Allow me to make this post totally about me… Miss E’

Time check; 8.30pm, Friday May 10, 2013.
I am in a really happy place… Ok make that joyFULL.
My bank account is not running over just yet. I didn’t win the lottery. Heck, some things are not even in place yet like I want them to be, but sweerie, I can’t even complain. Life is really beautiful.
My girl Cheech said something to me like two odd years ago and I am thoroughly amazed as to how indeed I am living up to that. She said ‘Your life is nothing less than a fairy tale.’ I am truly in awe.
I have put up a lot of ‘Lord, I’m amazed by you’ as my PM on BBM. I am really amazed as to how God has been sorting me. It just feels like when God wants to show off using the most mundane things, he just uses me… I mean, I am so amazed. And rather humbled too, because I don’t really deserve the half. I am thoroughly amazed as to how people I meet just take to liking me.

Sure I have the E’ beefers but the truth is that I am so love suffused I can’t even pay ‘em any mind even with an effort. I am too busy basking in love.
Gosh!!! I am dearly loved ooo. I even wonder why and how. Old and recent events have confirmed it. Over the last weekend, I was in Ibadan. I was love-suffused sha.

I had been outta IB, and my church branch Shabach centre, for a while and we had a lot of new students and stuff but I still connected as I anchored the surprise parry we threw our resident Pastor Bunmi Kolawole, and got like incredible love.

How do I begin to even talk of my besties.
How you guys look out for me. Even when I play the ‘busy card’ looool, you guys still find your way of loving and loving.

Gosh!!! Don’t let me mention names please. I get the most random messages sometimes of one just saying how she is so proud of me, and how I am such an inspiration or how much she loves me. Oh my!!! Like I told one recently, loving you more than this would be lesbianism ooo lool. #dragyourmindsouttathegutter#
Don’t let me get started on NYSC in general, my personal CDS project, my NYSC blog, my place of primary assignment… and the testimonies that they all are and increasingly becoming.

I am really in a joyFULL, Love-suffused place.
Today at the close of work, we had prefect’s investiture by the way

and so school closed a bit late, I strolled to my friend/ sister’s house. I mean the moment she opened the gate and we did our usual pecking routine, I felt all sorts of emotions. As soon as I got off the phone from ‘le boo’ and gave her a proper hug, I felt that assurance of having been blessed with a covenant sister of life for life. I pulled her closer for another and another of my E’ hug. I was literally in heaven. We settled in to catch up on stuff and settle the pending issues we had.
I really didn’t wanna leave ooo. But I had to. We talked about EVERYTHING!!! And you know, tz not that kinda wasting time useless gist. Enriching, significant and life changing talks. Of course I did almost all the talking though, lol but we flowed beyond the natural to the spiritual. We talked about raising kids and parenting, sex, weddings, friends, church, confessions (lol that girl knows how to drag all my ‘sins’ out of me), schools, purpose, bridal shower, prayer, everything!!! Absolutely NO gossip.
The best thing she said to me today was ‘life is too short to not make every opportunity you have to make men gather, an opportunity to preach Christ, even if tz something as mundane as a bridal shower’ I mean God is really banking on us to show Him off in all situations.
When I did the goodbye hug and she whispered, ‘we should do this more often’, without thinking I said ‘We should all right’. And she put her signature lipstick stain on my cheek in the name of a peck, to which I threw a mini tantrum, and she said ‘Of course, that is the idea’
Yeah, I know I am being stupidly emotional right now but I already mentioned I was in a really LOVE-SUFFUSED place.
Loool. Once Dumebi told me that I love this girl more than my boo.
Dumebi is just a fish… And I mean those ones with bones all over.

Speaking of ‘le boo’, mehn… Love on that level is not what you buy in even an exclusive high street store. How he loves me!!!

I’m amazed at our connection. I wish I could explain how DIFFERENT we are in so many ways. Yet, he is like my PERFECT tango. A lot of times when I say ‘Lord I am amazed by you’, I have him in mind. God is really really faithful. I am really blessed by you Aku m and I infinitely LOVE you for LIFE…
And of course, my darling daddy darlingest Rev Albert Oduwole…

You find new ways to wow me!!! I’m so grateful sir. And I absolutely LOVE you.
Peoples, dazall…
I pray we all enjoy even increasing levels of this kinda Joy, peace and righteousness. And of course, LOVE. That is indeed the kingdom of God.
Cheers, to a LOVE SUFFUSED and Joy filled week ahead. Amen.
Yours in love,

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  1. Goshhhhhhh…nothing is as good as loving URSELF…nd Lady E loves herself to God’s throne nd back shaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Hiaaaaaa, I’m sure BJ is blushing his ears off wit the ‘I LoVe u Life’ line. I’m even bluishing on his behalf sef. Eziaha, u can make even d devil feel good and loved sha. Its a talent u have. Nd ohhhhh…those ur hugs…warming nd very motherly…ur kids will bask in them. And then, I dnt envy Rev T.J (lol) and Ur absolute love for Rev. But we ladies cnt help loving our T.A pastors more than their wives, can we? Fabulous nd utterly spiritual. But waitooooo, bk to d main koko: U called ME a BONY FISH. U indirectly called my crayfish nt even tilapia. God is watching you. But ’tis a universal fac: u give love to get love…nd u hv given it in so many pretty super golden ways :*

    1. Love you big my sweerie
      Lol at rev tj… She’s amazing. The real wing beneath rev oooo.
      And yesoooo. That’s TA thing looool.
      Lmho at d devil feeling loved…
      Muah my love
      Your comments are just amazing. As amazing as you are.

    1. Thanks love.
      First the weave stays in place wherever you put it. Tz kinky braids.
      So I just put a band around the hair and clipped it in place. It didn’t move.
      Just thought it up that morning sef…

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