***POST CRASH ALERT; This Post contains a zillion pictures and two videos. I hope your device can handle it… hehehehe***

So Jesus in jeans went down yesterday and it was all shades and hues of Ah-May-Zing…

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

I wanna share a few things that service brought up for me and of course plenty of pictures…

IMG_20130908_122708 EZIAHA IN JEANS ON POWER BIKE… Hahahaha

If you don’t know what JESUS IN JEANS was all about, please read my post on it here

There was nothing unconventionally church about yesterday but everything cool and ‘E’ compliant’ about it.


Recall my last post where I said I had to find church ‘cool’ to flow? Ehen, this is a good example of what i mean.

There is a church for EVERYONE, whatever your taste is, so far it is a LIVING church. Find the one you are most comfy with and be planted and SERVE there. There is really NO textbook prescription as to how church should be. One mistake we make is that in our heads, we have reduced church to a set of rules and anybody who doesn’t follow the ‘RULES’ is OUT.

Nah Sweetie. And Jesus in jean service was just DCC’s way of evangelizing and reaching out to even more people. I wanna talk about the reactions that followed on my BBM after I sent a BC, on why we had to have such a service… loooool. But that is story for another day… One thing though, thank God He is omnipresent ooo. If not, God would have been in only one place yesterday, partying with His mainest people in DCC… True that!!!

20130908_120425  wpid-IREPDCC-1.jpg

Aint nada wrong with jeans in church yo. Walking into church for workers meeting at 7am with my pair of jeans, shirt and heels, almost everyone was in a pair of jean… It was super cool.

I quickly stole a look at The Rock IMAGE (Choir) because I know that those people are just vain colorful loool.


They didn’t disappoint, in their jean, red, white and black combo… Still on TRI, they did a fantastic ministration jare and it was led by one of my ‘favorite-from-a-distance’ Ministers.


(The guy is fine sha #Justsaying#) Sorry no picture of him 😛

The comedian, especially for first service was incredibly FUNNY. His joke on Igbo musicians and their videos got me rolling… Oh my!!! Too funny. Sorry I can’t obviously repeat the joke. I would water it down. Just trust me when i say HILARIOUS!!!

The dance too was on point.

But two things stood out that day for me and it was the DRAMA and the WORD…

The essence of the drama’s message was not lost with the drama, as incrediblY HILARIOUS and unconventional as it was.

It began with a woman whose husband had just passed and she was crying hard. Then the ‘Pharisees’, all four of them appear and start talking all sorts of rubbish about generational curses and sin,


further compounding the woman’s agony. One of them was a professor with BIG grammar loool. It was too hilarious. While they are doing their thing, two women come in with their bell and drama


and now demanded for 7cows and 7pigs to carry out a sacrifice. HAHAHAHAA


The Pharisees chased them away last last sha and continued their rubbish.

Then we heard the revving of a power bike from the back.


Then three guys appear dressed like bikers top to toe…


they made their way to the stage and those acting are as surprised as those of us watching. Like ‘what’s going on here???’

20130908_102652 (Jesus in the middle)

Then one of them, the one in Black introduces himself to us all as Jesus or ‘BROS J, like my DCC friends call me’ Looool. I am including a video here for effect. Then the other dudes introduce themselves… One as ‘Peter or P’SHUN’ and the other as ‘James or Jaaaaaaaa’mey’ Loool. This they did with plenty of attitude ooo.


Then Jesus asks what the commotion is about and after they say, He steps aside and prays a really short casual but powerful ‘I know who I am’ prayer to his FATHER


and in the calmest most authoritative voice ever says ‘Lazarus, GET UP’


and immediately, dude jumps up… hahaha.


The Pharisees wanted to die. Then the Jesus retreats and sits on his Power bike.


The Pharisees leave angrily and return almost immediately (SCENE TWO) with the woman caught in adultery. With sticks and stones ready to kill the woman.


And of course, they were like, ‘You call yourself Jesus abi, the son of God yet you are wearing jeans and riding power bike? Ehen so this woman was caught doing AN UNHOLY TIN (He actually lifted his leg up when he said this. We almost died laughing) So what do you say because as you see us here, we are NOT smiling…?’

And then this Jesus brings out his iPad and was iPading away while the Pharisees were fuming.


Then very calmly, he says

‘He who is without sin cast the first stone…’

and dude went back to his iPad. Of course, you didn’t expect this Jesus to be writing on the sand in this 21st century na… Come on!!!

Come and see drama as they all disappeared one by one with the flimsiest of excuses.

Hilarity for days.

The last to leave was the most stupid of them all because he was holding everyone’s stone and waiting for them.


Anyways, after they all left, Bros J looked up from his iPad and gave the BEST line I have ever heard with all the swags he could muster…


‘Hey Sandra, where the Pharisees at?’

I almost died laughing!!!

This Jesus was definitely going to Hell by most Christian’s standard today and He was going to rot in hell this time not resurrect after 3days… LOOOOOOOL

You know how the story goes now… Just read it in John 8; 1-11

Then enjoy my video explaining the drama even more…

And this Jesus ooo, He wasn’t talking directly to us ooo. He would call James


and then whisper into his ears


and Jameeeeey would tell us.


The drama ended with Jameeeeey telling us that Jesus said we should ‘COME AS WE ARE’ cos anyday, anytime He is ready ooo. And when they were walking out, Jesus had this swag in his steps…


The Word was another highlight of the day.

I will share nuggets that got me in my own words…

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo preached. Oh, did I mention that he drove into church with his Power bike?


He did… Mehn!!! PK is the kinda Pastor I love abeg. When it comes to the Word, oh my Pastor drops it like it is HOT. And he aint low on SWAG at all…


He said once that a Parent told his son…

“…So you are going to that church where the Pastor drives a Power bike abi?”


Ha ahn!!! What is not right with that biko nu? Cos i RIDE one too… *straight face*


Loooooooooooool… Christians eh…We are always looking for rules and more rules…

Ok the Word…

The whole idea of Christianity is NOT a set of rules. It is a relationship. We have the STRONGEST, BESTEST message on earth and yet sometimes, we have the worst way of passing it across because we are reducing it all to rules and making it boring. If we can truly paint the right picture of what we have, then we would inspire many more people to wanna be like us. Jesus was NOT a religious guy… He partied, related with Sinners (the Bible actually calls him a friend of sinners Matthew 11;18-20), and so on. He even provided more wine when the wine at the wedding finished so that groove go continue loool. He basically related with everyone and yet was not corrupted by them. That is the balance.

Don’t be so ‘Christian’ that you forget that the core of our message is LOVE and RELATIONSHIP and become JUDGMENTAL of everything that doesn’t conform to what we have in our head as ‘CHRISTIAN’.

Christianity need not be boring. Church need not be that place where we go to sleep.

peuf_20130909_29 (I got this SCREEN SHOT CAPTURED YESTERDAY. It was too apt looool. Forgive me Sweetheart… kisskiss)

I am not saying we should all become WORLDLY and be corrupted by the world. All I am saying is don’t be so offish, eerie, odd, boring that you can’t reach the world.

Many people love Christ but hate His followers because of how we behave.

No one should box our Christianity and our message. Some people have the MOST USELESS SENSELESS message but you need to see all the packaging they give it. We that have such a message wanna be restricted and boring about it. Mba ooo. NO!!!

Enjoy the video and then  I will wrap it up afterwards…

I love how PK tied it all up together. Jesus calls himself the BREAD OF LIFE and the LIVING WATER. Bread refers to sustenance. Likewise water. There is a God-shaped vacuum in EVERY man. Nothing else can fill that void. Not jeans, not partying, not drugs, nothing!!!

The koko is getting this JESUS and accepting Him as the One from whom your life derives a meaning. The difference between our own kinda groove (eg dressing well, riding power bikes, wearing jewelry, using weaves or dreadlocks, and enjoying the luxuries of life that He has given us freely to enjoy as long as we don’t cross the line and we do all things in moderation) is that we know that our definition, our sustenance is NOT and can NEVER be from those things. Rather, our sustenance is from this bread of Life and we have to teach others who still think they can derive joy from these ephemeral stuff, that ‘NOPE it won’t ever do’.

Get God and then put all these things in their place… no one being as important as that relationship with God.

Even though we have those ‘THINGS’, when they are absent, let our relationship with God NOT be shaken at all.

I love the illustration PK gave with thirst, coke and water. If we are really parched and we drink coke, even if we drink one gallon, in no time you would thirst again. Only water can truly quench thirst. It is the same way that the finer things of life cannot quench our thirst in life. Only God can. We should make sure that nothing else is used to fill that void or else we would just be wasting our time.

So Christians, please rep CHRIST WELL. Don’t make it about rules looking for whose dressing (or whatever) qualifies them or not.

A judgmental CHRISTIAN is an oxymoron… Both words don’t and should not go…

Enjoy life but let one thing remain number one… A RELATIONSHIP with God that shows in our day to day living and draws outsiders to Him through us…

On a lighter note, PK keeps saying that if JESUS was here today, He would drive a POWER BIKE. Being that He rode a donkey… Ride na ride abi… LOOOOOOL.

And the biggest testimony of the day were the souls that were saved… Quite a lot of people came out to give their lives to Christ (or re-dedicate).

Like I said, JESUS IN JEANS was an outreach program and judging by the souls saved, I can say it was well worth…


Enjoy more pictures Darlings… And just in case you like the earrings from the videos, sorry love, they are taken already.



PhotoGrid_1378659960448 (that is pastor K’s first daughter right there. Eky… I loved her tee. Dassah and Davida are PK’s kids)


And don’ bother asking me if I rode the bike… Askor…


20130908_115248 The Ushers and their Pastor LOOOOL. Famzing people hehehehe. You need to see wll the drama prior to the shot…

While I got a personal shot… Whoop



Looooool. I think I will be beaten after this post.

JESUS IN JEANS was super amazing… Or like i said when my Pastor asked me



Feel free to join our online streaming on www.davidschristiancentre.org

This Post was tough to put together… but I have absolutely enjoyed putting this together…I think this is Post in which I have had the most exciting time putting together… I hope you enjoyed it.

Use the share button please. share with your friends… Drop a comment too. CHURCH IS THE NEW COOL…

And in other RELATED news, i joined a new unit in church which i am very VERY excited about… GUESS WHICH?

Nah, not drama…

Nope not Welcome…

Nope not choir (my voice is croaky)…



Of course I am still a DEEjAY NOW… Projector Unit member that is…


Yup all three girls are the FEMALE DeeJays in DCC…

Shout out to DJ KENI and DJ TOYIN… Loool

Have a super duper COOL week ahead and please rep CHRIST VERY WELL EVERYWHERE YOU GO…


20130908_094827 (riding out yo!!!)


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  1. Phew !!!, babe you took the burden right outta me shoulders. Nice job gal. Jesus in Jeans has to be d best service I have attended dis year in DCC and the drama sketch with jesus on d powerbike outfit was just outta dis world. Pls tell dat gal with the “church is boring ” dp to come visit us @ DCC. …..PS. Av got a few pics to send to u since u did a good job.

  2. OMG….this was a service of Jesus paparazi….when ever i touch down to lasgidi…itS DCC ALL THE WAY….i must confess E’dearieee,i fall in love with your post and of course your personality on a daily basis….keep repping Sugar papa wella…kudos my favorite blogger..God bless you real good….

  3. Totally true. People hear church and an image of sobriety, prim n proper, comes to mind when its really not and shouldn’t even be so! People don’t want to honour church invitations cuz they feel they don’t have “appropriate clothing”. The “come as you are” concept should be promoted cuz change is inevitable in the long run. P.S dedicated reader, first time commenter. lol. PPS: I admire your close relationship with your pastors n I like how u gesticulate when you talk. Lol.

    1. Change is inevitable indeed love, when they come in. Come first… Thanks for dropping your first comment sweetheart…. *squeezy smoochy hug* And yesooooo I have to have a personal relationship with my pastors too ooo. Plus I am too friendly and too huggy to not be noticed… loool. Same as a student, I had incredible relationships with the lecturers I liked… Looool. Again sugar thanks Muah E’

  4. totali love your blog. infact it was exceptional the way you summarize evrything that went on in church and more. had to share and add a bit of my experience too on facebook. still amaze on how you got d recording and picture though

  5. Hmmm are we talking of Jesus in this manner and at a time like this,when everyone should be running for their dear lives? This is the abomination that causes desolation as was spoken in matt 24,what a pity! No respect for
    our Jesus?You make fun of Jesus in jeans n power bike? Without holiness no one can see the father,the church is now so wordly n world churchly,how my Jesus weeps.Church when last did u share abt the rapture n the imminent
    coming of our lord?what is this nonsense goin on in church these days? A pastor in body
    hugs???Holyspirit where are you?????

    1. My love, please where are we running to? Did we miss the fire?
      We are not making fun of ‘our Jesus’ ooo. We are making fun WITH Our Jesus. In jeans, body hugs, power bikes and all other cool fun things. I apologize this offends your Christian sensitivities. But like I said, there is a Church for everyone. This kinda groovy yet very SPIRITUAL church called David’s Christian Centre is obviously not for you my Love. And I am sure wherever you are, you are happy in the church.
      You are happy. We are happy.
      Joy and Peace to the world…
      Thanks for dropping a comment my love. Don’t stop visiting. E’

  6. Amazing. Jesus is my friend. I can proudly say MY DARLING JESUS is MY FRIEND. This is y I CAN’T stop loving P.K. He knows what evangelism nd reaching out to the world is all about. Holiness is NOT about wearing suit nd tie to church, plssssss. If Jesus hd come in d 21st century u tink he wil be wearing robes nd tunics :s Absolutely not! He will identify with those he has come to save. Infact, in his triumphant entry, he may have ridden a bike. So, pls, let’s stop thinking like children and be open minded about serving God. He is not the two headed beast in Harry Potter, he is our nd friend who has identified wit us. We shld stop thinking like servants bt friends (John 15:15). For me, as long as ur dressing is not a hindrance or distraction or temptation to your neighbour in church, it doesn’t matter what u wear. It really doesn’t matter to Jesus. St. Paul writes that Jesus gave Himself up for the church, washing her and making her spotless and presenting her to Himself in splendor as a pure bride with no spots or blemishes or wrinkles. (Ephesian 5:26-27) Paul also says that to be baptized with Christ is to be clothed with Jesus. When you go to church, you are actually wearing Jesus, no matter what clothes you put on that morning. In fact, you are wearing Him every day. Every moment and every day of your life, your Father in heaven looks at you and sees not jeans or suits or dresses or flip flops. He sees Jesus. Perfect, holy, spotless, righteous, Jesus. When you sin, your sins are forgiven. God doesn’t see them either. What clothes you wear doesn’t bother God because you’re wearing Jesus.
    At the cross, Jesus was hung naked and in shame for your sins. What happened to his clothes? They were taken by the sinful soldiers who nailed Him there. What a picture! Jesus dies naked, a reminder of sin and shame; you get His clothes! So no worries about how you appear before Jesus! He’s made you look great. He’s covered you with Himself. It doesn’t matter to Jesus what outfit you’ve got on since it’s all covered by Him! So yes, Jesus loves me in Jeans 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Oh wow
      Charisville I subscribed to your blog.
      I absolutely love it.
      Thanks for visiting mine.
      And yup in Naija oooo…
      Christianity rocks…
      Thanks again.

  7. I humbly & politely request the writer of this aricle (or blog) to watch the Testimonies of Evangelists Abraham YAKUBU & Margaret AMURE on the Revelation of Heaven & Hell by Our Lord Jesus Christ to them. It is well.

    1. May I humbly and politely decline your request dear.
      I have all the UNQUESTIONABLE revelation I would ever need in the Word… my Bible.
      Someone doesn’t have to go to heaven and/or hell and give me any further questionable revelation.
      It is well….

      1. I luv ur blog,u guys re jst simply amazing. And I must also say I luv ur reply to d guy requesting u to watch d revelation of heaven ,lol..keep d good work on

  8. LOVE the post! (And your responses to the comments so far!)…. It’s all about Jesus love..
    Even for me and my sometimes ‘conservative’ views, I have learnt a lot from your post. May God help me from being judgemental in Jesus name. Amen! xx

    1. Help us all ooo. AMEN. This sorry idea of ‘my own Jesus is better than yours’ is what is killing us softly.
      Me i like fun churches oooo cos i AM A FUN PERSON and that in no way reduces my Christianity…

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