What makes a fascinating woman? Is it a PhD plus Masters, a dream job, husband and children? A fat bank account? This post is my summary of the last edition of MANners which was themed THE FASCINATING WOMAN, where PK taught us, using the life of Abigail, just what it takes to be THAT FASCINATING WOMAN…
I read this post again recently and I was still blessed. PK has a way with the Word like no other person and it is such a privilege to listen to him and act on what he teaches on a regular. Which is why, this week, I would focus on some of the transcripts of PK’s messages on relationship especially. By the time you are done reading all of them, tell me why you would not make the next Love,Dating&Marriage coming up this sunday at 4pm at DCC Amuwo Odofin Lagos. These messages are teasers of what goes down at our relationship seminars. No matter how you enjoy the transcripts, it is always better to be there. So much wrong stupid information on relationships especially out there and the reason PK takes his time to do this is so that we all will MARRY WELL OOOOO. The theme of this LDM is very special to me… DEALING WITH THE PAST… I can’t wait for PK on this one… Meanwhile enjoy this one THE FASCINATING WOMAN and tell all the women you know to read too cos I know that EVERY woman can be FASCINATING and enjoy the marriage of her dreams

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