When I was younger (yinmu to you too :p hehehe) I used to love Cosby’s “kids say the DARNEDEST things. Hilarity till I slept off. Cos it aired at night only(I think). Today eh o baby, tz ladies that say the darndest things. Tz amazing.
I love ladies. ( To the pure all things are pure…)

I have plenty of female friends. They rock… To a large extent, I have amazing female friends. Girlfriends in God. Recall that blogpost I dedicated to them abi? We talk, we pray, we love, we shop= we g̶o̶s̶s̶i̶p̶ gist, we confess, we share the word, we confess positive, we say the right words to encourage ourselves, etc.

Matter of fact, I can’t, even with an effort, stand negative rubbish talkers. I’m an optimist. I’m a faith girl. So it means I try to keep my words and confessions straight and so do my friends. Infact people have learnt to watch what they say around me, cos I jump right at them. Wish I could tell you that na only those kain women surround me. Whosai… Trust God to also send me some that also say the darndest darned things. Like OMG!!!!
Let me show you some pictures…

Seriously!!! All men cheat…Like ALL!!! I’m bawling here!!! Why has my guy been claiming faithful na? When all men cheat. Oh my!!! Wait ooo. Does that include my darling Rev Albert? Maybe the amazing jewellery and diamonds Rev teju wears are proof na. NOPE. Ekwerom!!! I mean with a FASCINATING Rev Teju as wifey, why would anyone cheat? Like seriously?

Sweerie, NOT all men cheat. That’s the kinda lie that women perpetuate, believe and defend. That all men cheat. Please I don’t wanna participate in this ‘all men cheat’ movie biko. I know that we can all name cheating men. Yes. Me too. I know a lot. But such general statements are what they teach us to avoid in the social sciences especially when the ‘object’ in focus is living.
NOT all men cheat. I know some men that don’t. Yes there are many cheats but why would u wanna get a cheating, diamond buying man…? When you can get a faithful diamond buying one instead.
Nne let me tell you for free, there is a kinda woman that can get such a ‘cheat-free” man. She’s so FASCINATING, the man has eyes for her alone. Yes. Her alone. He deals with temptation as God gives grace and looks on wifey alone… That’s a fascinating woman. Stay with me. I’ll tell you how to be that woman.
All men cheat ko… All men buy diamond ni… Tz this same mindset that will push the woman to say “all men beat their women…do mind to get one that builds you a house and buys a jeep after every slap”
Which brings me to the next picture… I hope this pix aint real but trust me, ish like this happens…

Like seriously!!! Should you forgive her!!!
This woman is a kind of UN-FASCINATING I’m so SMH ooo. A fascinating woman won’t even stay with a cheating man. Abi should I say her man won’t ever cheat sef. All join. A fascinating woman won’t take a slap not to talk of two….TWO girlfriend ofu, abuo… Okan,meji… Dara, biyu… TWO. I know some of you who read this are in physically abusive relationship. And you are telling yourself the classic ‘it was my fault’ and all that ish. Maybe the beating still dey gear one and say u never enter ICU yet, so you remain. Nne we need to make YOU a fascinating woman sharpaly. She’s so fascinating any man she says a YES to won’t stop thanking his lucky stars. Ask REV na… See this hug na…

I told Rev I know exactly what he was doing while hugging his wife on her birthday eve. He was thanking his God for giving him such a FASCINATING gift. When you are a FASCINATING woman, no man would dare touch you.
I dunno about you ladies but I’m interested in this FASCINATING WOMAN ooo. Eziaha tell me more biko… Hehehe
Patience baby. One more picture n gist…;)

Aha!!! We don catch them. You know PK always says he tells his wife EVERYTHING. Infact that wherever he is, pastor M is hardly ever far from him. But pastor K is still very alive and kickin na, yet PM knows where PK is per time. Or at least if she calls and asks him “where are you honey?’ He will say the truth without flinching.
But now they say we should stop giving ourselves headache ooo cos we can never know except the man is in the grave.
But really, this even sounds STUPID. Where do we get off believing all this darn ishes? So it is a liar that this UN-FASCINATING woman has signed up with for life abi? Why would I wanna do this to myself. That’s giving myself UNNECESSARY HEADACHE jare. I would rather be alive and be with a TRUTHFUL TRUSTWORTHY MAN. And trust me, dem dey jare. Tz the FASCINATING WOMAN that gets him.
Even me I know where my boo is per time. I’m not policing him. I just know cos we talk all the time and he mentions it. I know his itinerary. Should it change, I know if I ask he will tell. He doesn’t have to lie.
How can pastor Mildred not know where her ‘honey’ is per time? Why would PK be lying about where he is biko?
Seriously, I daresay that if the lady was fascinating, the man won’t have a reason to say he’s at work when he’s in a hotel. Have you seen the movie Reloaded? That Naija sexist/feminist movie. How Ramsey used to lie like cray to Nse , his wife. Twas a hilarious movie. Nse was really giving herself unnecessary headache ooo. That’s cos she wasn’t a FASCINATING woman (in the movie ooo, people of the world)

I can hear you go ‘Eziaha ooo, please I wanna be fascinating ooo. I wanna be fascinating too.” I’ll jump right to it already, after I add one more ‘darnedest pix’… I’ll reserve my comments…NOT…

Lols baby. That’s course you aint fascinating. A fascinating woman gets an amazing fascinating man…
I know a man who has a FASCINATING WOMAN as wifey. (Of course I know other men too but I have to use PK/PM here)

This man has decided that he wants to tell ladies only how to be FASCINATING.
Trust me, if anyone can teach on THE FASCINATING WOMAN, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo can.
Truly, I wanna know what makes a FASCINATING woman. Is it her career? Her beauty? Her shape? Her hips?(ah this one I should know hehehe) The fact that she’s BLAZIN’ in bed? Her ambition? I so wanna know. Can hardly wairro…

He will be teaching us at the second edition of MANners, a ladies only program put together by David’s Christian Centre, located off Fatgbems filling station, off oshodi Apapa express way, amuwo odofin (behind nepa office)…
This sunday, dec 9, 4pm. Timi Dakolo will be in the house to perform. The last time I heard timi live was at Cool FM Xmas praise jam at Eko hotel last year. He was amazing. He sang the word. Twas not just about the voice. You could feel the presence. Can’t wait to hear him again. He even did a special rendition of the anthem. Oh my!!!
MC Abbey would be the emcee so baby geh, get ready to crack ya ribs (sorry julius Agu).
Various other performances too of course and of course questions and answers right after the word by pastor K.

Don’t be like this chic that says life don’t come with a manual ooo. It does. The bibld is the INSTRUCTION and I know that PK will be instructing us from the Manual ooo.
Visit the ‘fab upcoming events’ section on my blog for info on the last edition of MANners and more info on this year’s own
Visit the fascinating woman, pastor Mildred’s blog for more on MANners. www.justusgirlsnaija.wordpress.com
Look for blogposts ‘manner-less’ and ‘MANners in pictures” for gist and pictures. Also check out ‘the mumu button’
If you wanna come and need more info, do me a mail eziaharx@yahoo.com or drop in comments session.

If you are a lady and in lag, please don’t miss it. Biko.
I’m tired of ladies talking trash. And vehemently defending it.
Come and learn from a real and may I add FASCINATING Man.

Stay fascinatin’

I just graduated top of my class. First class. Whoop whoop…

Let me tell the full story later. I’m thinking of closing the year with that post. God is faithful. Everyday faithful.

The congratulations have been pouring in. I’m overwhelmed. The perks too. My bros in law even said he “declared” on my behalf and that when I come visiting I’ll settle the gbese they ran up on drinks Imagine…

There are some posts I must do before the year is up… So help me God.
I’ve been postponing them.

Guys, you do know you wanna hook a FASCINATING LADY so send your girl and all the girls you know there. You can’t come ooo. Wait una own… Tz called MANup. I’ll be sure to holler when tz time. In the meantime, invite ALL the women you know.

If your bbm update featured here abeg no vex. It helped my point. God will bless you for being a tool for the Gospel. Kisskiss… Hehehe.

I wanna dedicate this blogpost to someone but twl be too obvious. I’ll wait till I can d dedicate and the surprise factor won’t be gone totally… :p

the Fab Sis tweets as @eziahaA…

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  1. *hiss 9ja style*… Iya man j’omo eniyan ooh. The “comments” you gave are the expressions of women who have basically given up and decided to settle.

    ( *sigh*…Where do I even begin with this one because I no fit talk)

    Bottom line: there are good, no, great men of God out there. The question is are you looking… Really …looking for them and then are you even worth them?

    1. Ok, I came back…

      We women are funny gan… We whine about men not being good but forget to look ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves what are we even bringing to the table.

      Ok, I am leaving cuz I no fit shout. Lol. *wink*

      1. Ok, last time.

        Would you even recognize a man of God if you saw one? Hanging with mere boys cuz they have what you think you need and then when you get burnt you start shouting “where are the real men?”

        Operation shineyoureyes!

    2. I too didn’t know where to start ooo.
      Ladies taya me.
      Went into an “argument” with one. Then I realized that it was or is a fundamental error.

  2. U r a great writer, I always enjoy ur posts!! As 4 d women with dose nasty PM’s I suggest dey give their lives 2 Christ! Cos such statement wuld neva come outta sum1 wu knws her worth in Christ Jesus!! Kip d gud work going, hope 2 meet u in person sumday, take kea

  3. Mehn! Dat lady dat is marrying just 4 continuity of d society lacks dreams and aspirations o!! Chai!! All is well!!

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