So I’ll just jump right to it. This is a continuation so be sure to read Part1 first…

Vs. 23; she was RESPECTUL… She fell to the ground and bowed herself before him. In that short conversation they had, she called herself David’s handmaid, that is servant and called him Lord/Master/Sir. In fact she called him ‘my Lord’ about FOURTEEN TIMES… wow!!! She didn’t know him ooo neither was she married to him. She wasn’t even looking for a husband ooo. She was just all so respectful. Oh my!!! David had to go back and get her once Nabal died. He never really forgot her once he encountered her. A fascinating woman cannot be forgotten by her husband wherever he is. I’m sure David was even praying make Nabal just comot for picture make e land the fascinating babe. She was too respectful abeg. Some women are so rude. RESPECT for a man is a major turn on ooo. Especially as a married man, but also men generally. Men have ego and an ego is NOT a bad thing. A woman’s job is not to remove his ego. Men were made that way and we need to deal with it. Not the negative part of it. But self pride, the positive part of it, if not you will be marrying a MUMU. You really should not be all about belittling him. A woman’s whole job is to see to it that his head swells positively. That you get by respecting him wella. If his head swells, he would do bigger things for even you. Men react to praise ooo. You can use his ego to even get him to do things for you. Just respect him. Make his head swell. And NO I am not talking manipulate your husband ooo. Not the MUMU BUTTON that Pastor M blogged about ooo. Tz not about manipulation, because if you can manipulate him, then anybody can and will MANIPULATE him once they press the mumu button. Gosh I can’t get over that MUMU BUTTON story. Abigail still got David to do what she wanted because of how respectful she was. I am yet to see a man that does not respond to respect. That was all that God told wives in Eph 5… RESPECT YOUR HUSBANDS… even God knew that that is what works. Some women are so rude to their partners. They respect their boss, their pastor, their father but heavens forbid they respect their man. Your man is your pastor, your boss and your father all rolled into one person. He deserves the highest form of respect one can show a human. Yes he is your lover and all that, but you also need to strike that balance by factoring in RESPECT. A great woman is one that can still respect her LOVER. Yes ooo, you can still play with him and all that but do not lose the respect. The fact that he is your lover doesn’t replace respect. He is still your lord. God actually says to REVERENCE HIM. Just like Sarah who called her husband Lord. If you won’t speak to or treat your boss that way, then do NOT speak to or treat your man that way. The average man is facing a lot of battles out there… the last place he needs his ego to be bruised is at home. He doesn’t wanna feel small in your presence. Do not talk him down. Charge him up. Make him feel good.
Vs 26; she was SPIRITUAL WOMAN… See her quoting scriptures for David na. I dunno how a woman cannot be spiritual. More intriguing is how men can be attracted to an un-spiritual woman. When the chips are down, a real man is not looking for a woman that can make up, nah. He is looking for a woman that can pray for and pray him through challenges. Stand with him spiritual. A spiritual beautiful woman is very FASCINATING to a man. A man thinking long term is looking for a spiritually sound woman. That spiritually sound woman, in addition to standing by him, also knows the word of GOD especially as regards doing things right and so he doesn’t have to preach a sermon to her each time she needs to do something. She hears from and obeys God not because of her husband but because she has a real relationship going with God. She knows and does the bible. She knows how to train the child in the way of God. She knows GOD.
VS 27; She was CARING; She extended a hand of fellowship to the young men that were with David too. She brought loads of gift and said David should also share it with his boys. She didn’t have to even recognize them. They were after all like his servants. David was the boss and her concern here. But she knew to treat the people around him very well too cos hmm hmm, their vote counts too ooo. You would also need their support. You need them to be on your side. Most times there is a vote ooo. We may not know but these men talk. These people can frustrate all your efforts. If your husband treats them with respect, you too have to treat them with respect. They could be big, they could be small, it doesn’t matter. Treat them right. Don’t say HI when he himself prostrates to greet them. PK told the story of some guy who took his intended to see his mentor, a great woman. The man knelt down to greet the woman; the lady stood and said ‘hi’ with a wave. Need I add that they did not get married anymore. Ah, the people around the man matter ooo. Even if you think they are small, don’t despise them ooo. Men talk to their friends too, trust me. When a man is proud of you, he will wanna show you off to his friends and others. Be sure to create a good impression. Behave well when you are with his friends. Don’t despise and ignore them. Some times when cooking, cook for his friends too. I am not saying become a professional cook ooo. Trust me, you need his friends on your side too. Not that you suck up to them but treat them well because even at a basic human level, humans need to be treated well. If the guy is even misbehaving na them go fight am for you. Abigail understood that. Recall Queen Vashti who disobeyed the king when he was trying to show her off to his friends. It was those his friends that advised him to relieve her of her crown and get another. The men gave him the advice to chase her away. They matter ooo. Especially if they are men of sound mind. Check am na, it was the same men that David sent to go and get Abigail after Nabal died. Abeg, the men around matter ooo. If they do not help directly, they can frustrate efforts. Treat ‘em right. Get them on your side.
Vs 28a she was HUMBLE… She apologized for her husband’s misbehavior. She took the blame. She apologized though she was not wrong. Some women are all about winning every argument. They are too proud to lose. Haaaa… they have a smart comeback for everything; they must have the last say. Sadly, some women win the argument and lose their marriage/man. That is just so sad. Lose the argument and win the marriage/man. That is far better ooo. You have actually won that way. Most breakups are caused by pride. You no wan be first to apologize. What causes malice to last long? Pride too. Be the humble woman jare. Apologize if you have to so that you win the marriage even if it means losing the argument.
Vs. 28b and ff… She was DISCERNING/INSIGHTFUL; There are three aspects to a man’s life; The PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE… Abigail knew all three of David… she spoke about his past, how he had been fighting the Lord’s battle all along and had done no wrong. She also spoke of the present; how he was running away from Saul and how GOD had been protecting him even till the present (at that material time, David was even in hiding from Saul. The previous chapter shows a narrow escape and the following chapter too shows another narrow escape). And finally she knew the future of David; she said GOD would make him ruler over Israel after all this wahala.
Abigail was fascinating. Gosh… every man has a past. Any woman that should be in his life has to understand where he is coming from. In school, we were always thought that to make meaningful projections into the future of a people/community, then you gotta understand their past and identify with it. Not that you start digging up trash, nah but be connected to where the man is coming from. No be say you go just start to dey chop sharwama and enjoy boat cruises. Many women wanna marry the success of the man today without reference to his past. You can’t fully enjoy it without understanding where he came from. She also knows his present challenges. You need to know what the man is going through. You can’t be hanging with a man and not even know what he is going through. Some women say, the man doesn’t talk to them, that is because you are not bringing up the right topics. Men talk about what is important to them. Find his out. Let yourself in on what is going on in his life. Ask sensible questions. Don’t always just collect the money like that. COMMUNICATE… She also knew his future. Oh my!!! She knew where David was going, she knew his future too. Not just know ooo. but align yourself to help him achieve them. You need to know his vision to know how to pray for him to get there. A man is work oriented. Project driven. Find out his current projects and his projections too. You are now his partner and partnerships are meant to achieve stuff. Not just for the fun of it. So join him. You are a helper. Help him fulfill his dream and he would never forget you. Don’t just be complaining that he doesn’t call, he doesn’t text, abeg align with his vision and make yourself useful jor.
A woman who knows all three of her man and helps him especially with his vision is ENDLESSLY FASCINATING
You know, I am amazed that Abigail knew all these and Nabal didn’t. This Nabal sef, doesn’t he read City people or its equivalent then? Hadn’t he heard about David. Heck, dude killed Goliath dammit. Nabal was just UN-fascinating jor
Now in conclusion, in addition to all our baff-up, please be kind/nice. Wear it as a garment. Learn to be courteous. Not only to eligible bachelors. To everyone. At every time. Be nice by nature. Ask Rebecca, who married Isaac. She was nice to an old servant and by so doing got her husband. She wasn’t looking for a husband; she was living her life being nice/courteous. Also Ruth. She was nice to her mother in law who had even lost it all and was a seeming hopeless case. And that was what the rich eligible Boaz saw in her that fascinated him enough to marry her. Wear niceness as a garment. Don’t fake it. In church, the office, the bus, the restaurant, etc. to strangers.
Heb 13; 1 and 2; let brotherly love continue. Be nice always even to strangers because in so doing you may be entertaining angels unknowingly.
Ladies and ladies, God will help us all in Jesus name, amen.
May I also add that while I believe this is work, being this fascinating woman, but the work is made easier when we hook up with Christian godly men. They do not come perfect but trust me, they are far easier to work with. No point casting pearls before swines. These pearls are not of inferior quality.
That’s it. I tried to reproduce the message here with some Eziaha flavor. I hope it blesses you as you apply it. It is not same as being there LIVE though. When Pastor M does hers, i will let you know. Just keep checking her blog too.
Enjoy the new fascinating YOU…

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  1. Hmmm…to be’ La femme fascinant’ is a good thing o! Chai! …well written with eziaha’s flavour. Thanks for sharing! I’m a fascinating woman too ..Ω̴̩̩̩̥ά *winks*

  2. Just getting to read this (parts 1 & 2) and all i can say is FASCINATING. Well done PK and PM for the anointed messages and a very well done *thumbs up*, *hands raising in approval(u know that kind now)* to you Eziaha for the E flavored writing. You made me feel like i was there for the program o.
    God bless, xx

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    It is my dream and prayer that the world sees more and more fascinating women… Cos frankly, we are in dearth!!! I wanna be fascinating!!! Do you??? Then read the concluding part of Pastor Kingslet Okonkwo’s message on The Fascinating Woman. Part one is right before this post… Muah.

  4. Correct point, there’s absolute no point castin pearls b4 swine.they v no idea wat it is,same wit bn a virtuous sweet angel to a player!hoping u wil change the person! HmMmmn! If e no b panadol e no fit b like panadol,(if he z not bornagain,he can not be like bornagain)

    1. Do people still use that line? I’ll marry him and change him that is???
      Seriously for as far back as I can remember, we have been taught that you can’t change a man. Infact that’s majorly what I recall my Pastor Bim of blessed memory for…
      That line is so dated. And so useless. Ladies abeg wise up!!!
      Well said sweerie

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