Hello earthlings, hehehe.. Yes I sold my blog and moved to Jupiter ooo… But life on earth is way better than any other thing they have out there (except heaven that is ) so I packed my bags and came back to earth, beat up the person I sold my blog too and repossessed it… This is the point where you say ‘cool story’ with a straight face and rolling eyes. LOL… Abeg I figured you guy are bored stiff from all my apologies so I decided a cool story would be better, NO?

Like 4days ago, I put up a BBM status that read something like ‘yay!!! I’m blogging again… watch this space’ WOWZERS my blog stats soared. People were visiting thinking I had resumed blogging. I’m sorry you were disappointed jare. But I’m here dolls… I’m back and I dare say better…. WOOOOOT

This life sha. Tz just a pot pourri of sorts. With different sorts of people. The good, the bad and the downright UGLY… Did I mention the angelic…. They do not come ‘angelier’ than my doctor bestie Vee who I have since renamed Angel of Love… 

Thank you booboo  for being a 7year BANKABLE besto and the BEST cheerleader I have ever had…. Muah.

Ok back to my life story hehehe… One thing I have learnt, by personal experience is that our Father in heaven has MANY kinds of children. He knows us intoto… how annoying, unfaithful, unreliable, stubborn (more adjectives please) we can be yet HE LOVES US ALL… I’ll say that again, HE LOVES US ALL… On this short journey, I have met all sortsa humans and I just tell myself that I have the grace to love like my Father in heaven does…. LOVE!!! Love has been my watchward ooo. I admit I have not scored a hundred percent but every day I am getting better in my love walk… *wipes brow* Love is work ooo but then with practice it gets easier. Which is why one beautiful day, I got up and took a stroll to Laterna bookshop on Oko awo street in VI and got among other things this wall poster…

It reminds me of how LOVE is the be all and end all of our gospel. When I get weak, I go back and look at it and i’m like ‘phew, ok I will love’ And trust Him… thats when all sortsa annoyances in form of humans will come your way. But then again, isn’t He just building my love muscles… Phew… Different humans, created by one good Christ… LOVE we must

I am sure you are wondering where I am going with all these. Nne, nowhere too far. I have been busy with all sorts of projects and in executing them, I have had course to interact with many human beings. I have been hurt, betrayed, stabbed, yabbed, etc. Oh but that doesn’t auto place everyone I met in the negative category ooo. I have also met some angels. Like I always say on BBM, I have been blessed with the very best of FRIENDS MADE OF PURE Gold…. That’s why I always take time out to ‘preciate them.  And celebrate them too. And today more than ever before, I am grateful that God has blessed me with Great amazing Christian female friends… You ladies know your selves… Daalu nu… God bless

Ok so there is soooooo much to blog about ooo in the coming days and weeks…  soooooo much has gone down I wana chronicle riht here on my blog. Lemme give us all teasers jare… the student road trip to ghana, lessons life has taught me, LIVING DAVIDA loca, my most fabulous pastors, the joyce meyer conference surprise trip, combining being a choleric and a sanguine young lady, should women propose, fund raising and the harassments that come with it, craziest BBM updates by ladies I have ever seen, about men, re-modelling a unit in church, your girlfriend is NOT your wife, … Infact sooooo much in the pipeline so watch this space. Meanwhile you do know that this blog is a Christian blog yeah? Meaning I rep all things CHRIST… He is my lover afterall and he shacks me mehn… I can’t hide HIM

Meanwhile two other blogs I wanna recommend… for women by women… for days when I might not be regular, I can guarantee you that they would do a good job keeping your company walai…

Femmetotale and justusgirls…. Both blogs rock biggest time… Please visit and thank me later. www.femmetotale.wordpress.com and www.justusgirlsnaija.wordpress.com and www.eziaha.wordpress.com (of course I had to add mine jor )

Great women, great blogs and an even greater God…

Stay fabulous and stay with me… Twitter? @eziahaa

Fabulously yours’


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  1. Yipee!Eziaha fab sister z back! *dancin azonto n etigi together*,can’t wait for dem stories!u rock girl,we v missed you much! *winkwink*

  2. did anyone ever tell u ure an electron?(what is it electrons do again? result in some kinda negativity?, I suppose that will mean ure a positive electron) every time I hear or read what ure up too, u get jus one reaction- wow. ezzy, God bless u

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