his father had chosen too. It means someone who brings JOY or GOODNEWS. This my Prophet literally brought his father home.


Like DDK said, this boy was like

PLEASE I’m not doing this long distance, contract job thing. I need my father right here and in a better paying job so…

God is so awesome. Kai!!!

I also love that at the time all the PLENTY pay cuts and stuff were happening at his PREVIOUS job, God had brought CoachE’Squad so we didn’t have to move into Pst M’s house like I used to tell her. NO ABSOLUTE WAY we would have coped. Ah, this God is too good ooo. See why I always say CoachE’ changed my life. The home front didn’t suffer. God buffered us and well too.

And now with this new job, we basically get catapulted into the NEXT LEVEL, which incidentally is the theme God has already given me for next year. You see my Jesus. HE IS SO PERFECT!!!

Today is hubby’s birthday and that is the same week he started this job. What a beautiful present.

And speaking of PERFECT, I just may be the PERFECT wife when it comes to birthday pressies. My hubby has been using this jagajaga phone lol but as a Correct wife, I’m like NO WAY we are entering Exxon Mobil with this palasa lol. So I organized a like BAD ASS phone for him and planned a whole surprise with my sis and nieces as he was in their home.

I kept denying it was from me and threw him into confusion haha before I finally admitted. He was especially shocked cosn I had been singing ON REPEAT  that I don’t have money oooooooooo. Lol. For 3 years now, I have OVER SURPRISED that dude with my gifts haha. I never do cakes. I look for what is a REAL need and SAVE/STARVE for it. But then, he still said that was PRE-BIRTHDAY and so he is looking forward to the real BIRTHDAY present. I was just laughing. Hubby of mine.

This season is also a new season for me and us generally as a couple. Like DDK told me, what God wants to do IN YOUR MARRIAGE is really the koko not just the new job, and like Pastor M said… YOU WILL PRAY A LOT. Feels like a new marriage. I am thinking of breakfast ideas he can leave with, asking what he had for lunch so I don’t repeat for dinner, and even stuff as simple as not having enough closet space again haha. But who is complaining? I got my man in my bed with me every night. Plus he gets to go out and put on the gen.

God is so awesome sha…

Ok one last story haha. So sometime in June/July, I was ready to move. We stay in Isheri and I thought we had stayed long enough here. Hubby was like NOPE we no dey move if I’m not in Lagos. I was so mad and two of my friends who I told were like just pray about it and chill. I did. Now with this job, we literally can NOT continue here so moving is imminent. This is his first time of living in Lagos and in just 2days, he has been crying lol. Waking up so early to catch the staff bus and all. Wake before KingDaveed and returns to him sleeping. Mba, NOT WORKING for this home biko. I am favoring Gbagada and I am believing for FAVOR HOUSE mehn. A free home, or paying next to nothing. I am just throwing our prayer request out there incase our helper is reading this blog. Or just pray with us.

I can write a BOOK about living in Isheri and how it was PERFECT for our season. Ah, God is SO GOOD and it just is time to move to the NEXT LEVEL…

Ok yawl, let me go prep dinner. Hubby just walked in at 7.20 ish…



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  1. Mama!!! I’m so happy. Like I had to drop my phone and jump few times while reading this. I’m not married so I can’t say I know how it’s been but from what you always share with us, I’m super super happy God has answered your prayers. This is just a start.

  2. What a mighty God we serve. E I am happy for you. I can’t pretend to know the stress of a long distance marriage but from your vivid descriptions I could empathize. Thank you Jesus. Welcome your hubby to Lagos. I like him am very private. You may not believe I have being reading this blog even before you got married. Until I have now summoned courage to come out of the shadows and comment. God will yet use your family to show to the world how he honours those who honour him.

  3. Congratulations Ezy, I tap into this testimony for my husband too. Sooo happy for you girl, life is in Seasons what we do and how we walk through these Seasons is what matters. God Never Fails.

  4. God is good. He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Congrats Eziaha. Congrats again on the official arrival of ElJohn and congrats for your hubby’s new job and posting. Your family is blessed and blessed beyond measure.

  5. This is so beautiful! Life is in seasons, only God can help recognise the season and tell us what to do in it.
    Congrats . More great news for you and your family.
    Happy belated birthday to your hubby

  6. E’ Praise God! God doesn’t owe anyone! Your lives reinforce that. I’m happy and excited for your family. And yay for sleeping on the same bed ?
    Your paths continue to shine brighter and brighter in Jesus’ name.

  7. Yayyyyyy so happy for you, and not just because your joy in this post is infectious, but because I know how much you prayed for this. Ha, this kain God we serve. Congrats!!!!! This is just the beginning of greater things to come. 🙂

  8. Yayyy!!! *i am dancing in the Lord Amen*
    Congrats ma’am. Belated happy birthday to your Aku…God is faithful yo!

  9. I came here for perspective. Got it!!!
    I will have to reread.
    Jesus help me.

    I am so happy for you momma. The job came at the perfect time.

  10. Had goose bumps reading this. God is too faithful! His timing is perfect and I’m super happy for your family . This is just the beginning.

  11. This God is TOO GOOD o!! I’m so elated reading this. God is faithful! Though it may tarry, at the end it shall speak, and indeed it has spoken. So happy for You! God bless your home continually.

  12. Congratulations on every side.
    You know after reading this post i busted out praying in tongues and thanking God. This post has reassured me of God’s love and encouraged me to love and work as unto the lord, irrespective of my season.
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. To say I am happy for you is an understatement.
    I am overwhelmed with gratitude and awe. There are a lot of lessons for this, some of them being patience, and waiting for your season. You have always wanted him close to you but you bore it all with grace.
    I am so happy and encouraged and the Bible text sums it up beautifully. “Like them that dream” .
    How awesome how glorious is our God.
    I think that delay in getting this job and you being alone in Lagos with time to meditate and think was for you to find your path too. If he had gotten this earlier you may not have gotten the motivation or inspiration for coach E.

  14. I’m so happy for you Mama E’. you are a living miracle. This testimony is great(so in tears right now)
    may God continue to bless you.
    your testimony is a word that someone needs right now. Thank you for sharing.

  15. AWWWW!!!!!!!! I am super duper happy for you. It really is like a dream. May God give you more grace and wisdom to navigate this new level.

  16. Congratulations to the hubby, Coach! Thank God for His blessings. He is so good and He loves us so much it’s almost unreal lol.

    *gasp* Gbagada! Yes yes Coach come to Gbagada! I stay in Gbagada so maybe I can finally get to meet you lol.

    Lmao at hubby almost crying for Lagos stress. I just moved to Lagos too so I can understand the struggle.

  17. Wow, our God is gracious and kind. I shed tears of Joy in praise to our God for you. The word works and He is faithful to the end. This work he has begun in you and your family, he has perfected in Christ Jesus. Cheer up, cheer on, for this is only the beginning. I celebrate you my Sister. This testimony should be shared to the whole world. It’s a testimony of the integrity of Gods word. Hallelujah. I love you Lord, thank you for the Bolaji-Olojo’s I love you dear Sis. I celebrate with you.
    Absolutely nothing is impossible with God. I declare that your wish about the new house is granted you by free course by the power of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus.
    Please by my request: I will like you to listen to the song, “I Overcame” by ADA, I it’s indeed your testimony. God bless you

  18. Congrats Mama E’
    Wonderful and amazing God we serve !

    **Dancing ***
    Your son ‘the prophet’ was like
    . . .I’m not in for this long distance daddyhood brought dad home shortly after his arrival.
    He is indeed a blessing. . . .
    Walking in God’ s plan work all things together for our good. . . .

    Regards to you and yours !

  19. Waoh, I actually shed a few tears.dont know how come am just reading this. Super happy for bro Bolaji. He is an awesome man. One thing I am super sure of Eziaha is that u are one blessed lady. Keep shining. Love u

  20. Congratulations E God is faithful.I know how long you stood in faith for this.this testimony has encouraged me I have been trusting the Lord for more in my family. I am encouraged

  21. Kept smiling while reading. May God continue that which He has started in your home. I’m so happy the long distance is a thing of the past.

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