You know I mentioned our Business Summit tagged EXCELLERATE here featuring amazing business men as Speakers like David Eweje of David Wej creations, a popular clothing store, Funke Obruthe of Zapphaire events, one of the biggest in Nigeria, Jason Njoku of Iroko TV and Michael Afolaranmi of 12baskets, a top notch catering outfit. Trust me, the speakers KILLED. It really was the humility in almost all of them that got to me. Humble, rich and very wise in business, and of cos GODLY. Johnson has TRIED with this post. It really is impossible to capture all that went down there in words. My fave speaker had to be David Eweje. His simplicity humbled me. He dropped business nuggets like it was smoking… Eish!!! Wisdom dripped from every word he spoke about every business step he took from the very beginning. Gosh!!! God-ordained and endorsed steps that seem like rubbish to men. His ways are truly NOT ours.
As David spoke about the need for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to be humble, I believed him. His humility was just OUT there but it didn’t stop us from seeing and hearing his success as he spoke cos Success has an undeniable voice and presence. Please David Eweje was my speaker of the day!!! Oh and he also talked about the importance of a brand name in business. He specifically chose ‘David’ because of David’s complete and total victory in the bible so when things start looking awry, he goes back to God to remind Him of his Davidic covenant. ‘Wej’ came from his surname ‘Eweje’. Doesn’t the name ‘David Wej’ sound super cool? He said his dream is to get every Nigerian to have at least one of his dresses in their wardrobe and his business mentors are those Igbo traders who control BILLIONS yet uneducated but very business savvy. I mean, all David said just got me.
Micheal of 12 baskets scored tops for me too. I loved the story of how God gave him the name of the catering outfit (12 baskets). My dear, if God so dramatically gives you a name, then how won’t your business prosper? Mike had his car and sturvs snatched a coupla days before yet he still honored the event. Wow!!! For Him, business is totally spiritual. And he wasn’t shy about letting us know just how important God is to Him. The importance of planting yourself ONLY where God has planted you, and if you have planted otherwise, please retrace your steps. He also spoke about friends NOT believing in you. I mean, tz OK. Just get others, the outsiders to believe in you and then when your success starts, the friends will soon become believers. Michael just got me with his spirituality in business being important.
Funke of Zapphaire Events was as sanguine and ‘out there’ as they come. The fastest way to ‘kill’ Funke would be to lock her in a room for 20hours looool. Funke is hyper active so being an Events person sits well on her. For me, the best thing Funke said was when she spoke on Staff and all their wahala. Loooool. She now said something profound. I hear people bash education a lot. The Nigerian edu system especially. But Funke said, all these graduates need do APPLY all that they learn in school. Just think a bit. If you have been equipped with education, then don’t wait for the lecturer to now come and apply the knowledge for you. Think!!! Funke said so many other stuff too that I can’t do justice to.
Jason Njoku of Iroko Partners took us back to school with a white board and stuff outlining how he moved from being broke and in debt to creating Iroko partners. So being broke shouldn’t be an excuse. Then all this jumping around young persons do with lofty ideas looking for investors aint the way forward. Focus on building with what you have no matter how little. Patience is also key. Sooner than later, the bankers will start looking for you to invest in your business.
EXCELLERATE was amazing ooo. 5000 stars yo!!! But if I was to chose a Speaker to take home for the day or maybe take a picture with, it would have to be Hands down, no-contest, David Eweje.
Thanks Johnson for giving me a re-blog opportunity.
Lovely weekend y’all
E’… Powered by God.

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